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Chapter 3604: Sword-wielding Youth


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That was Pang Shu, a Foundation Building elite, yet he was thrown onto the ground with a single punch.

How could this be believed?

These people had basically been taught a lesson by Ling Han before, and knew that he was very awesome, but the fact that he was awesome to the extent that he could defeat a Foundation Building cultivator with a single punch was still something that they could not accept.

There was no logic to his strength.

Pang Shu scrambled to his feet. It was not that he was no match for Ling Han, but rather that he had been intimidated by a murderous aura. Otherwise, there was absolutely no way he could have been knocked down with a single punch

from Ling Han.

However, he had only gotten halfway up, when a foot had already stepped heavily on his back, forcibly pressing him back down.

He knew that this was definitely Ling Han’s doing.

d.a.m.n it, a mere Mystery Realm Tier actually dared to step on his pride?

Are you tired of living?

If it weren’t for the fact that this was the Extreme Flame Valley, he would have

been able to kill Ling Han with a single breath.

Ling Han smiled faintly, “Where’s the essence of flames? Hand it over.”

Pang Shu ignored him. If Ling Han had compelled him successfully, how would he be able to face others in future?


Ling Han didn’t care that his opponent was a Foundation Building Tier cultivator and immediately threw a punch at him. To say nothing of Foundation Building, even if a Spiritual Transformation Tier cultivator came, he would still dare to beat them up.

After a few punches, Pang Shu became obedient, and obediently handed over a


Ling Han opened it and took a look. There was more than half a box of fire essence inside.

“How unpresentable.” He shook his head, and placed the essence of flames he had gathered inside as well. It was just about enough to fill the box.

Everyone didn’t know how much Ling Han had gained from roaming around, and only thought that he had come to rob others. Naturally, all of them were envious and furious.

Ling Han swept an eye over them, and asked with a smile, “What is it? Want to gang up on me?”

•Go, go, kill him!” Pang Shu roared. He refused to believe that they would still be unable to capture Ling Han with so many people joining forces.

Everyone exchanged looks, and rushed forwards.

There were more than twenty people fighting against one, so how could they lose?

Ling Han smiled faintly, and suddenly activated the barrage of murderous aura. Instantly, everyone stiffened slightly. He then activated Lightning Fist, and his punches rained down. Peng, peng, peng, the figures were instantly sent flying like straws, falling all over the ground.

In front of him, it was impossible to bully him with numbers, unless the latter could very well withstand the barrage of his murderous aura.

Ling Han put away the box, and said calmly, “If you want to seek me out for revenge, just bring it on. Without obtaining the Fire Element Crystal, I will not leave.”

“Hehe, next time, you should find someone stronger!” The little loli made a face, then grabbed onto the corner of Ling Han’s s.h.i.+rt, and followed him to another mountain cave.

At the scene, there were wails of pain, but Ling Han did not use too much force. In a short while, everyone got back to their feet, baring their teeth. Only Pang Shu was still lying there. This guy had been heavily attacked by Ling Han. In any case, you are not going into the cave to fight monsters, so what was the use of having you maintain a good condition?

“Seventh Young Master Pang.” Everyone hurriedly went to help him up.

Pang Shu was picked up by the, his face a mess of blood and flesh. His face had been harshly stomped into the sand and rocks, so his face had naturally been sc.r.a.ped open.

His expression was livid. This time, not only had he been defeated by a mere Mystery Realm Tier cultivator, he had also been publicly humiliated, and robbed of the Pang Clan’s hard work for close to three years. How could he accept this?

Pang Yunfei was a prodigy of the Pang Clan, and also the future of the Pang Clan. Whether the Pang Clan could return to the heights that it had once been was dependent on him.

Thus, every member of the Pang Clan was willing to sacrifice themselves for Pang Yunfei. When this clan became stronger, they would be filled with confidence when they ventured out in future.

The Five Elements Karmic Pill was extremely important, and definitely couldn’t be lost.

“You guys continue to gather the essence of flames. I will find someone to come over, and will definitely suppress this brat!” he declared balefully, practically going mad with fury.

“All right.” Everyone could only nod, and hoped that the Pang Clan would not renege on their debt. After all, the flame essence that they had previously handed over had already been recorded. It was Pang Shu’s business if it was stolen.

Pang Shu left. This place suppressed his cultivation level, so merely cultivation level was useless. He had to find a prodigy that was invincible among his peers.

“If we’re considering the vicinity, the fourth son of the Zhang Clan, Zhang Qjhua, is a one-star genius. All right, I’ll find him!”

Ling Han believed that his speed would be much faster than the seven babies. Thus, he did not wait outside. Instead, he decided to sweep through another cave.

He cleared all the caves, and finally went to find the Flame King.

The destructive power surged, and the Flame King was also easily killed. This time, aside from the essence of flames, there was also a Fire Origin Stone!

“Haha, I’m rich!” Ling Han laughed loudly.

He returned, and when he exited the cave, he discovered that Eldest Baby, Second Baby, and Third Baby were already waiting outside. When he asked, they had not come out for very long. After a while, Fourth Baby, Fifth Baby, and Sixth Baby also came out one after another, not much time had pa.s.sed in between each baby coming out.

Aside from Seventh Baby.

Seventh Baby was completely unaffected by any force. Theoretically speaking, she should be the strongest among the seven children, but taking into account her narcolepsy, that was a different story.

…The little girl must have fallen asleep in some corner of the cave.

Sigh, he had best not let her move out next time.

The babies also had good and bad luck. Only Second Baby and Fourth Baby each obtained a Fire Origin Stone, while the others only had the essence of fire.

Ling Han calculated carefully. They would only need to stay here for two months at most, and they should be able to gather a single Fire Element


His speed was so fast?

Didn’t he need as long as a hundred years?

Firstly, Ling Han and his group had eight, er, seven and a half of them. Seventh Baby was too unreliable, and secondly, the strength of the seven and a half of them was too strong. The babies were all born with Divine Physiques, and had grasped powerful special abilities, so they were unafraid of fire poison, and the moment Ling Han unleashed his destructive power, even the Flame King could only surrender in an instant.

This was the reason why they could be so efficient. Otherwise, if others fought for a while, they would have to cure the fire poison. Otherwise, they would be burnt to nothing. In truth, the majority of their time had been wasted on expelling the fire poison.

Ling Han was in a very good mood. At first, he had thought that he would have to stay here for one to two years, but by the looks of it now, perhaps two months would be enough. The efficiency had increased a whole tenfold, and added with Fire Origin Stones, when he returned to the Celestial Sea Planet, he could say with absolute certainty that he was already in Foundation Building


He whistled as he fought the monsters one by one in the caves. After the flaming monsters in these caves were killed, it would take about five days for the heaven and earth to reform them, and it was much slower for the Flame King. At least, until now, no new ones had appeared.

Ten days, half a month, and it was as if the Flame King wouldn’t appear again.

On this day, Ling Han had just walked out of the cave, when he saw a young man sitting cross-legged on the ground in the valley. There was a sword laid across his legs, and there was the essence of flames s.h.i.+ning around him, forming a circle.

Right at this moment, a flaming monster manifested out of thin air, not far from that youth. When it was completely formed by the heaven and earth, it immediately floated towards that youth, and began its attack.

Shua, sword light swept past, and that fire monster was immediately cut in half. The flames were instantly extinguished, leaving behind a little bit of bright fire essence.


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