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Chapter 3474: Heavenly Vengeance Physique

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Thankfully, the weakening of the light-persons abilities was very small. In other words, if Xin Ruyue was really allowed to pa.s.s through safely, this would still need a very long time.

Ling Han also stepped forward to exchange a few blows. Sure enough, his opponent was also slightly weaker than before.

He continued to cultivate.

After five days, as expected, all the injuries on his bones and hands had healed completely, and his cultivation level had more or less reached the peak stage of the Fourth Extreme. At most, in one or two days, he would be able to break through to the Fifth Extreme.

He was a little anxious, because the strength of the light-person was getting weaker and weaker by the day. Though it was only a little weaker every day, who knew how many more days it would take for Xin Ruyue to break through.

This woman appeared to be very confident, which also made Ling Han beheve that she had a rare treasure in her possession. It was very likely that she would use it after knocking out the fourth shadowy light figure, and charge up to the throne in one go.

Hence, this fourth light figure was the safety line. Once it was defeated, Xin Ruyue would probably be able to do as she liked.

There was not much time left!

More and more people came, but there was not a single one that could match Xin Ruyue. If they wanted to pa.s.s, they would have to wait for the formation to weaken the battle prowess of the light figure by who knew how many times.

Another two days pa.s.sed, and Ling Han quietly retreated back into the forest from before. He found a very secluded place, and began to break through to the

Fifth Extreme.

For him, as long as there were Treasured Fruits of Life, everything would naturally fall into place.

To be on the safe side, he also set up a large-scale Absolute Fairness. The seven Calabash Brothers were responsible for guarding it. In this way, even if an elite and prodigy like Xin Ruyue came, they would not be able to get past the babies.

Pa, pa, pa! The shackles in his body were broken one after another, and layer after layer of bone fell off, causing him to grit his teeth and groan. This was really too painful.

Three hours later, Ling Han completed the great leap in level of being.

He couldnt help but mull over this. He had torn apart more shackles than most people when they were breaking through, but even so, it seemed like there were still countless shackles in his body. Just how many restrictions had the heavens placed on these mortal bodies of theirs?

Father, why is an Innate Divine Physique so powerful? Second Baby seemed to be able to see through to the thought in Ling Hans heart, and said, In fact, an Innate Divine Physique is able to suppress mortals under Celestial Path, but after advancing into the Celestial Path, the suppression will become even



-Thats because there isnt a sliver of heaven and earth shackling the body of a Divine Physique possessor. Moreover, no matter how mortals break through their shackling, they cant attain endless perfection. Thus, once they advance into the Celestial Path, these shackles will chain mortals, causing the gulf between them and the Divine Physique possessor to become larger and larger.

Ling Han nodded, and asked, How many shackles does that person have in total?

It varies from person to person. Eldest Baby spoke up first, Even if its not an Innate Divine Physique, there is still bloodline lineage, and the stronger the bloodline lineage, the fewer the shackles in the body, and tearing open one would be equivalent to ten of others.

Thats right. Fourth Baby nodded.

Fifth Baby continued, However, Ive heard of a kind of Divine Physique called the Heaven Hatred Physique. When it was born, not only did it have shackles, but there were also shockingly many shackles, as if they could not be broken through no matter what. It was as if the heavens bore a grudge against it. Ah, Ive also heard of it. Sixth Baby clapped her hands, and only the applause could be heard, but the appearance of clapping could not be seen. Actually, the Heavenly Vengeance Physique was originally called Chaos Physique. The inheritance originates from the Primitive Age, and there are pitifully few of them. However, if a Chaos Physique really breaks through all the shackles in the body, then that would be the highest grade of Innate Divine Physique.

Ling Han rubbed his head. Could it be that he possessed the Heavenly Vengeance Physique?

Coming from the Divine Stone, no matter what, he shouldnt have a mortal body.

Ling Han stabilized his cultivation level, and couldnt be bothered to ascend either. He simply tested his strength in the forest.

There was a great improvement in all aspects, but in terms of defeating Enlightenment Tier, he was still a bit off.

By the looks of it, only after advancing into the Seventh Extreme would he be able to stand against an Enlightenment Tier elite. Otherwise, even Sixth Extreme would be hard-pressed.

His cultivation speed was already fast enough with the help of the cultivation technique on the stone wall, but Ling Han still found it slow, because the weakening of strength for the light figure wouldnt wait for him, becoming weaker and weaker with each pa.s.sing day. Who knew if Xin Ruyue would beat him to it one day.

After a few more days, Ling Han suddenly saw golden light flicker on the distant peak. Then, he saw a ma.s.sive throne rise into the air.

Theres a person sitting on it, Second Baby said after activating her eye technique.bender

Ling Han nodded. By the looks of it, the first Young Dragon candidate had already emerged victorious.

Another two days pa.s.sed, and the second candidate for the position of Young Dragon appeared.

Three days later, a throne flew up from the third peak.

Ling Han had also reached the peak stage of the Fifth Extreme, and possessed the qualifications to attempt breaking through to the Sixth Extreme.

For him, the limit was equivalent to an ordinary Fourth Extreme cultivator attempting to break through to Fifth Extreme. It would be slightly troublesome, but it could not be considered too much trouble.

After a day of acc.u.mulation, he charged up to Sixth Extreme.

Breaking through his limits, his battle prowess soared, and the boost brought by this kind of breakthrough was extremely great.

Ling Han felt that his current strength was enough to battle against those in the early stage of Enlightenment Tier Enlightenment Tier was a continuous process, so it did not matter how many levels there were. It was divided into early stage, middle stage, late stage, and consummate stage.

After stabilizing his cultivation level, he arrived at the summit.

At this time, Xin Ruyue was currently engaged in an intense battle with the fourth shadowy figure. After fighting for a hundred moves, she was outmatched and retreated.

The situation was very dire. Previously, she could not even withstand a single move, yet now, she could fight a hundred moves fiercely. Then, after a few more days, she may be able to fight it to a tie, and then emerge victorious.

At that time, she could use her secret weapon, and it should not be too difficult for her to crush the fifth shadowy figure.

Brother Ling. Xin Ruyue didnt suffer any injuries. She smiled at Ling Han, and said confidently, Looks like Ruyue is about to win this bet.

If Miss Xin really wins, I will definitely hand over my cultivation technique, Ling Han said calmly.

Brother Ling is truly trustworthy, Xin Ruyue flattered.

Ling Han naturally wouldnt take it to heart. The outcome of the battle was yet to be decided, so it was still too early for her to celebrate.

He began to ascend the stairs. The first, second, and third light figures appeared one after another, and they were all easily defeated by Ling Han. Now that his cultivation level had improved greatly, and the strength of the light-person had been greatly weakened, it naturally could not withstand a single blow.

A fourth shadowy figure appeared.

Ling Han clenched a fist and shot out a punch. The shadowy figure immediately struck with the divine spear. Peng, the fist and the spear clashed. Ling Han only felt a pain in his fist, but did not take the slightest step back.

As time pa.s.sed, he had already surpa.s.sed the fourth shadowy figure in terms of battle prowess.

Ling Han estimated that the light-persons strength had dropped out of the Enlightenment Tier, but it was comparable to the sixth level of the Inscription Tier.

He humphed lightly, and brandished his fists repeatedly, incredibly violent, in just over a hundred moves, he had completely destroyed this shadowy figure.

In the first place, he was already capable of defeating all battle prowess in Inscription Tier, what more now that he had advanced into Sixth Extreme. Seeing Ling Han win, Xin Ruyues pretty face involuntarily paled..

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