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Chapter 2579: The Divine Prefecture and Ziwei

“w.a.n.g Xiao!”

Up in the air above the Tianyan City Lord’s Office, the Tianyan City Lord and several other cultivators appeared. They were all very solemn, saddened about the strange thing that was happening to w.a.n.g Xiao.

Throughout these years, w.a.n.g Xiao had been improving exceptionally quickly. He was continuously getting stronger. He hadn’t let down Tianyan City. In the future, he would be the most incredible cultivator of Tianyan City. With the Imperial Arm in his hand, he would be unparalleled in this world. No one below the Great Emperors could stand up to him.

As such, they were all naturally very concerned about w.a.n.g Xiao’s condition.

The Tianyan City Lord appeared as soon as he could and asked about w.a.n.g Xiao.

When they saw w.a.n.g Xiao’s pale face and the blood that was seeping out from the corner of his mouth, they were all very nervous. Wasn’t he cultivating normally? What could have happened to cause the situation now? It was as though w.a.n.g Xiao had experienced some drastic change. Was it a problem regarding his cultivation? Or did it have something to do with his mental state?

They didn’t know.

Their gazes all looked toward w.a.n.g Xiao. w.a.n.g Xiao raised his head and looked toward the sky. After a long pause in silence, he slowly turned back and looked toward the cultivators from Tianyan City and said, “The Imperial Arm was destroyed. The seal of the Ziwei Segmentum has been broken!”

The hearts of the Tianyan City Lord and the cultivators trembled. The Imperial Arm was destroyed!

That was the divine Imperial Arm forged by Tianyan the Great himself. Furthermore, it contained the spirit of the Great Emperor. How could it be destroyed?

Who was even capable of such a thing?

“He had awoken the will of Ziwei the Great,” w.a.n.g Xiao continued. His face was even more pale and lifeless than before. He looked toward the starry sky. Inside the Original Realm, there was one being that was almost undefeatable to him.

He was born an extraordinary being. He was destined to be the main character of the Divine Prefecture. From the first time he had shown himself, he had made his name known worldwide.

He became renowned throughout the world within a single day of fame.

He was the heir of Tianyan the Great, the only person that could communicate with the Imperial Arm, the greatest armorer. All of these t.i.tles were concentrated on him alone; it was as glorious as it could get. As the future Lord of the Tianyan City, with such unparalleled talent, he should have been untouchable in the Divine Prefecture.

But he appeared. From the day he appeared 28 years ago, his shadow had completely covered w.a.n.g Xiao’s greatness.

Even the Imperial Arm couldn’t seal and contain him. Now, the seal was broken, and he had broken out of the cage. When they meet once again on the battlefield, what could he do?

Who was the one who was born at the wrong time?

The face of the Tianyan City Lord also turned ugly. Even that couldn’t kill him and wipe out the Ziweri Segmentum?

Now, the beast had broken out of the cage!

The expressions of all of the Divine Prefecture cultivators turned a little stiff. For some reason, as an Ancient G.o.d Clan, the greatest holy land of armoring in the Divine Prefecture, they felt nervous because of a young cultivator that was only at peak-renhuang plane.

Perhaps it was because he was too outstanding and had brought too much shock to them. Even w.a.n.g Xiao couldn’t suppress him. In the future, he would surely become one of their greatest foes.

“Things have already reached this point; no need to think too much of it. It would help if you continued to focus on cultivation. You still control the Imperial arm. In the future, when you meet him outside, he will not be able to utilize the power of the Ziwei Segmentum. You can still take him down with ease.” The Tianyan City Lord was indeed an individual who stood at the top of the Divine Prefecture; he regained his senses rather quickly.

Regardless of what it was, they could not induce panic in themselves.

“Yes, the Tianyan City does not fear anyone. If he dares to come to Tianyan City again, we’ll kill him straight away,” an older generation cultivator who was standing at the side said as well, in hopes that w.a.n.g Xiao would stabilize his mental state. w.a.n.g Xiao was essential to Tianyan City.

