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Chapter 2405 The Impact of Being Tyrannical Song

"Cough, Fellow Daoist Su Moying, you've misunderstood. I am Tyrannical Song... the Profound Sage," Song Shuhang awkwardly introduced himself.

Su Moying was initially startled.

Then, his body exaggeratedly recoiled as he put some distance between himself and Song Shuhang. "Tyrannical... Senior Tyrannical Song!"

Witnessing the other party's surprised reaction, Song Shuhang felt a slight sting in his heart. After all, his aspiration wasn't to become a fearsome emperor capable of silencing crying children.

"We'd like to visit a few friends at the Spirit River Su Clan before their annual meeting. Is Senior Su Clan's Seven available now?" Song Shuhang tried to soften his voice.

Su Moying was momentarily taken aback.

"Su Clan's Seven, Senior?"

"Tyrannical Song actually called Seven 'Senior'?"

"Seven is here. I'll connect you with him right away so he can guide you into the Spirit River Su Clan territory," Su Moying said while taking out his phone to contact Seven.

He decided not to dwell on the confusing aspects. After all, if Tyrannical Song was seeking Seven, it was for the best.

The pressure was immense for cultivators across the universe when facing Tyrannical Song, the Profound Sage.

The phone call connected quickly.

"Hey, Mo Ying, what's up?" Su Clan's Seven's voice sounded.

"Seven, Senior Tyrannical Song is here. He's at the Vermilion Bird Gate and he's looking for you. Could you escort him into the Su Clan territory?" Su Moying relayed swiftly.

"Understood, I'll be right there," Su Clan's Seven responded.

Hearing his clan member call Song Shuhang 'Senior Tyrannical Song,' Su Clan's Seven couldn't help but chuckle...

Who would have thought that this 'Senior Tyrannical Song' was actually a genuine youngster?

However, in the world of cultivators, one's rank and cultivation level determined their seniority. Now that Song Shuhang was at the Seventh Stage, he rightfully deserved the t.i.tle 'senior.'

However, the dynamics within the Nine Provinces Number One Group were different from those in the regular cultivation world, so they didn't adhere to such formalities.


"It will take a little while for Seven to arrive. Why don't you rest at the inn for a bit, Senior Tyrannical Song?" Su Moying suggested to Song Shuhang.

"Thank you for your kindness," Song Shuhang replied with a nod.

He couldn't just have Soft Feather and her black-skinned counterpart stand idly on the street. Sitting down at the inn seemed like a good idea.

Su Moying led them to the inn and personally served them immortal tea.

Then, he stood silently behind Song Shuhang—mainly because he didn't dare stand in front of Senior Tyrannical Song.

Additionally, Tyrannical Song, the Profound Sage, truly lived up to his reputation as the first Sage in a thousand years. Rumors even suggested that he was a Transcending Tribulation senior who had carved his own path!

Today's encounter proved he was indeed extraordinary.

For example, Su Moying found that just by standing behind Tyrannical Song, his mental energy began to stir.

Thoughts of 'enlightenment' continuously surfaced in his mind.

Previously unclear aspects of his cultivation suddenly began to make sense, as if illuminated.

This was an opportunity! Just standing near Senior Tyrannical Song brought so many benefits.

Su Moying couldn't help but admire Tyrannical Song.

Having such a prestigious figure at the Spirit River Su Clan's annual meeting was truly a blessing. Just having Senior Tyrannical Song present on stage would provide endless benefits to all the disciples of the Spirit River Su Clan.

Song Shuhang, puzzled, turned to look at Su Moying. It seemed like this senior from the Spirit River Su Clan had suddenly developed a sense of admiration for him.

What had he done? He had only come in for a cup of tea, right?

At that moment, Song Shuhang was unaware of his own presence's effect.

The pendants and treasures on him were incredibly abundant.

For instance, the least significant treasure he wore was the Enlightenment Stone that Lady Onion was rooted in. This stone could clarify one's spirit and potentially accelerate cultivation for those nearby.

Lady Onion had once sold herself for the Enlightenment Stone, but now she no longer cared about its effects—the teachings of Senior Turtle and Pavilion Master Chu in the Inner World far surpa.s.sed it.

In addition to that, Pavilion Master Chu, Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet, Fairy Creation, and Scarlet Heaven Sword were all formidable figures. These pendants alone were more effective than any Dao Comprehension Stone.

Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet, originally a stele, later inscribed by the Netherworld's ruler, had a terrifyingly powerful effect.

Behind him, Su Moying's numerous thoughts became clear and coherent.

Unknowingly, the bottleneck that had troubled him for so long began to loosen.

Being on duty at the inn today and meeting Senior Tyrannical Song was indeed a stroke of fortune.

"Senior Tyrannical Song, may I ask you a question?" Su Moying seized the opportunity to engage with Tyrannical Song. Su Clan's Seven hadn't arrived yet.

"Is it about cultivation?" Song Shuhang asked, somewhat sheepishly—luckily, his mask concealed his expression.

"No." Su Moying shook his head.

"Ask away. Let's hear what your question is," Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Su Moying eagerly inquired, "Senior Tyrannical Song, what topic will you cover in your sermon this month?"

Song Shuhang was momentarily speechless.

Discussing the content of this month's sermon seemed a bit odd.

But the month was nearly over.

"Don't worry, I have no plans to make a divine appearance this month," Song Shuhang rea.s.sured him. He felt he was still far from advancing to the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm.

Ascending wasn't so straightforward.

"We're really looking forward to your sermon, Senior Tyrannical Song," Su Moying said eagerly.

Back when Senior Tyrannical Song delivered his first sermon on the Daoist Canon, cultivators across the universe had been captivated.

As Tyrannical Song's sermon neared its end, pract.i.tioners from across the universe begged for more in hopes it wouldn't conclude so soon.

Some even wished for Tyrannical Song to continue his discourse indefinitely.

Then... their wishes came true.

"Haha, if possible, I hope my next sermon will be a bit more special," Song Shuhang said while still smiling.

As they were speaking, Su Clan's Seven arrived on his saber.

"Senior Seven," Song Shuhang and Soft Feather stood up to greet him.

Su Clan's Seven waved to Su Moying to dismiss him.

Then, turning to Song Shuhang, he asked, "Why the sudden decision to visit the Su Clan so early? You could have given me a heads-up to prepare."

"Hehe, since it's my first visit to the Spirit River Su Clan, I thought of arriving early. Also, I'm planning to choose a location to distribute my wealth. I've prepared the treasures from the Wealth Throne. I'll find an opportunity to share them," Song Shuhang replied.

He had traded almost half a can of soda water for these treasures from the seniors in the group. He planned to keep some and distribute the rest.

"Okay, I'll arrange it for you," Su Clan's Seven said.

He intended to organize an impressive entrance for Song Shuhang. Ideally, Song Shuhang's wealth-sharing segment would be featured during the opening ceremony of the annual meeting.

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