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Chapter 3440: Building Three Foundations

Translator: Henyee Translations | Editor: Henyee Translations

The entrance of the Imperial Capital Academy was blocked, and no one could win?

From the looks of it, this was because the Imperial Capital Academy was incompetent. In such a large academy, there was actually no one that could fight. They were all trash.

However, upon further thought, the Imperial Capital Academy had gathered all the prodigies of the entire nation. Even so, they still couldn’t find anyone who could fight. Was there really no prodigy here?

Or could it be that the academy had not taught them well enough, and could not teach them well enough?

If it was the latter… then who would still want to enter the Imperial Capital Academy in future? The Imperial Capital Academy, an academy which symbolized the best of the Majestic Empire, couldn’t even compare to the Chaos Origin Sect.

En, in future, when everyone was choosing their path of cultivation, they would definitely prioritize Chaos Origin Sect, and not the Imperial Capital Academy.

This was an attempt to weaken the rule of the Dark North Nation at the source. With the Chaos Origin Sect, there would be another Azure Sky Sect, Sea River Faction, and so on in the future. They would continue to block the entrance, and completely suppress the reputation of the Imperial Capital Academy. In this way, would the Imperial Capital Academy still be able to recruit talent? When Ling Han found out, he couldn’t help but look at this old man and young man from the Chaos Origin Sect in a new light. This move was really vicious yet from the surface, there was not the sligthest bit of problem with it. They’ had not broken the laws of the Majestic Empire at all, so how should they be punished?

On the side of the Imperial Capital, there were really not many true prodigies Aside from the two supreme freaks, Ling Han and Hong Tianbu, there were only a few Imperial Princes. On the other hand, the Demon Race did not lack prodigies, but their submission was something that that they had willingly surrendered in the first place, and they still wanted them to help them?


Not long after, there was news that Hong Tianliang was about to make a move. Speaking of Hong Tianliang, even though he was Grand Tutor Hong’s grandson, and could also be considered a prodigy himself, he was actually a tragic character. He had been living in the shadow of his elder brother for a long time, and after so many years, it was actually very difficult for him to be able to raise his fighting spirit to surpa.s.s Hong Tianbu.

However, first, there was Hong Tianbu, and now, there was Ling Han. They were all mountains that he could not surpa.s.s. He must be feeling extremely depressed.

And now, Hong Tianliang had stepped out to face the youth from Chaos Origin Sect. Could it be that he wanted to make a comeback?

Ling Han found it interesting, and he also thought that he couldn’t allow Chaos Origin Sect to continue causing trouble like this. If Hong Tianliang couldn’t deal with it, he would make a move.

On the second day, Ling Han brought the children with him and went to the Imperial Capital Academy to visit the Imperial Capital Academy.

At this time, there were already a great many people here. Even a considerable number of Imperial Princes had come, all of them eager to give it a try.

Previously, Ling Han had fought against the Purple Rainbow Sect and killed Cui Changyun. Though he had provoked a Celestial Path elite like Cui Zhenhai, he had still managed to turn the crisis around in the end, and had even obtained a great opportunity.

Thus, the Imperial Princes all wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h this “business”. However, that young man was really very strong, and they had absolutely no confidence that they could win. That was why they kept observing, trying to find out the weaknesses of that young man.

Everyone would have their weaknesses and shortcomings. However, the disciple of the academy that had stepped out to challenge him previously was really too weak. He was completely unable to force out the strength of that young man. He had defeated him casually, so it was naturally impossible for him to reveal any flaws.

Hong Tianhang was different. No matter what, he was still a prodigy. Although he couldn’t compare to Ling Han and Hong Tianbu, he could at least force the young man to show some of his true strength.

Thus, quite a number of Imperial Princes had also come. They were all waiting to use Hong Tianliang as a testing stone, creating an opportunity for them.

Ling Han had long since arrived. He sat on a thick branch, which was very high off the ground, and had a very wide field of vision. The Calabash Brothers naturally sat beside him, snacks in their mouths. Even the proud Third Baby was no exception. She had obviously been led astray by Ling Han.