Especially during such times where the turbulence in the world was getting more prominent, clashes and conflicts between the worlds were becoming more and more heated. The war could begin at any time.

In such uncertain times, w.a.n.g Xiao’s growth and development were pivotal; the future of Tianyan City was on his shoulders.

Tianyan City lord turned and faced the direction of the City Lord’s Office and announced, “Immediately summon the core members of the clan back here. Come back to the clan, do not exit Tianyan City.”

“Yes, Lord!” The cultivators took his orders. Back then, Ye Futian went on a killing spree in the West Sea Domain, many of the cultivators from the West Sea Domain Chief’s Manor were killed. Of course, they knew about that. Although Tianyan City wasn’t afraid of Ye Futian, they also didn’t dare to let down their guard. They wouldn’t give him the chance to hunt down the cultivators of Tianyan City.

If Ye Futian dared to come to Tianyan City, then they would kill him here.

“Also, notify the powers of the divine prefecture,” the Tianyan City Lord continued. Back then, Tianyan City wasn’t the only power that tried to get rid of Ye Futian. Today, as the seal of the Ziwei Segmentum was released, the various powers of the DIvine Prefecture would naturally need to devise ways to obliterate the Ziwei Segmentum again.

Many of the Ancient G.o.d Clan had partic.i.p.ated back then.

Even if Ye Futain’s gifts and talents were beyond the limits of the world, how could he possibly fend against Ancient G.o.d Clans?

As the Tianyan City Lord thought about this, he felt calmer. The reason why he was so shocked before this was likely because it had happened too suddenly. He had thought that the Imperial Arm was destroyed. But now that he was able to re-organize his thoughts, although it was indeed heartache that the Imperial Arm was destroyed, they should still move forward.

Ye Futian alone wouldn’t be able to make that much of a difference.

The cultivators of Tianyan City all managed to recover from the panic and become busy again, going back to their work. At the same time, they notified the various powers of the Divine Prefecture.

Those powers that had partic.i.p.ated in the besiegement back then were all shocked when they received the news. They all felt somewhat anxious. Especially those powers that weren’t Ancient G.o.d Clans, like the West Sea Domain and the Donghua Domain Chief’s Manor. They could be described as completely defenseless before the power of the Ziwei Segmentum today.

But the Ziwei Segmentum was sealed and isolated for 28 years, so they probably didn’t grow much, right?

Ye Futian overcame the tribulation in the boundless s.p.a.ce outside of the Ziwei Segmentum. The tribulation lasted for a whole month, and only after that did he return to the Imperial Palace inside the Ziwei Segmentum.

After he returned, the Ziwei Imperial Palace organized a banquet with the core members of the Ziwei Segmentum present to welcome Ye Futian’s return.

Breaking the Seal, destroying the Imperial Arm, and Ye Futian return—these were all incredible things that were worth celebrating and drinking for.

On the banquet in the Ziwei Imperial Palace, Ye Futian sat at the central seat, while the Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Palace and the spouse of the Imperial Palace Lord, Hua Jieyu, sat beside him. The first seat to his left was occupied by Lord Chen, while to the right were the other three palace lords—Emperor Xi, Murong yu, Daoist Monk Mu. Then followed the Deputy Palace Lords. Everyone was here to celebrate the occasion.

Behind Ye Futian were the four young cultivators. Fang Cun and the others stood there, serving their master. Although their cultivation levels were all very high, Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu were sitting right there, as students, they had to serve them.

“Come, let’s first toast to the Palace Lord and his partner. The return of the Palace Lord this time was the greatest surprise to the Ziwei Semgneutm,” Lord Chen said as he raised his gla.s.s. Immediately, all of the cultivators raised their and toasted to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu raised their as well. He looked toward the Ziwei Segmentum cultivators and said, “After seeing all of you, I can tell that no one has stopped working hard for the past 28 years. Thank you to everyone here!”

