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Chapter 1232: You Han Valley
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As Duan Ling Tian spoke, a five-colored energy rose from his body and transformed into a giant hand above the middle-aged man's head.

The enormous hand descended and the air shuddered with a tremor, creating an earthshaking rumble.

All of a sudden, before he could react, the middle-aged man was enveloped by the enormous hand that was pressing against the ground.


A loud thud resounded as the hand smashed the ground. It then vanished without a trace after imprinting a gigantic palm print on the stone platform.

"Ahh!!" The middle-aged man was crushed into the stone platform just like that. Needless to say, he was severely injured. He only managed to move a while later, and the first thing he did was to spit a mouthful of blood clots out.

Subsequently, he looked at the purple-clad silhouette in terror and pa.s.sed out after that.


The place was dead silent.

After taking a glance at the middle-aged man who had pa.s.sed out severely injured, Duan Ling Tian dashed to the stone platform behind the stairs and entered the loft.

Apart from Qiao Zhong and the other Martial Emperor's disciple, n.o.body else saw his movement clearly.

"His ability's no less than ours," Qiao Zhong and the other Martial Emperor's disciple looked into each other's eyes and said in unison through Voice Transmission, sharing the same thought.

Meanwhile, still reeling from the shock of Duan Ling Tian's speed, the remaining crowd was gawking at the severely injured middle-aged man who had pa.s.sed out.

One could tell from their faces that they were taking pleasure in his misery.

"Qiao Zhong, given his ability, it'd be a piece of cake for him to become a Martial Emperor's disciple three months later. Why don't you take the opportunity to get him to join our team?" The other Martial Emperor's disciple asked Qiao Zhong.

"You couldn't be concerned that he'd be convinced to join the other team, could you?" Qiao Zhong smiled while saying.

The Martial Emperor's disciple realized something after listening to his response.

Since Lu Zhong who was from the other team was hostile to Duan Ling Tian, he would never let him join their team, let alone the other team members.

"We'll ask him to join us when he's standing with that team… He'll be grateful and appreciate us by then," Qiao Zhong said.

"What a sly fox you are!" His companion could not help but exclaim. He seemed to recall something and asked curiously, "Oh yeah… Do you know why was he displaying just the First Level Void Interpretation Stage cultivation base three months ago?"

"I'm guessing that he's using some Secret Technique to conceal his real cultivation base," Qiao Zhong responded in all seriousness.

"There's such a Secret Technique? If there really is, apart from disguising himself for his own benefit, there seems to be nothing that great about the technique."

"Disguising's good enough," Qiao Zhong sighed, "Don't forget that he even deceived us before this."

The exquisite and s.p.a.cious loft was adorned with magnificent decorations. It was a completely different world compared to the cottage that Duan Ling Tian was staying in earlier.

However, he could not care less about that. He sat on the soft bed and prepared to cultivate again upon entering the loft.

"I didn't realize that three months have pa.s.sed… The selection test to recruit Ling Xuan Peak Martial Emperor's disciples and followers will begin in three months. I must impress everyone when the time comes in order to attract the Martial Emperor powerhouse's attention," Duan Ling Tian thought to himself.

He did not forget his purpose here after all.

"My top priority now is to continue to elevate my abilities. I'll only be able to crush every single obstacle with my powerful ability to draw the Martial Emperor powerhouse's attention." Duan Ling Tian's heart lurched, then he began to cultivate after closing his eyes.

Nine Dragons War Sovereign Technique!

At the same time that he cultivated, he began to go through Fused Profundity and Sword Profundity in his own way.

Time ticked by silently while Duan Ling Tian's ability was elevated by the second.

A month soon pa.s.sed.

In the north of the Cloud Continent, three tall snow-capped peaks surrounded a region that snowed all year long.

Mist continuously cascaded from the icy lake between the three snow peaks. No matter how terrifyingly low the temperature was, the water in the icy lake would never freeze. It exuded a bone-piercing chill and was unique for its properties.

The lake had a beautiful name; it was called You Han Lake.

With You Han Lake as the center, there was another name for the place that was surrounded by the three tall snow peaks.

It was You Han Valley.

At the same time, You Han Valley was the cultivation area of a Martial Emperor in the Cloud Continent. The Martial Emperor's honorific t.i.tle was You Han and everybody addressed her as Martial Emperor You Han.

Martial Emperor You Han was definitely the No. 1 female powerhouse of the generation on the Cloud Continent, and she was the top three among the publicly known nine Martial Emperors.

Due to her reputation, many female martial artists came from all over to partic.i.p.ate in the selection test to recruit Martial Emperor's disciples and followers which was announced in You Han Valley half a year ago.

