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Chapter 3132 Getting Hide

Han Sen and the others sat atop Bald Guy’s G.o.d Wind Dragon. The journey seemed hurried. Bald Guy knew where the key planet of Ghost Starlight was.

The first planet had been destroyed. They had to leave the system. They needed to find the next Ghost Starlight land. Bald Guy could not help but ask, “Old Han, did you find a G.o.d pulse in the core?”

“I found it, but the G.o.d pulse had been absorbed by a gene race Han Sen replied. “I was unable to retrieve anything.”

He was not lying. He really didn’t get anything out of it. All of the good stuff had been claimed by the flying fish, and the flying fish followed Bao’er. He only got an ultimate eight-armed evil dragon from Sky King out of it.

A G.o.d-cla.s.s, ultimate gene race took a lot of time and resources to raise. For ordinary people, having a G.o.d-cla.s.s, ultimate body gene race was an insurmountably difficult task to accomplish in their lifetimes.

The eight-armed evil dragon had three skills, which was exceedingly rare. Han Sen was satisfied with acquiring it. If he had not received something so wonderful, he would not have allowed Sky King to get away so quickly. It was the same for Han Sen as it was with the others. Many powerful n.o.bles were looking for Ghost Starlight. They saw many groups of flying gene races flying around.

There was a battles.h.i.+p-sized purple and red dragonfly breaking s.p.a.ce. It sounded scary. Every gene race made sure to get out of its way. Even the G.o.d Wind Dragon was so afraid that it made sure to fly away from the fiend. When the purple and red dragonfly broke s.p.a.ce and departed, they continued traveling on their original route.

“The dragonfly looked very good,” Bao’er said with jealousy.

Bald Guy lifted his lips. “Of course, it is. It was the first reward from a G.o.d battle. It was a rare gene race called a mutant dragonfly. There is only one of them in the entire universe. It once belonged to the Qin Kingdom’s first swordsman, Jian Bu Gu. He got it from a G.o.d fight, but he gave it to the Mo family. Now, the Mo family’s Mo Shang Cang owns it. “Why did Jian Bu Gu give the mutant dragonfly to the Mo family?” Han Sen asked with curiosity.

Bald Guy’s eyes flared with a nosy flame. He laughed and said, “The old grandma of the Mo family was the Mo family’s matriarch. She loved Teacher Jian very much. When she was younger, she did a lot for him, but Teacher Jian only practiced with the sword. He only treated the Mo family’s matriarch like a little sister. When he vanished, he gave the mutant dragonfly to the Mo family’s matriarch. The Mo family was a second-cla.s.s n.o.ble. Because of the mutant dragonfly and Jian Bu Gu, the king has always treated her differently. Now, they are a top-cla.s.s n.o.ble family.”

Han Sen knew Jian Bu Gu must have been full to the brim with great stories, but he never expected his stories to be that amazing.

While they were talking, a white crane flew over to them. When it approached, it put them on alert.

The sky was wide. Even if a group of knights flew by, they would never have to get so close to them. The white crane, however, seemed to be headed in their direction.

“I mean no harm, Brother Han!” When the white crane drew close enough, they saw a beautiful man sitting atop it. He waved to Han Sen.

“Mister G.o.d One Gong Zhen Jun? Why is he looking for you?” Bald Guy whispered with a frown.

“Ah, it is Mister G.o.d One. What inspires you to come to see me?” Han Sen looked at Mister G.o.d One, who was now very close.

Mister G.o.d One and Gong Shu Jin, the man Han Sen had murdered, were both one of the top four misters of Jade Wall City. Although the four misters were famous, in the eyes of real n.o.bles, they were nothing.

Mister G.o.d One laughed. “I just randomly saw Brother Han, so I thought I would drop by and say h.e.l.lo. Now that I think about it, there is something I would like to talk to you about.”

“Please tell me, Mister,” Han Sen said.

Mister G.o.d One was silent a moment before saying, “I found a land pulse, but the land pulse is extremely dangerous. My power alone is not sufficient for digging it up, and I do not have friends or family here. So, I thought I might ask for your help in digging the land pulse there. After that, we can share the loot. How does that sound?”

Han Sen did not answer. Bald Guy lifted his lips. “This Gold Crystal System has many land pulses. Why don’t we go do it ourselves? Why do we have to share with you?”

Mister G.o.d One smiled. “Brother Xia is Mister Wei’s student. You must have heard about skinning hide.”

“You found a skinning hide?” Bald Guy was shocked.

Mister G.o.d One nodded and said, “If it was not for a land pulse that shocked the sky, I would not have asked Mister Han to help.”


Han Sen looked at Bald Guy, who explained, “Skinning hide is a land pulse with a weird scene. A strange gra.s.s grows on the land pulse and absorbs the weird scene of the land pulse. If you do not see the gra.s.s up close, you would not know that it was a land pulse. When a skinning hide appears, there will be a land pulse that shocks the world. There is a very high chance of getting a G.o.d-cla.s.s gene egg there. But…”

After saying that, Bald Guy hesitated. Mister G.o.d One interjected. “Things like skinning hide are what many gene races adore. This is a skinning hide with a land pulse air. Even G.o.d-cla.s.s gene races seek to guard it. They wait there for skinning hide to mature. The skinning hide I found has a lot of scary gene races protecting it. That is why I am asking for your help.”

“What do you think?” Han Sen looked at Bald Guy and Li Bing Yu for their opinions.

“If it really is a skinning hide, we can at least go check it out.” Bald Guy admitted to his temptation.

Han Sen wasn’t entirely sure about it, yet he agreed. Mister G.o.d One led the way. They headed in a different side direction.

Mister G.o.d One was targeting a planet with life, but one without humans. Gene races were all over that planet. If the super G.o.d pulse had not appeared in the Gold Crystal System, most humans would not have ventured there.

Now, a super G.o.d pulse had appeared. The gene races there had achieved breakthroughs, and they had wildly mutated. The places were many times scarier. Ordinary people would not dare go to that planet.

Bald Guy felt a bit surprised that Mister G.o.d One dared going there to dig up a gene egg alone. It was very brave of him.

After entering the planet, Mister G.o.d One steered them all to land carefully atop a mountain peak. He pointed at another mountain. About halfway up its slopes was a skinning hide.

Han Sen used his peac.o.c.k king’s eye skill and was able to see a platform around the size of a football halfway up the mountain. There was a lot of strange gra.s.s on it, decking the entire breadth of the platform.

The gra.s.s was half a foot tall. The leaves were yellow. It was like aloe on the ground. A red baby bucket was at the center of the gra.s.s. It was unknown if that was the seed, gra.s.s, or what.

Upon closer inspection, one would have thought it was a baby that had been skinned alive. It had red flesh that made people feel extremely uncomfortable. The skinning hide was not glowing, but it looked b.l.o.o.d.y. It was definitely not something ordinary.

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