Then, he drank all of the wine in his gla.s.s. Everyone else also followed and did and same before putting down their

Murong Yu joked, “Palace Lord, there’s one thing that you don’t know. Daoist Monk Mu, it’s impossible to invite this guy to anything usually, and he wouldn’t spare any respect for anyone here. But this time, when he heard that the Palace Lord was returning, he was the first to rush over.”

He was the Lord of the Ziwei Palace, while Daoist Monk Mu was the Lord of the Alchemy Palace.

Everyone started laughing. Daoist Monk Mu is almost like a king in the Ziwei Imperial Palace. Everyone respected him and treated him like their own ancestor. All because of the fear that if he got annoyed with any of them, the quant.i.ty and quality of the pills and elixirs he made for them would be at stake.

“Aren’t you guys aware of why the h.e.l.l you’re even looking for me usually?” Daoist Monk Mu sneered. He still didn’t bother to spare Murong Yu any respect.

“d.a.m.n, seriously, the Palace Lord is here, and you’re still giving that att.i.tude,” Murong Yu pointed at him and said.

“Back then, I became indebted to the grace of the Palace Lord, so I decided to heed the orders of the Ziwei Imperial Palace and take charge of the Alchemy Palace. Of course, I’ll fulfill my responsibilities toward the palace lord and give my all to the job,” Daoist Monk Mu said. He was still very grateful toward Ye Futian.

“Yeah, I know you’re loyal,” Murong Yu reb.u.t.ted him. “The reason we want the elixirs is that we want to grow and develop ourselves. We want to become stronger so that one day we can charge back into the Divine Prefecture and seek vengeance for the past 28 years.

As he spoke, he looked toward Ye Futian. He continued, “Palace Lord, the forces of the Ziwei Imperial Palace have increased rather significantly. Now that the palace lord is back, when will you lead the Imperial Palace to attack the Divine Prefecture? We shall wipe out one of two of their organizations and make them pay for what they did 28 years ago.”

Everyone paused when they heard Murong Yu and looked toward Ye Futian. For 28 years, all of them had a raging fire suppressed in their hearts. Now that the seal was shattered and the Imperial Arm was destroyed, everyone wanted to vent this great fury and strike the Divine Prefecture.

Ye Futian raised his gla.s.s and drank all of the wine inside. He then looked around at all of the cultivators present. Over the past 28 years, they had significantly improved.

“No hurry.” Ye Futian’s gaze was razor-sharp. “28 years have pa.s.sed, so why hurry now? Although the Imperial Palace has indeed grown significantly, we still lack apex powers. We need more Tribulation Plane cultivators. This time, I’ll be cultivating in isolation for a while first. Do the same thing as back then, make a batch of Sub-divine Elixirs to increase the power levels of the Imperial Palace cultivators again before we make other arrangements.”

Right now, his cultivation level was still the same as before, peak-Renhuang level, no change.

Even the cultivators of the Ziwei Imperial Palace didn’t know that he had overcome the second Divine Tribulation of the Great Path, let alone the people of the Divine Prefecture.

At this point, they need to acc.u.mulate their powers and make the Ziwei Imperial Palace even more powerful. Then they would give the Divine Prefecture an enormous surprise. He didn’t want to face the same situation as 28 years ago, where they were besieged by the Divine Prefecture, powerless against them.

At the very least, he wanted more Tribulation Plane Cultivators present in the Ziwei Segmentum. Many of them were almost there. They were on the verge of breaking through; all they needed was one step forward.

As for revenge, why rush it now? They had managed to make it through 28 whole years. What was so difficult about waiting just a while more?

“Okay.” Everyone nodded. When they heard that Ye Futian would make Sub-divine elixirs again, they were happy to hear it.

After 28 years, imagine the level of the Sub-divine elixirs that Ye Futian could make!

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