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The Dragon Cleansing Pool would open after three years. In Di Jue's opinion, if he could enter it at that time, he would certainly undergo a huge transformation, and his future achievements would definitely surpa.s.s Di Shan. However, if he missed this opportunity, he would miss the best time to enter it. It would be pointless even if he could enter it after another 5,000 years. Although the dragons had a long life span, only those below the age of 5,000 were considered young.

Once one had reached the age of 5,000, most things were already set in stones. For example, those dragons whose innate talent was still ordinary after they turned 5,000 years old would not achieve anything great in their lives.

Duan Ru Feng had killed all his hope with just a sentence. How could he accept this?

However, in the face of Duan Ru Feng's determination, he did not dare to say much. He could only look at Di Shan as he hurriedly sent a Voice Transmission over to him. "Clan Leader, the Dragon Cleansing Pool is the foundation of our dragon clan. It only opens once every 5,000 years, you can't give this opportunity to Duan Ru Feng! If an outsider were to use the Dragon Cleansing Pool in three years time, our dragon clan will have to stay silent for another 5,000 years!" Di Jue's words. .h.i.t the nail on the head.

As a Five-Clawed Golden Dragon, he, naturally, knew about Di Shan's ambitions and how he was filled with regrets for not being able to enter the Dragon Cleansing Pool. However, Di Shan did not feel regret because he did not manage to improve his strength. He was filled with regrets because he did not become powerful enough to bring glory to the dragon clan due to his failure to enter the Dragon Cleansing Pool.

Although the current dragon clan was still a top-rate force in the Dao Martial Saint Land, it could not compare to the old dragon clan. All of this was because of the Clan Leader.

For example, the previous Clan Leader had entered the Dragon Cleansing Pool, and he was so powerful that he was almost invincible. He led the dragon clan to the peak of the Lower Province in the Dao Martial Saint Land. During that era, there were very few forces that would dare to act against the dragon clan in the Lower Province of the Dao Martial Saint Land.

Although the current dragon clan might seem powerful on the surface, their situation had deteriorated.

Everything was rooted in the fact that the dragon clan lacked a strong force, and that lack of strength was due to the Clan Leader.

As the current generation's Clan Leader, Di Shan's strength was not enough. Otherwise, he would not be forced to compromise with Duan Ru Feng today.

If it was the previous Clan Leader of the dragon clan, he would not be afraid of Duan Ru Feng at all since he was almost invincible in the Lower Province of the Dao Martial Saint Land. He was also ranked in the top three of the Supreme Saint Ranking back then.

Di Shan felt frustrated when he heard Di Jue's Voice Transmission. If it was not for Di Jue causing trouble, would the dragon clan be in such a position? If he did not cause any trouble, would Duan Ru Feng make such a request?

However, even without Di Jue's Voice Transmission, Di Shan would not agree to Duan Ru Feng's condition either.

Di Shan had long decided not to enter the Dragon Cleansing Pool when it would open three years later. He had planned to give that chance to Di Jue because he would succeed him as the next Clan Leader. If Di Jue entered the Dragon Cleansing Pool, he would definitely bring glory to the dragon clan.

At that time, as long as Di Jue was given the time to grow, no matter if it was the Azure Cloud Mansion or the Mountainshade Black Market, the dragon clan did not have to fear them anymore!

Di Shan was a competent Clan Leader. At the very least, he would always put the welfare of clan above his own. If he was a selfish person, he definitely would not have allowed Di Jue to enter the Dragon Cleansing Pool.

Although Di Jue's strength would not improve a lot if he entered the Dragon Cleansing Pool, he would not have given up the opportunity to enter the pool if he was selfish. As the saying went, 'Even the smallest mosquito has some meat'.

It was because he cared about the welfare of the dragon clan that he had turned a blind eye and let Di Jue do whatever he wanted.

For instance, Di Shan was aware when Di Jue sent his son, Di Yong the Five-clawed Devil Dragon, away. However, he did not reveal it to anyone. Previously, when Di Jue threatened him and asked for his help to search for Duan Ling Tian, he did not refuse him either.

Di Shan was not afraid of Di Jue. He was afraid of Di Jue leaving the dragon clan in a fit of anger. At that time, the dragon clan would lose its heir, and he would be responsible for it. Even if he had done things against his conscience for Di Jue, it was all for sake of the dragon clan's future. That was the kind of person, or dragon, that Di Shan was.

He had lived his entire life for the dragon clan. Therefore, it was impossible for him to agree to Duan Ru Feng's condition.

Di Shan took a deep breath and looked at Duan Ru Feng before he said with certainty, "Mansion Master Duan, since you know about our dragon clan's Dragon Cleansing Pool, you should know how much the Dragon Cleansing Pool means to the dragon clan… You should know the dragon clan won't allow outsiders into the Dragon Cleansing Pool."

"I've already said this. We can forget about the Dragon Cleansing Pool… However, you must hand Di Jue over to me!" Duan Ru Feng said calmly as he looked at Di Jue. From the beginning until the end, he did not seem surprised by Di Shan's refusal at all.

"Mansion Master Duan, you're making things difficult for me," Di Shan said in a deep voice.