“That old geezer is also a Celestial Path elite, and is standing on the first step ” Second Baby said.

Ling Han nodded. Then this old geezer should be in the Foundation Building Tier. However, he had previously heard that the Foundation Building Tier was also divided into the foundations of human Dao, the foundations of Heavenly Dao, and so on, but he didn’t know what cultivation level this old geezer was in.

“Oh, I remember now.” Eldest Baby clapped her hands, “The first step in Celestial Path is indeed Foundation Building Tier, building the foundations of the Celestial Path.”

“Different people build different foundations, and the most ordinary foundation stone is the foundation of human Dao. However, building the foundation of human Dao to the consummate level can actually also allow one to rush to a higher cultivation level.”

“However, some people are extraordinarily talented, and after building the foundation of human Dao, they can build another foundation, which is called the foundations of Heavenly Dao.”

“There are also some who are blessed by the heavens, and are able to break through their limits, and form the third cornerstone, and that is the foundation of ultimate dao.”

“The more cornerstones that are built, the deeper the foundations of the Celestial Path would be. In future, you would also be able to rush to a higher cultivation level, breaking even more limits.”

Ling Han gave an ‘oh’. No wonder it was rumored that Cui Zhenhai had built the foundation of human Dao, and Chen Fengyan was very likely to have built the foundations of Heavenly Dao. As it turned out, that was how he had done it.

He looked towards the young man, activated his eye technique, and saw some things that could not be seen with the naked eye.

This young man’s vitality was extremely vigorous, like a furnace, burning fiercely. All the bones in his body were white, and four seals could be seen on his chest, flickering with terrifying might.

Four Inscriptions!

Moreover, when he had been in Extreme Bone Tier, he had reached Sixth Extreme. Otherwise, if he had broken through with just Fifth Extreme, his bones should have been rainbow-coloured.

No wonder he dared to come here to block the entrance. His abilities were indeed extraordinary.

Hong Tianliang has come,” someone suddenly said.

Instantly, the crowd dispersed, and a young man came out with the receiving him as if he was the moon surrounded by stars. It was Hong Tianliang.

They hadn’t seen each other for a few months, and Hong Tianliang’s aura became increasingly profound. However, it would occasionally seep out a little, yet it was as turbulent as the tide.

Ling Han glanced over, and already understood Hong Tianliang’s cultivation level.

Third Extreme.

This rate of advancement was really very fast, but even if the young man suppressed his cultivation level to Extreme Bone Tier, Sixth Extreme against Third Extreme would still mean an absolute defeat. After all, Hong Tianliang still hadn’t broken through the true limits in Meridian Opening Tier and Blood Transformation Tier.

Hong Tianliang, on the other hand, was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence. Very soon, he arrived in front of the old man and young man, and stopped.

“Are you also from the Imperial Academy?” the young man asked.

“Hong Tianhang, a graduate of the Imperial Capital Academy,” Hong Tianliang said with a nod.

The young man appeared slightly surprised, and asked, “You aren’t Hong Tianbu, or Ling Han?”

Hong Tianliang instantly looked furious. ‘What do you mean? Do you think that only these two people are worthy of being your opponent?’

I am Hong Tianliang!” he emphasized.

The young man smiled, and said, “Seeing that you can just barely be considered

a match, I’ll tell you my name — Luo Jintang.”

Hong Tianliang said coldly, “Let’s battle.”

‘■You are a Third Extreme. If I only suppress my cultivation level to the Extreme Bone Tier, you may not be able to block a single strike from me.” Luo Jintang paused, “How about this? I will also suppress my power level to the Third Extreme.”

Hong Tianhang’s expression became even uglier. As a Third Extreme he definitely possessed the battle prowess of a Fifth Extreme. In fact, many Fifth Extremes were no match for him, yet Luo Jintang actually said that he couldn’t even withstand a single strike?

How could this not enrage him?

How could there be so many prodigies in this world? Did they think that everyone was Hong Tianbu, or Ling Han?

“If you lose later, it will be very humiliating for you to have spouted such empty boasts,” he said calmly, but his fury was blazing..

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