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Chapter 3382: Grand Tutor Hongs Summon

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Currently, other than the heated discussions about Ling Hans various fancy moves to block Yuwen Hou for 10 seconds, everyone in the Imperial Capital was also curious about Zhu Qis ident.i.ty.

Such an elite was actually willing to stay in the Imperial Palace as a eunuch?

Hiss, His Majesty was too wise and mighty.

Meanwhile, Ling Han had finally returned to the academy after much difficulty. He closed his doors and refused all visitors. He wanted to repair his dao foundation.

Second Baby, can you tell the cultivation level of that old eu no, that old geezer Zhu? Ling Han asked casually. He was also very curious about Zhu Qis cultivation level.

He almost said that he was an old eunuch, but if he wanted to set an example for the children, how could he curse in front of them?

That old eunuch is in the Mystery Realm Tier, Second Baby replied.

Ling Han couldnt help but sigh. He had specially stopped the words old eunuch. He didnt expect that this little girl didnt need him to teach her bad things at all.

He was such a failure.

He didnt want to think about the education of these children. If they cursed, so be it. As long as their principles didnt waver, it was fine.

Strange, why would a dignified elite of the Mystery Realm Tier be willing to become an old eunuch?

Look, the Four Great Generals and Grand Tutor Hong were so domineering. Why was Zhu Qi willing to hide his name and even cripple his own limb?

Ling Han shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

He took out the Treasured Fruits of Life and continued to consume it, restoring his dao foundation.

After eating seven in a row, Second Baby finally nodded and said that his Dao foundation had been restored.

Ling Han heaved a sigh of relief. White hair only affected his appearance, and he didnt really care about that. The damage to his dao foundation would be fatal, and it would affect his future prospects.

He still had some internal disadvantages, so he continued to consume the Treasured Fruits of Life. After consuming five more fruits, his essence, qi, and spirit finally recovered to their peak.

He looked in the mirror and saw that his hair had returned to black. There was a flowing light flas.h.i.+ng among his locks, making him look extremely majestic.


Ling Han smiled in satisfaction. He should have completely recovered.

Second Baby examined him in detail and said, Father, you still lost about 50 years of your lifespan. This is something that even the Treasured Fruits of Life cant repair.

Ling Han nodded. Although he had repaired it in time, once a bottle had been broken, no matter how much it was glued together, it could not be perfect.

Fifty years He could afford to lose that amount of lifespan. At most, he would not break through like this in the future again.

His next goal was to rush to the peak of the Seventh Change, then break through into Extreme Bone Tier and step into a new journey.

Unfortunately, he only had the Treasured Fruits of Life in his hands now. He had already eaten the other Treasured Fruits, so he could only rely on alchemical pills and formations to speed up his cultivation.

Actually, this wasnt considered slow, but Ling Han was already used to the leaps and bounds he obtained from natural treasures. When he returned to the rhythm of using alchemical pills and formations to speed up his cultivation, he naturally felt that the progress was slow.

Actually, this was also good. Cultivation should be done step by step.

Father! Father! Sixth Baby ran over. Of course, it was only her voice that could be heard, and she could not be seen.

Whats wrong? Ling Han asked.

Seventh Baby is born! Sixth Baby said.

Ling Han immediately stood up. This girl who was too lazy to even be bom had finally come out.

He ran to take a look and saw that the last gourd had indeed opened. A little child crawled out, but she had only climbed halfway when she just hung there. Her upper body was exposed, and her lower body was still in the gourd.

Whats the situation? Ling Han asked. The other five children were all here.

She fell asleep again, Eldest Baby said helplessly.

Uh, she can actually sleep like that?

Ling Han imagined this scene. Seventh Baby struggled to open the gourd, and finally came out. However, after climbing halfway, she thought that since she had already come out, what was there to be anxious about? She might as well go back to sleep.bender

Then, she decisively fell asleep again.

Ling Han felt like he was going crazy. Just how lazy was this Seventh Baby?

He went over and grabbed Seventh Baby. He saw that this child was also extremely exquisite. Her appearance was the kind that made people willingly dig out their hearts and lungs just for her sake at a glance.

However, being too lazy would become a terminal Illness.

Pa, Ling Han delivered a smack right on her behind.


He was surprised to discover that the power of this palm strike had been absorbed.

As long as the power doesnt exceed the limit, Seventh Baby can absorb it, Second Baby explained.

Its a special ability for lazy people, Third Baby commented, still cold.

Ling Han smiled and put Seventh Baby down. This ability to absorb any kind of power was indeed the most practical ability of a lazy person. No matter how hard he tried, he couldnt wake her up.

He planned to study grandmaster-level formations and alchemical pills. Now that his Spiritual power had increased, the accompanying abilities had to follow.

Peng, peng, peng! However, before his b.u.t.t could warm up the seat, the door was knocked.

Who knocked on the door so urgently?

He went out to open the door and saw two officers in armor standing at the door.

Whats the situation?

Ling Han? an officer asked.

Thats right. Ling Han nodded.

Come with us. Grand Tutor Hong has summoned you. The two officers had cold expressions and looked like they were just on official business.

Grand Tutor Hong summoned him?

What are you waiting for? Why arent you coming with us? Seeing that Ling Han was still hesitating, an officer instantly revealed an impatient expression.

Ling Han was displeased, and asked, Am I a criminal?

The other officer said proudly, Grand Tutor Hong has summoned you. Do you dare to keep the Lord waiting?

Heh, Grand Tutor Hong has summoned me, so I will naturally pay my respects, Ling Han said calmly. But Im not a criminal, so cant I make some preparations?

Cut the c.r.a.p and leave quickly! An officer reached out to grab Ling Han.

Ling Han shook his head. This person definitely didnt know his exact ident.i.ty, or else he definitely wouldnt do this.

With a light wave of his hand, the officer was forced back.

You actually dare to attack the soldiers of the Majestic Empire? That officer was both angry and embarra.s.sed. Ling Han actually dared to attack him, yet he was completely not a match for him.

What were you doing? Its already good enough that I didnt beat you up, Ling Han said calmly. He called the little handmaiden over, and after giving her some instructions, he said to the two officers, Lets go.

The two officers looked at him unhappily. He was too arrogant. He dared to make them and Grand Tutor Hong wait for so long.

Just wait and see. They could do nothing to him, but after seeing Grand Tutor Hong, could he still be arrogant?

Under the lead of these two officers, Ling Han arrived at the Hong Residence.

It was from here that Hong Tianbu walked out and became a famous freakish genius.

Ling Han paused slightly before walking forwards again.

The two officers looked at each other and smiled, thinking that Ling Han was finally afraid.

This was natural. The Hong Residence was a solemn place second only to the Imperial Palace. There was a Grand Tutor of the Empire overseeing it, an Inscription Tier elite!

Ling Han followed these two people into the Hong Residence. They made many turns along the way, and finally arrived outside a study room.

Miord, Ling Han is here, an officer said respectfully as he knocked on the door.

Come in. A voice came from inside.

The officer pushed open the door, then raised his chin at Ling Han, indicating for him to enter.

Ling Han smiled and walked in. Behind him, the two officers closed the door again and stood solemnly on both sides, acting like guards..

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