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Chapter 3352: Huge Pressure, Full of Motivation

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Hong Tianbu left, but only said that he would not find trouble with Ling Han today. He did not promise that he would never find trouble with Ling Han in the future.

Ling Han watched as Hong Tianbu disappeared, and he had a ball of vexation in his heart.

He was the one who discovered the Essence Nurturing Gourd and harvested it. What did it have to do with the Hong Clan?Please visit fr??wn.?o? website to read fastest update

Now, Hong Tianbu was clearly robbing him of his treasure, yet he still acted as if it was Ling Han who owed him this debt, so how could Ling Han not be angry?

He knew that Hong Tianbu could be so domineering because he was strong enough.

Currently, the only person in the entire Dark North Nation who could defeat Hong Tianbu was probably Chen Fengyan. As for the others, even the Seventh Prince and the others, they could only contend with him at most.

This caused Ling Han to be enraged, but at the same time, he also developed a powerful motivation.

He wanted to break through!

Originally, he had gone to the Underground Battle Arena to complete the stabilization of his cultivation level of Third Change in deadly battles. However, by a freak combination of factors, he had fought four consecutive battles with the Demon Race. It could be said that he had won the first two battles very easily, but the last two battles were different.

It could be said that he had received excellent training.

He believed that he would be able to make a breakthrough after going back and cultivating in seclusion for another two days to perfect his cultivation level. “Thank you, Your Highness,” Ling Han said to Chen Taiqing. If this seventh prince had not stepped forward bravely just now, the Essence Nurturing Gourd would definitely have been lost.

Chen Taiqing nodded and said, “If you have any difficulties, come to the Seventh Imperial Mansion to look for me. Although I’m not always there, I believe Hong Tianbu wouldn’t dare to barge in.”

Ling Han thanked him again.

No one paid any attention to Feng Ruoxian. They all strode away. It was destined that there was no difference between dying or still living for this woman. Her reputation couldn’t get any worse.

After returning to the academy, Ling Han immediately went into seclusion.

At night, in the Hong Residence.

“This Seventh Prince is not simple!” Hong Tianbu said indifferently. Sitting opposite him was his grandfather, Grand Tutor Hong.

“Are the people of the Chen Clan really that freakish?” Grand Tutor Hong frowned. “I originally thought that after you advanced into the Inscription Tier and possessed the battle prowess of the Enlightenment Tier, you would already be enough to sweep through all opposition in the Dark North Nation. Who would have thought that Chen Fengyan actually advanced into the Core Formation Tier without a sound!”

“Right, Tianbu, what cultivation level is the Core Formation Tier?” Grand Tutor Hong asked. In reality, he was also completely clueless about cultivation levels above the Enlightenment Tier.

Hong Tianbu pondered for a moment, and said, “Above Enlightenment Tier is the Mystery Realm Tier. This is known as the pinnacle of mortal cultivation. From the peak stage of the Mystery Realm, one has to leap through the Celestial Gate. If one can leap through it, their level of being will undergo an earth-shattering change, and from there… step onto the path of immortality.” He paused for a moment, then added, “I don’t know exactly what cultivation level the Core Formation Tier is, but His Majesty has clearly stepped onto the path of immortality.”

“The path to immortality!” Grand Tutor Hong’s heart trembled. Judging from the ancient texts, they cultivated for the sake of climbing the path to immortality, but even those who had Enlightenment and Mystery Realm Tier were actually only in mortal levels. Only after crossing the Celestial Gate could they truly step onto the path to immortality.

In other words, Chen Fengyan was already a Celestial. Although it was very likely that he was a very weak Celestial, he was many times stronger than mortals like them.

He couldn’t help but think back to that day when Chen Fengyan stepped into the sky step by step. How shocking was that scene?

Chen Fengyan was no longer a mortal, but a Celestial!

“Tianbu, let’s be honest,” Grand Tutor Hong said. “Not only Chen Fengyan, but even Chen Taiqing can contend with you. Perhaps the other princes have the same strength.”

