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Chapter 2965 - 2965 Ling Clan Won't Fall

2965 Ling Clan Won’t Fall

Everyone was very curious if Ling Han could help Ling Duanyun rise up to another stage, breaking through to the Genesis Tier in an hour.

Ling Han pondered slightly. It was easy to raise Ling Duanyun’s level, but doing it too fast was not necessarily beneficial to him. When it came to cultivation level, the foundation was important. If his foundations were not solid, how could he reach the peak of cultivation?

However, two levels shouldn’t be a big deal. Worse come to worst, he would just have to use the next few thousand years to stabilize his foundations.

Ling Han nodded. “Then I’ll teach you for another hour.”

With the flick of his finger, time began to speed up, and Ling Duanyun’s cultivation started surging once more.


Not long after, his body was enveloped by a powerful aura, showing he had broken through to the Genesis Tier.

Kuang! The sound of heavenly tribulation echoed forth.

Everyone was at a loss for words. They knew that Ling Han’s strength was greater than they could possibly imagine. He might just be a legendary Celestial King.

For them, Celestial Kings were the world’s most powerful existence.

Ling Duanyun was just about to face his tribulation, but Ling Han quickly dispersed it away with a wave of his hand. ‘He still needs to spar. What’s a heavenly tribulation getting all anxious for? Do you want to waste our time?’

The crowd was flabbergasted. The first time they were shocked, but now they were just dazed.

“Come!” Ling Duanyun was beside himself with excitement, and challenged the Great Saint to battle.

The result of their battle had long been decided as the Great Saint’s eventual loss.

“Do you want to fight or not?” Ling Duanyun taunted Gou Li.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was too despicable. Ling Duanyun and Cheng Sisi were clearly in love, and not even bothering anyone, but Gou Li kept trying to stick his nose in, challenging Ling Duanyun at every turn. It had even gotten to the point where he was camping for Ling Duanyun outside his own home.

Had Ling Han not suddenly appeared, Gou Li would have been sure to trample all over Ling Duanyun’s dignity.

As such, why should he be courteous towards Gou Li?

Gou Li laughed coldly, clearly looking down on Ling Duanyun. Even though the other party was already at the Genesis Tier, there was still a considerable gap with the Severing Mundane Tier. Gou Li could still take him down with ease.

The problem was that if Ling Han popped out with “another hour” again, wouldn’t Ling Duanyun be able to beat him to a pulp then?

Gou Li could not bear the thought of being defeated by such a n.o.body. How would he be able to face anyone in the future if that happened?

“This is your lucky day. I’m done!” Gou Li turned around and left.

Ling Han reached out with his hand and pressed down. Pa, pa, pa! All of them suddenly fell to the ground.

“Senior, did you kill them?” Ling Duanyun nervously asked.

Ling Han shook his head. “I just wiped away their memory of what just happened.”

He didn’t want to appear before the world this early. That was why he needed to make sure that no one would be able to reveal his secret.

Ling Duanyun was in shock as he wondered if his memory would be erased too.

Ling Han smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ve already wiped your memory.”

“What?!” Ling Duanyun anxiously racked his brain to figure out if there were any gaps in his memory.

“Let’s go.” Ling Han grabbed Ling Duanyun, and leapt into the Ling Clan Manor.

With Ling Duanyun’s guidance, they came upon his resting quarters. Surprisingly, the land was decently large, and had a very beautiful surrounding.

“Hehe, the current clan leader is my father,” Ling Duanyun said.

No wonder.

Ling Han sat down, and said, “Tell me the current situation of the Ling Clan and all its history.”

The Empress and Hu Niu sat at the side, and did their own thing respectively.

Ling Duanyun hesitated for a moment as he pondered why this senior was so concerned about these matters.

However, if this senior really intended to do something to the Ling Clan, not even the five elders of the clan would be able to stop him, let alone him.

He obediently laid everything out.

The Ling Clan’s ancestor had moved here from somewhere else approximately 500,000,000 years ago. At the time, they even had an elite at the Dividing Soul Tier. However, he had suffered a heavy injury, and had his lifespan cut short by the Immortal’s Calamity, which ended his life.

After him, the Ling Clan couldn’t produce another Dividing Soul Tier elite, and their strength fell by a wide margin, eventually becoming a minor Severing-Mundane-Tier clan.

Moreover, they only had five Severing Mundane Tier elites, placing them at the very bottom among other forces. As such, they did not have much influence in this big city.

If several more of their Severing Mundane Tier elders were to perish, then the Ling Clan’s position would fall even lower.

The biggest problem was that there were two factions within the Ling Clan that were causing intense friction among the members. There was a high chance of it escalating to total chaos and causing this small clan to rupture completely.

Normally, internal problems with the clan came from disputes over power. Countless clans had ruined themselves because of such issues. However, this was not the case for the Ling Clan. Instead, they were arguing over something that could not be any more trivial to the average person.

One side wanted to change their surname, while the other side didn’t.

Because of this, there was no shortage of friction within the Ling Clan. It was close to escalating into violence, or even a full-scale battle that would completely split the clan apart.

Ling Han was very confused. He didn’t understand why as many as three elders had such thoughts to begin with.

What purpose was there in changing their surname?

However, Ling Han knew that this had to do with him.

Even the Celestial-King-Tier forces were being suppressed because they were surnamed Ling and mistaken for his descendants, what more a minor Severing-Mundane-Tier force like them. Even if they were to be erased completely one day, who would be bothered?

As such, there were some in the Ling Clan that wanted to change their surname. Since the Ling name could not bring them glory, only calamity, then why should they try so hard to keep it?

Ling Han could understand their reasoning. He was deeply angry with those who had caused his descendants such duress.

So what if they were surnamed Ling?

Ling Han pondered for a while, and then asked Ling Duanyun, “How about you, then? Do you want to change your surname?”

Ling Duanyun immediately stood up with a resolute expression, and said, “Our Ling Clan’s teachings state that no matter how much blood we spill, we must never abandon our name!”

“Good!” Ling Han nodded. Slamming his hand on the table, he continued, “As long as I, Ling Han, am around, the Ling Clan will never fall. Furthermore, we will soon stand at the top of the world, and garner the admiration of all!”

“Senior, you…” Ling Duanyun looked at Ling Han in shock.

“I’m Ling Han. Have you not heard of me?” Ling Han asked.

Ling Duanyun dazedly shook his head. Judging from Ling Han’s tone, it seemed like he also belonged to the Ling Clan. However, Ling Duanyun didn’t know how many generations older he was, completely clad in mystery. Because of that, Ling Duanyun only felt an excitement welling inside upon hearing Ling Han’s proclamation. He didn’t suspect a single thing Ling Han said to be empty promises.

“You’ll find out eventually.” Ling Han patted Ling Duanyun’s shoulder, and said, “From now on, you’re training with me. The Ling Clan’s rise to glory will start with you!”

Ling Duanyun was naturally ecstatic. With just a few casual taps from Ling Han, he was able to jump from the Heavenly Body Tier to the Genesis Tier. If he were to train with Ling Han for a few more days, then wouldn’t reaching the Severing Mundane Tier, Dividing Soul Tier, and Immortal Palace Tier be a piece of cake?

Ling Han shook his head, and said, “Your first step is to sever your own cultivation level and start training from the ground up.”

“Ah!” Ling Duanyun was instantly dejected. He had just reached the Genesis Tier. Now he had to go back to where he was?

Ling Han smiled, and asked, “How big is your ambition?”

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