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Chapter 2429: Great Elder Motian

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird stood amidst the golden clouds. The arrogance and the hostility in his eyes gradually dissipated. The beast had been tamed. He lowered his head and pledged his loyalty to Ye Futian, greeting him as “Master.”

The demonic light that flashed in Ye Futian’s eyes slowly disappeared. He cast an indifferent glance at the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird. Then, his mind received the memory of the beast.

This Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird was named Mo Yunzi. The divine mountain before them was indeed a famous spot in the Six Desires Heaven. It was Motian Mountain. It was founded by Great Elder Motian, who was the Lord of Motian Palace. Since this Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird was the mount of Great Elder Motian, he was named Mo Yunzi. Great Elder Motian had been aiding Mo Yunzi in his cultivation. This caused his cultivation to improve until he reached the peak of the Demon Emperor Plane, making him a formidable opponent for many cultivators.

“Who dares to act so presumptuously?” A cold voice sounded from the divine mountain in the distance. Then, the color of the sky changed. Golden clouds churned and thundered, accompanied by a sprinkle of golden light. A group of cultivators traveled to where Ye Futian and his group were at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed. When the former approached Ye Futian and his group, they immediately surrounded them.

The cultivators were all powerful Renhuangs. Based on the intel Ye Futian obtained from the memory of Mo Yunzi, Great Elder Motian was a very famous figure in the Six Desires Heaven. He was ranked among the top figures of the realm. Motian Mountain, where Great Elder Motian cultivated, was naturally a terrifying force as well. It was the number one force in the Six Desires Heaven.

The group of cultivators who arrived had frightening auras. Their might of the Great Path loomed over the sky, enclosing Ye Futian and his group within it.

In the distance, a terrifying aura intensified. A golden face appeared among the golden clouds. The face was none other than that of Great Elder Motian—the former master of Mo Yunzi.

“Brute!” cursed Great Elder Motian as he swept a glance at Mo Yunzi. Clearly, he knew that Mo Yunzi had betrayed him. He had no idea what Ye Futian had done to Mo Yunzi. The latter actually managed to seize control of the beast.

“This is our first time here. We don’t want to disturb Senior’s meditation, nor do we want to get into a fight with the cultivators of Motian Mountain. We hope Senior will forgive our intrusion. I can release my control over Mo Yunzi,” Ye Futian said loudly. The golden face in the sky showed no change in facial expression. It looked stern and distant.

Great Elder Motian thought to himself: this youth actually had the power to control demonic beasts. He was very overbearing. The other person in their group was proficient in the Way of Light. Based on Great Elder Motian’s vast knowledge and experience, he knew for sure that there was more to this group than met the eye.

The crucial point was that this group of people actually dared to attack Mo Yunzi right outside of Motian Mountain. Since they could seize control of Mo Yunzi directly, they would certainly have other trump cards up their sleeves. They were not as simple as they appeared to be.

“Are you cultivators from the Divine Prefecture?” asked Great Elder Motian nonchalantly. If they had not relied on the help of Donghuang Imperial Palace, it was not an easy task for them to traverse the vast void to come to the Western World from the Divine Prefecture. Very few people would take the initiative to traverse the vast void to explore other worlds. Those who did so were all very powerful cultivators. Besides that, the cultivators needed to have strong determination and tough character to do so.

After all, the Divine Prefecture and all the other worlds were borderless in essence. Countless fateful encounters awaited those who were bold. Normally, unless one desired to experience the cultures of different worlds, they did not need to travel to other worlds just for cultivation.

“Yes, we are,” Ye Futian replied while nodding.

“Why did you come to the Western World?” Great Elder Motian asked.

“We’re here for trials,” Ye Futian responded. The gigantic face of Great Elder Motian stared at him. Obviously, he didn’t believe Ye Futian’s words completely. There were most likely other reasons which brought Ye Futian and his group here.

“Anyone who comes from afar is a guest. Since that’s the case, let go of him and follow me to Motian Palace,” said Great Elder Motian. He turned around and seemed to be leaving. However, as the golden clouds churned and roared, an intense sense of danger suddenly welled up in Ye Futian.

“Be on your guard.” Chen Yi, who was beside Ye Futian, felt the danger too. As soon as he uttered his warning, a beam of light flashed past at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed. The instant the light shone, a gigantic golden palm grabbed the s.p.a.ce where Ye Futian and his group were standing a second ago. The terrifying might of the palm crushed the s.p.a.ce. This attack came from Great Elder Motian, who hid amidst the golden clouds.

The beam of light retracted, disappearing into the distance. Its speed was amazing. Ye Futian swept a glance at where Great Elder Motian was located. Great Elder Motian was a figure that had experienced the first divine tribulation of the Great Path a few hundred years ago. According to the memory of Mo Yunzi, he was currently in seclusion, preparing to face the second divine tribulation of the Great Path. In other words, he was already at the peak of the first Tribulation Plane.

Such a mighty figure actually attempted to kill them while they were distracted. Great Elder Motian was indeed someone who did not stand on trifles or principles.

Based on his action just now, Ye Futian could tell that Great Elder Motian was ruthless. He would stoop so low as to launch a sneak attack on juniors who had lower cultivation planes than him.

“I bear good intentions and have invited everyone over to my palace to be my guests. Where are you going?” A voice sounded from the sky. Then, golden clouds churned and thundered, covering the sun. The clouds enveloped the endless s.p.a.ce. The entire sky transformed into an enormous face. It was the face of Great Elder Motian.

The entire world seemed to have become Great Elder Motian’s domain of the Great Path. Ye Futian and his group had nowhere to run or hide.

Many pairs of golden eyes appeared in the sky. When Ye Futian looked at the eyes, he could sense a menacing Devouring Power acting upon him.

Ye Futian’s eyebrows furrowed. This Great Elder Motian was so cautious. First, he launched a sneak attack on them. Then, he besieged them with his domain of the Great Path. Up until now, they had yet to meet him in person. It was rare for someone to be so vigilant when faced with people at lower cultivation planes.

Suddenly, an alarming Devouring Power pressed downwards. The eyes transformed into terrifying whirlpools, which consumed their auras of the Great Path. When the whirlpools swept past Ye Futian and the others, they felt incredibly miserable. It was as though the power of the Great Path inside their bodies was being sucked dry. Moreover, the whirlpools seemed to be capable of drawing out and devouring even their spiritual souls.

Ye Futian’s power of the Great Path s.h.i.+elded the few people around him. The divine corpse of Shenjia the Great Emperor appeared in front of him. At the same time, his spiritual soul left his body and intended to surge into the divine corpse. However, the moment his spiritual soul left his flesh, the countless pairs of eyes unleashed frightening Devouring Power, attempting to suck his spiritual soul away.

Rumble. Hua Jieyu joined the fight. A menacing will formed a barrier around Ye Futian, blocking off the Devouring Power. This allowed Ye Futian’s spiritual soul to enter the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor smoothly.

Shenjia the Great Emperor slowly opened his eyes. A terrifying aura burst forth from him. Ye Futian scanned the domain of the Great Path, which loomed over them with an indifferent gaze. This frightening Devouring Power nearly swallowed his spiritual soul, hindering him from entering the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor.

All the eyes embedded in the sky stared at Ye Futian. A voice reverberated, “You own the flesh of a Great Emperor. Who are you?”

Great Elder Motian naturally realized that Ye Futian was extraordinary. As expected, his wariness was founded. He couldn’t help but be cautious of cultivators who came from other worlds. After all, anything was possible.

This person before him possessed the divine body of a Great Emperor. Ye Futian would most likely pose a threat to him!

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