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Chapter 2410: The Blind Man Welcomes a Guest

When Chen Yi was talking about the blind man, he did not seem to mind. However, when he heard other people hurling insults at the blind man, his att.i.tude immediately changed. It was clear that he still respected Blind Chen very much.

Ye Futian was curious about the ident.i.ty of Blind Chen and what his relations.h.i.+p with Chen Yi was.

Lin Xi from Lin clan glanced over at Chen Yi. There was a cold look in her eyes. She walked towards where Chen Yi was. The youths beside her also looked towards Ye Futian’s group. They had not seen these people before. They probably weren’t cultivators from the top forces of Great Bright City.

There was only one city in the Great Bright Domain. The strongest forces were all in this region. This was different from other domains. The members of the local forces had seen each other before and could recognize each other at a glance. However, they did not recognize any of these people.

“Who are you?” asked Lin Xi as she gave Chen Yi an indifferent look.

Chen Yi swept a cold and arrogant glance at her and replied, “You are not worthy of knowing.”

The expression of the group of cultivators of the Lin clan changed slightly. Although these people had yet to unleash their auras, and they could not sense their overall cultivation levels, this group of cultivators had extraordinary temperaments. They should be very powerful. Otherwise, the members of the Lin clan would have already attacked Ye Futian’s group.

Even so, their Lin clan was still a top force of Great Bright City. This person was putting on airs and looked down on other people. Wasn’t he being too presumptuous?

A slightly older youth from the Lin clan flicked the hair on his forehead. The aura of the Great Path flowed around his body. He was actually a sixth-tier middle-level Renhuang. His aura was astonis.h.i.+ng. The domineering aura permeated the s.p.a.ce as it swept towards Ye Futian and his group. He said, “In Great Bright City, no one is too mighty to be known by the cultivators of the Lin clan.”

After he said this, a powerful aura of the Great Path burst forth from his body. Invisible Sword Will circulated in the s.p.a.ce, causing a killing intent to loom over the surroundings. The formless Sword Will was everywhere. Ye Futian and his group could sense it clearly. With such a short distance between the two parties, the cultivator could launch an attack at them with a mere thought.

“You better not attack,” warned Chen Yi as he cast a glance at the youth. He still had not unleashed his aura of the Great Path. Arrogance flashed in his eyes as though he was looking down on that cultivator of the Lin clan.

It seemed like he did not take the other party seriously.

Chen Yi’s att.i.tude caused the pressure of the aura of the Great Path unleashed by the cultivator of the Lin clan to increase. The formless Sword Will howled impatiently as though it would erupt at any second. His gaze was dead fixed on Chen Yi as his palm extended forward slightly. He wanted to attack, but he was a little fearful of Chen Yi’s overbearing confidence.

The s.p.a.ce appeared exceptionally suppressive at the moment.

A few other cultivators of the Lin clan also unleashed their wills. They stared at the group before them intently. Even though Chen Yi had not said much, his demeanor was presumptuous. He clearly did not take the Lin clan seriously.

Chen Yi was not the only reason the youth was holding himself back from attacking. The gaze of the white-haired youth beside Chen Yi was too calm. This calmness originated from unwavering confidence. There was also the blind man who stood behind them. He was merely standing there quietly, but his presence alone was enough to suppress the others.

This group of people was most likely a powerful foreign troop. Since the group refused to unleash their auras of the Great Path, the youth had no way of figuring them out.

Buzz. Right at this moment, a beam of light shot up to the sky somewhere in the distance. The light was actually more brilliant than any other lights in the heavens and the earth. It was akin to a light that could illuminate Heaven itself.

This scene caused the cultivators who had gathered here to reveal surprised expressions. All of them looked in that direction.

“It’s from Old Street,” someone mumbled.

“That’s where Blind Chen lives,” another person whispered. What was going on?

Soon, another beam of light shot towards where they had come from. It was like a bridge made of light that extended all the way here from Old Street. The light shone on the ground. Aside from where they were, there seemed to be similar lights s.h.i.+ning on other locations.

At this moment, in Great Bright City, many cultivators from the large clans raised their heads and looked in the direction where the lights were s.h.i.+ning. They expanded their wills and soon figured out the source of these beams of light.

The blind man was welcoming a guest.

Somewhere, a middle-aged cultivator commanded with a deep and rich voice, “Go and find out who is the guest that Blind Chen is welcoming.”

One by one, cultivators rose into the sky from various locations in Great Bright City. They were all rus.h.i.+ng towards the same destination.

Over at the ruins, Chen Yi looked in the direction where the light came from and mumbled, “It’s Blind Chen.”

After he said this, he ignored the cultivators from the Lin clan and left immediately. He moved towards where the light came from by traversing across the sky. Ye Futian and his group naturally followed after Chen Yi. The cultivators from the Lin clan watched them leave and still did not attack.

“Our clan members will most likely head over there too. Let’s go and check it out,” the leader of their group said. Lin Xi’s gaze was cold as he continued to stare in the direction where Ye Futian and his group had gone.

Old Street of Great Bright City was a narrow alley. An old mansion stood there. It appeared somewhat shabby, but it was still quite clean and tidy.

A rather famous figure in Great Bright City resided in this mansion. He was Blind Chen. Some people crowned him Chen the Diviner.

Chen the Diviner had never revealed his cultivation in front of anyone. No one knew his cultivation plane. He was just like any other ordinary, old, blind man. However, rumor has it that he had been living for many years. This set him apart from other people.

The mighty figures in Great Bright City respected Blind Chen because his appearance remained the same throughout the years. He looked exactly the same now as he did when those mighty figures were still in their youths.

Rumor has it that Blind Chen was a mighty astrologer. He could read fortunes and pry into the past and the future.

However, this rumor had yet to be verified. No one could tell for sure whether or not it was true. It was because Blind Chen had never read anyone’s fortune before. Throughout the years, many people sought him for fortune-telling, but he refused to even meet them. Some people claimed that he did not dare to reveal G.o.d’s design for fear of dying early.

Yet, more than 20 years ago, Blind Chen once said that light would descend upon them; the divine relic would appear once again.

The people of Great Bright City treated Blind Chen’s words as a prophecy. Since then, various major clans and forces stationed in the city had never left this place before. Even when the Original Realm went through huge changes and the cultivators in the Divine Prefecture were called to a.s.semble, they chose to remain here. They were all waiting for the prophecy to be fulfilled.

They had waited for more than 20 years.

Some people asked Blind Chen about the prophecy before, but he didn’t respond to them. After so many years, more and more people were suspicious about the validity of the prophecy. One of them was Lin Xi from the Lin clan. She did not believe in Blind Chen at all. In her opinion, he had deceived the crowd with a lie, causing them to miss out on an opportunity.

She believed that opportunities awaited in the Original Realm. However, fortune and misfortune were two sides of the same coin. How many people had actually managed to obtain fateful encounters in the Original Realm?

The seniors in Great Bright City most likely had their own considerations too.

However, after more than two decades, the old mansion inhabited by Blind Chen finally showed signs of activity again.

Currently, a beam of light shot up to the clouds from inside the old mansion. The door of the mansion was wide open. Beams of light radiated outward as though they were paving paths of light. Cultivators from all corners of the city arrived at the mansion by following the light trails.

Was the prophecy he proclaimed more than two decades ago true or false?

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