However, Hong Tianbu was full of confidence. He said, “Putting aside His Majesty for now, Chen Taiqing’s attack has rea.s.sured me instead.”

“Originally, these princes have always been very good at hiding their abilities. I don’t know what abilities they have at all. But after I fought him today, I’m confident.” Hong Tianbu smiled. “Although he can contend with me now, if I use all my trump cards, it won’t be difficult for me to defeat him or even kill him.”

“Don’t forget, Chen Taiqing is at least 90 years old, but his battle prowess is only about the same as mine. In less than half a year, I will definitely be able to crush him.”

“Only His Majesty can make me worry.”

“Before crossing the Celestial Gate, I am still a citizen of the Dark North Nation.”

Grand Tutor Hong nodded slowly. This grandson of his was too freakish. He had long exceeded his control. Since Hong Tianbu had agreed to follow the rules before leaping through the Celestial Qi, he naturally heaved a sigh of relief. This was because they were on the same boat.

“As for that Ling Han… he must die!”

In the Seventh Prince’s residence.

“My lord, I didn’t expect Hong Tianbu to be so strong!” An old man who looked to be in his sixties said. Logically speaking, a sixty-year-old man wasn’t considered old, but his gray hair made him look a little old.

Chen Taiqing knocked on the table with his finger. “He is indeed a freakish genius. However, as long as Father is still around, no matter what prodigy or demonic genius he is, he can only lie down and be a worm.”

“Of course. His Majesty, the Holy Emperor is already in the Core Formation Tier. He has leaped through the Celestial Gate and left the mortal world,” the elder flattered.

“On the other hand, that Ling Han…” Chen Taiqing frowned slightly. “I have a feeling that he’s not easily controlled.”

“That Blood Transformation Tier brat?” The elder was somewhat incredulous. His lord actually had such a high evaluation of a Blood Transformation Tier brat.

“Heh, Father’s evaluation of Hong Tianbu is only that of a ‘talent’,” Chen Taiqing said with a smile. “However, Father has mentioned Ling Han at least three times, and there is no lack of praise in his words.”

The old man couldn’t help but click his tongue. The Holy Emperor, His Majesty, actually valued a Blood Transformation Tier cultivator so highly. It was simply inconceivable.

Chen Taiqing smiled, and said, “This Ling Han has astonis.h.i.+ng natural talent in alchemy. I must take him under my wing. If I can obtain this person’s a.s.sistance, my great undertaking is in sight!”

The elder was even more shocked. He did not expect Chen Taiqing’s evaluation of Ling Han to be even higher.

He didn’t understand. What was so outstanding about that kid?

Ling Han sat there for three days and three nights, and finally felt that he had already solidified his foundation. Perhaps it was still a little insufficient. He could wait until he reached the peak stage of the Fifth Change, then turn back and go through it all again, as long as he was not in a hurry to break through to the next major tier.

He began to break through to the Fourth Change. As he had not consumed the Vermillion Fruit when he broke through into the Third Change, he took it out and started eating.

Boom, his body underwent a drastic change. This was a rapid improvement in his level of being.

The Vermillion Fruits decreased one by one, and Ling Han’s blood also changed from silver-white to gold. This was the most obvious change, and it was actually brought about by the advancement in level of being.

After a day and night, the violent changes stopped.

Fourth Change!

Ling Han let out a long breath, but immediately felt a strong sense of hunger a.s.sault him.

Hungry, hungry, hungry.

He took out the Demonic Beast meat and handed it to the little maid to deal with.

After a while, Huan Xue had prepared a table full of dishes for him.

Ling Han wolfed down the food, and the little lecherous pig jumped onto the table as well. Without any hesitation, it began to s.n.a.t.c.h the food from him. Fighting over food with a pig… was a little degrading.

Ling Han sighed. Thinking that he could still use the fat pig as a s.h.i.+eld, he decided to endure it..

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