The reason why they were all female martial artists was that You Han Valley would not take in male disciples or followers. Including Martial Emperor You Han, there were only female martial artists in You Han Valley without any exception.

Today, two uninvited guests appeared above You Han Valley. They were two young ladies.

One of them was dressed in lilac clothing and she had an alluring, beautiful face which revealed a captivating charisma, giving her the power to make all men fall for her.

Meanwhile, the other lady was wearing pale yellow clothing. Her beauty was nothing less than her companion's. The difference was her apparent bashfulness.

If the previous lady could be described as a pa.s.sionate red rose, the latter would be a pure snow lotus.

They were both beautiful in they own way.

"Luckily, we got here in time… Otherwise, we might not have made it to the selection test recruiting Martial Emperor's disciples and followers that You Han Valley has organized this time," the lady in lilac mumbled.

"That's right. I didn't expect You Han Valley to bring forward their selection test to a year earlier." The other lady nodded lightly and raised her beautiful eyebrows. She seemed to be worried. "I wonder if we can make it to become You Han Valley Martial Emperor's disciples with our current abilities."

"Ke'er, you must believe in your own ability," the purple-clad lady comforted softly.

"Sister Fei'er, I miss Young Master… When do you think we'll see him again?" The person who was addressed as Ke'er trembled as she was speaking.

"We'll head back to look for the rascal after we've avenged Master and Senior Sister." The purple-clad lady shuddered subtly as her voice shook a little too. She mustered her courage a moment later before saying, "Ke'er, let's go in."

The two ladies were Ke'er and Li Fei who had escaped from the south to the north of the Inner Land. They were the two fiancės of Duan Ling Tian whom he had not seen for years.

After escaping from the Yin Yang Sect, they headed all the way north. Their destination was You Han Valley.

To their surprise, when they arrived at the northern area of the Inner Land, they heard that You Han Valley was recruiting Martial Emperor's disciples and followers in two months.

Compared to what they had heard earlier, the selection test had been brought forward by exactly a year.

Soon, as they proceeded to fly into You Han Valley, they were stopped by a lady in blue. The lady asked without any expression on her face, "Are the both of you here to partic.i.p.ate in our You Han Valley's selection test for Martial Emperor's disciples and followers in two months?"

"Yes." The both of them nodded.

"Follow me," the lady said to Ke'er and Li Fei and she brought the both of them into You Han Valley.

A while later, Ke'er and Li Fei were led to a stand-alone valley with many wooden houses. Snow covered the top of the wooden houses as if they were wrapped in white apparel.

"Since we've two vacant wooden houses, the both of you can stay here. If the both of you came later, you would've to take some other people's houses," the lady said without any emotion on her face, "Killing's allowed here and powerhouses rule. Beware." She then left after she was done speaking.

Ke'er and Li Fei were the only ones left there. They looked into each other's eyes, noting the weight of the situation in each other's eyes.

"Let's go in, Ke'er." They were ready to walk into the two vacant wooden houses that were attached together.

"Wait!" Just when they were about to walk into the vacant wooden house, an absurd voice stopped them.

Subsequently, a lady walked out of another wooden house. She had just spoken. One of her legs was crippled which made her limp when she walked.

One of her eyes was also blind while a hideous scar marred her face. It looked like a centipede lying there, making her appear terrifying.

Li Fei managed to keep her composure when she saw the lady, but it was a different story for Ke'er. She could not help but raise her eyebrows lightly. The lady's appearance scared her.

The contrast between the crippled and hideous lady and the gorgeous Ke'er and Li Fei was glaring.

"These two ladies are going to get it." Many other women came out of the other wooden houses at that moment. There was sympathy in their eyes as they looked at Ke'er and Li Fei.

"Eight of them have died so far… That would make ten of them including these two," a lady sighed.

"Although the previous eight were pretty, they weren't as beautiful as these two… I bet that they're going to get it worse," another lady said while shaking her head.

The ladies who walked out of the wooden houses now shared a similarity ‒ they looked mediocre and could not be considered beautiful.

"What do you want?" Seeing the hideous lady walking towards them, Li Fei shouted in her sweet voice and asked while her face turned grim.

"Remember not to look so pretty if there's an afterlife… You'll get yourself into trouble for looking too pretty!" The hideous lady looked ferociously at Ke'er and Li Fei as if she was looking at two dead people.

"So, you're an ugly person who's jealous of others' beauty." Li Fei could not help but scoff when she heard what the hideous lady said. At the same time, she took out her Spirit Weapon and got ready to attack.

However, as Origin Energy rumbled from the hideous lady, the Heaven and Earth Phenomenon that appeared in the sky made Ke'er and Li Fei's faces turn pale.

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