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Chapter 3183 - 3183 Gifting pill recipes

3183 Gifting pill recipes

“Young friend, are you really willing to give the pill recipe to me?” Even with Mo Guohao’s personality, he still couldn’t control himself, his heart trembling madly.

Ling Han was nonchalant. This kind of low-level alchemical pill could actually only earn some money from those at the lower ranks to satisfy his present cultivation needs. You see, if he really reached the Blood Transformation Tier, or even a higher cultivation level, could money still buy the ingredients he needed?


When one had reached a certain height, it would definitely be an item exchange, a treasure exchanged for another treasure.

“Not only the Everlasting Youth Pill, but also the modified version of the Mystical Power Pil and the Meridian Exploration Pill. The conditions are all the same,” Ling Han said.

Mo Guohao was already numb with shock. No, no, no, he corrected his previous a.s.sessment of Ling Han. This was not a good person, nor was he an idiot, but rather… a saint!

That’s right, he was definitely a saint. He was filled with integrity.

“No, 10% is really too little, at least 50%!” After Mo Guohao came back to his senses, he hurriedly said with a serious expression.

He only had to obtain any one pill recipe, and he would have the confidence to become extremely wealthy. Gathering all three pill recipes, the seat that belonged to the richest man of the Dark North Nation would be beckoning at him.

“You will be in charge of skill, cost and manpower. I have only offered the pill recipe, so 10% is enough,” Ling Han said with a smile.

“No, no, no, 40%, then 40%!” Mo Guohao insisted.

If outsiders saw this, they would definitely call them two idiots.

Wasn’t it?

There was actually someone who was willing to sacrifice their profits for nothing. What else could it be but an idiot?

In the end, after much persuasion, Mo Guohao finally managed to convince Ling Han to accept the proposal of 30% share of the profits, which made him sigh in relief.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to earn money, but that Ling Han had too much room for development. In future, he would definitely become a big shot in alchemy. At that time, if word got out that he had taken advantage of Ling Han, then everyone would be able to drown him to death just by spitting at him.

Being a merchant was naturally beneficial, but one’s heart couldn’t be black.

Ling Han gave the three pill recipes to Mo Guohao, and told him to immediately advertise the Everlasting Youth Pill. However, the actual sale date was set for next month.

Although Mo Guohao didn’t understand, in his heart, Ling Han had already leaped to the level of a G.o.d, so he naturally agreed.

Regarding Ling Han, he was completely impressed. Even though he was a Middle Level alchemist, and was superior to Ling Han, unknowingly, he had already placed himself in a lower position.

For some people, prodigious talent overflowed, and could not be measured by age.

Ling Han returned in satisfaction. Now, he didn’t have to spend time on these three types of alchemical pills. Instead, he could study more profound pill recipes.

Unfortunately, his Spiritual power was still not up to standard, and he was unable to construct the Middle Level formations. He was still unable to set up that killing formation. In fact, he was not even able to create a formation foundation.

“Huan Xue, how’s your cultivation going?” Ling Han called his little handmaiden over. She had also gotten some benefits from the rich man’s formation previously.

“Young Master, Huan Xue is now an Eight Meridians,” the little female attendant said excitedly.

“All right, try to reach Twelve Meridians as soon as possible,” Ling Han nodded.

“Huan Xue will definitely work hard.” The little female attendant clenched her fists tightly, filled with motivation.

She had a wish, and that was to obtain powerful strength, so that she could be by Ling Han’s side. Then, she would be able to stay by Ling Han’s side for the rest of her life. Otherwise, she would always worry that she would be abandoned one day.

The little handmaiden continued to cultivate with the Spirit Gathering Formation, while Ling Han sensed the third Extraordinary Meridian. Every minute of cultivation time was precious.

However, the more meridians that were opened, the more difficult it would be to take another step further. By midnight, Ling Han still did not succeed, so he could only give up and go to bed.


Suddenly, a light sound woke Ling Han up.

He raised his upper body, and his Spiritual Power surged. It had already surged into the courtyard, and clearly sensed the two figures.

It was one of them who had shot out a punch, breaking through the psychedelic formation in the courtyard. Terrifying blood surged all over his body, and he could sense it very clearly.

Being able to forcibly break through this psychedelic formation with brute force only meant one thing—this person was a Blood Transformation Tier cultivator, and added with his boiling blood, there was no need to doubt it at all.

These two people were masked in black robes, and held swords that shone brightly in their hands, exuding a sinister air.

Ling Han immediately thought. Previously, two had come, and in the end, one had been killed by the little female attendant, scaring the other away. He had not thought that so long had pa.s.sed, and the latter would make a comeback.

This time, an elite of the Blood Transformation Tier had been mobilized!

Head-on confrontation, or… retreat?

Ling Han only had a single thought before deciding to face this attack head-on.

Peng, he directly broke open the window, and stood in the courtyard.

Blood surged. This was only the first cultivation level of a Blood Transformation Tier elite, so he wasn’t afraid of a battle. If it was a Condensed Blood Pillar or even Condensed Blood Beast, he would definitely run away immediately with his little female attendant.

“Yi, such good senses!” A black-robed man said. He chuckled coldly, “However, in the end, you are only a Meridian Opening Tier elite! Old Xu, you stand guard. If the girl comes out, kill her, and I will deal with this brat.”

“Alright.” The other black-robed man nodded. Their mission was very simple, and that was to kill Ling Han. As for Huan Xue, as long as it did not affect them, they would not kill her.

That was because they would be collecting money if they killed someone. How could they kill someone for nothing if they were not going to be paid for it?

Ling Han smiled calmly, “Who sent you?”

“You’re already close to death, so what’s the point of asking so many questions?” The in black looked at Ling Han balefully, “Alright, if you must know, my name is Zhang San.”

“I’m Li Si,” the other man in black said with a chuckle.

Ling Han shook his head and said, “I’ll inscribe these two names on your tombstones.”

“Die!” Zhang San charged over, his sword sweeping out like a rainbow.

Ling Han clenched his hand into a fist and punched out. Peng!

With the release of his power, Ling Han was unafraid of the sharpness of his weapon.

With a loud bang, Ling Han’s figure retreated, but Zhang San also took a few steps back, his boiling blood wavering.

“What!” Li Si saw this, and couldn’t help but look shocked.

Ling Han was clearly only a Meridian Opening Tier elite, so how could he rival a Blood Transformation Tier elite?

Though they were not the best of the Blood Transformation Tier elites, there were only a total of seven Blood Transformation Tier from h.e.l.l.

Under the suppression of a major cultivation level, in terms of power… Ling Han only had a slight disadvantage?


Zhang San was also stunned. F***, he had been screwed over by the intelligence again.

Previously, it was said that Ling Han only possessed Ten Meridians. In the end, the organization sent out two silver-plate with Twelve Meridians, yet they were killed and defeated by a woman. They only managed to escape after using a rare treasure. Now, they sent out two elites of First Change Blood Transformation Tier, and in the end, a man ran out, and his strength was unbelievable.

Could it be that the mission was just a foil, and the purpose was to screw over their h.e.l.l Organization?

“Again!” Zhang San made a comeback, his sword soaring into the sky.

After exchanging a blow, Ling Han was already confident. He laughed loudly, and charged towards Zhang San.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The two of them exchanged blows. Though Ling Han’s power was slightly inferior, it wasn’t by much. They exchanged blows.

Li Si was completely speechless. This was too ridiculous.

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