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These journalists were irritated by Yun Chutian's words, especially that female journalist. She turned livid and glared at the two children.

"You two brats are bullsh*tting here! What makes you think you can drive us out? Where are your parents? Call them out!"


Yun Chutian curled her lips and turned her head to Yun Nianfeng.


Just then, the female journalist felt a gust of wind pa.s.sed by her, and that well-dressed pretty little boy disappeared. While she was looking for him, Yun Nianfeng suddenly appeared behind her and kicked her away.


The crowd was intimidated and screamed, and the journalists quickly took out their cameras and took pictures. They got a perfect headline for tomorrow. The son of the G.o.dly Doctor's Pharmacy's boss beat a journalist in public!

But Yun Nianfeng didn't care at all. Anyway, Fu RuGrand Master's grievances would be cleared up sooner or later. As for the female journalist, he would ask Mom to find out who she was. If she was only a journalist, she wouldn't be so aggressive. She probably wasn't just a journalist.


Ignoring the crowd behind him, Yun Nianfeng walked into the pharmacy. With a smile on his cute face, he walked toward Fu Ru.

"Grand Master, Mom said it's time for you to go home for dinner."

Fu Ru paused. He looked at the journalists outside the door and finally nodded. He got up from his chair and screwed up his courage to walk towards the door.

When he walked to the door, the journalists all rushed forward and quickly took a picture of his old and decadent face. Some of the journalists wanted to ask him insulting questions, but they stopped when they remembered how Yun Nianfeng kicked that female journalist.

Relieved to see that the journalists didn't gather around, Fu Ru walked quickly through the crowd and went to his car behind the crowd.

Just as Yun Xiao served the dishes, Fu Ru walked in through the door. As soon as he walked into the home, he smelled the aroma of the food and immediately forgot the unpleasant experience just now.

"Luofeng, your husband is very good at cooking, haha."

Fu Ru was happy for Yun Luofeng. This man was not only powerful, but also very good at cooking, and even the chefs at five-star hotels were far behind him in culinary skill.

Most importantly, he always followed Yun Luofeng's words!

Yun Luofeng told him to go east and he would not go west. Yun Luofeng told him to chase the cat and he would not chase the dog. There were very few men who were excellent yet obedient like him in this world. His only downside was that he was too reticent.

Of course, such reticence was only for others. In front of Yun Luofeng, he always smiled. Even if he didn't say anything, his eyes seemed to be talking to her.

"Nianfeng, what's the matter?" Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows, looked at Yun Nianfeng and asked.

Yun Nianfeng pouted, "Mom, those journalists are so hateful. They even cursed me! I think it would be nice if we just killed them."

The corner of Fu Ru's mouth twitched. Fortunately, after staying with him for a year, he had become accustomed to Yun Nianfeng's astonis.h.i.+ng remarks.

"This is Huaxia." Bai Yan glanced at Yun Nianfeng, "You can't kill people, understand?"


Yun Nianfeng nodded reluctantly. He preferred the Continent of Seven Provinces, where power talked! But when he was in Huaxia, he had to tolerate a lot of things.

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