"Making things difficult for you?" Duan Ru Feng's darkened as he sneered. "Di Shan, it seems like you're mistaken… Did, I, Duan Ru Feng, come to the dragon clan to look for trouble for no reason? If the people from the dragon clan did not overstep the boundary, I wouldn't even step foot in this s.h.i.+thole even if you invited me to!"


Not many people would dare to say this in the Dao Martial Saint Land, but Duan Ru Feng had said it. It made the few Five-clawed Divine Dragon elders, with Xue Chan at the lead, turn pale. However, they still did not dare to show their dissatisfaction.

The Mansion Master was obviously furious at this moment. Who would provoke him at this time? They were not stupid.

"Mansion Master Duan, I admit the dragon clan is wrong in this regard. Apart from those two conditions, I'll agree to anything," Di Shan said helplessly with a sigh. He felt bitter.

If the person who entered the Dragon Cleansing Pool five thousand years ago was him, he would not have been in such a position. If it was him who entered the Dragon Cleansing Pool back then, he was confident that he would definitely possess the strength to easily defeat Duan Ru Feng.

"I'm not interested in making a third request…" Duan Ru Feng said faintly. Di Shan, Di Jue, and the other Five-clawed Divine Dragon elders' expression changed greatly.

They did not expect Duan Ru Feng to be so unyielding.

They had to either allow his son to enter the Dragon Cleansing Pool in three years time or let him kill Di Jue.

"Mansion Master Duan…" Di Shan's face darkened as he frowned. He contemplated leading Duan Ru Feng away from the dragon clan's estate to fight.

"I haven't finished my sentence," Duan Ru Feng interrupted Di Shan and said faintly, "Although I'm not interested in making a third request, I'm willing to negotiate the conditions of my son entering the Dragon Cleansing Pool… The conditions will be fair to your dragon clan as well. If you agree to it, I'll leave and forget about Di Jue's transgression."

Di Shan and the several Five-Clawed Divine Dragons looked at each other and saw the doubts in each other eyes.

"Please tell us what you have in mind, Mansion Master Duan." Di Shan quickly looked at Duan Ru Feng with an eager-to-listen expression.

"As far as I know, although the dragon clan's Dragon Cleansing Pool will open in three years, the exact time it opens will be decided by the Clan Leader of the dragon clan. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, you should be able to delay the opening up to six years, right?" Duan Ru Feng asked as he looked at Di Shan.

"Mansion Master Duan really knows a lot about our dragon clan's Dragon Cleansing Pool." Di Shan smiled bitterly as he cursed Duan Ru Feng inwardly. He must have long coveted their Dragon Cleansing Pool. Otherwise, how would he know so much about the pool? "It's true I get to decide when to open the Dragon Cleansing Pool, but I can only delay it up to three years at the most. If no one enters the pool after six years, it'll be closed for the next 5,000 years."

"This seems similar to what I know," Duan Ru Feng said with a nod as he looked at Di Jue, "My condition is to delay the opening of the Dragon Cleansing Pool for two years. Meaning you'll open it after five years. Before you open the Dragon Cleansing Pool, my son will fight Di Jue, and the winner will be allowed to enter the pool. Are you satisfied with this condition, Clan Leader Di Shan? If you're still unsatisfied, then I have nothing left to say. Let's fight!" As Duan Ru Feng spoke, he looked at Di Shan again as though he was prepared to attack.

"Five years?" When Di Shan heard Duan Ru Feng's words, he did not agree to it immediately. Instead, he looked at Di Jue.

Among the clansmen of the dragon clan present, only Di Jue alone had met Duan Ru Feng's son, Duan Ling Tian. This meant he knew more about Duan Ling Tian than they did.

However, when Di Shan looked at Di Jue, he saw that Di Jue's eyes were sparkling with confidence as though he was greatly interested in Duan Ru Feng's request.

"Di Jue, are you confident?" Di Shan asked through Voice Transmission to get further confirmation.

"Clan Leader, promise him!" Di Jue replied through Voice Transmission, he sounded very confident. "I met Duan Ling Tian before. Although his innate talent is great, he's just mediocre… Let alone five years, even if he's given ten or twenty years, he still wouldn't be able to defeat me! This Duan Ru Feng really underestimates me to the point that he actually even proposed something like that." Di Jue's voice was filled with disdain.

"Are you sure?"

Di Shan was still a bit hesitant. "Since Duan Ru Feng made such a request, he must be confident… You better think it through. If you fail at that time, not only would you lose the chance to enter the Dragon Cleansing Pool, but at that time, the dragon clan would have to remain silent for another 5,000 years… If you lose, not only will you lose something greatly beneficial to you, but you'll be considered a sinner in the dragon clan!

A sinner in the dragon clan!

Di Shan's words seemed to have made an impact on Di Jue since he immediately fell silent.

In Di Jue's mind, he kept replaying the scene when he met Duan Ling Tian. After a while, he answered Di Shan with certainty, "Clan Leader! I'm sure! Although Duan Ling Tian has quite a good innate talent, it's not heaven-defying enough to compete with me in five years time. Who knows if he would even survive until then? Even if he does, I'm extremely confident I'll be able to defeat him!"

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