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Of course, Duan Ling Tian did not know that the news about him possessing the Devilseal Tablet had already reached the ears of his father's mortal rival.
Right then, he had already entered the Greenwave Han Mansion district.
Throughout his journey, he had relied on the flying sword that had been transformed by his 10,000 Sword Territory to speed his journey up. He was so fast that he could even catch up with a Saint Stage powerhouse.
In such circ.u.mstances, Duan Ling Tian did not come across any trouble at all throughout his trip.
"I think it's better for me to ask around for directions first." Even though he had reached the Greenwave Han Mansion district, he still had no idea where he was currently. Besides, he also did not know where the main residence of the fifth-rated sect Greenwave Han Mansion was.
After he descended and looked for a small town to ask for directions, Duan Ling Tian finally learned that he was in a sixth-rated Saint Nation in the Greenwave Han Mansion district.
This sixth-rated Saint Nation was similar to the Windfall Nation of the Southern Ridge Yuan Mansion.
However, Duan Ling Tian was now in one of its small towns and not in the capital. Hence, the people whom he had met were mostly on the Saint Rudiment Stage.
From just asking for directions, he noticed that he was already being targeted by someone, but he was not surprised at all by this.
This town was secluded and did not usually have many visitors.
However, as a stranger, his sudden appearance would surely make him a target.
After activating his Divine Eye and finding out that the few people who had targeted him were only on the Perfection Saint Rudiment Stage at the most, he was lazy to give a d.a.m.n about them as well.
After he leaving the town, he disappeared into thin air in front of their eyes.
"He's disappeared!" Seeing this young outsider in purple just disappear in front of their eyes like that, the few Saint Rudiment Stage Martial Cultivators who had targeted Duan Ling Tian, and wanted to kill and rob him broke out in cold sweat immediately
"S-Such terrifying speed! He must be on the Paramount Saint Rudiment Stage at least, isn't he?" muttered one of the Mastery Saint Rudiment Stage Martial Cultivators to himself.
Only a Martial Cultivator who was on at least Paramount Saint Rudiment Stage could disappear before his eyes like that just by speed alone.
"No! He must be a Saint Stage powerhouse!" uttered the strongest among the few of them as he narrowed his eyes in great shock. Trepidation could also be seen in between his eyes.
"B-Boss, don't tell us that even you couldn't see a trace of him leaving just now?" At once, the color drained from their faces.
"He disappeared into thin air right in front of my eyes! Even an ordinary Imminent Saint Stage could not have such speed. Based on this reason, he's either a powerhouse who is well-known in the Heaven Rankings and specializes in speed or he's a Saint Stage powerhouse." The person who was called the boss, the Paramount Saint Rudiment Stage Martial Cultivator, gasped sharply. "Such a powerhouse should've been able to discover our tracks. It's fortunate that he didn't haggle with us. Otherwise, none of us would've been able to survive."

At once, the others were rendered silent.
If one paid closer attention, it would be easy to notice that beads of nervous perspiration were breaking out on their foreheads now.
Actually, to Duan Ling Tian, killing these people would be as easy as turning a palm, but since Duan Ling Tian's thoughts were focused entirely on Li Fei now, he did not waste his time on them at all.
After inquiring about the metropolis location of the Greenwave Han Mansion district, his next destination was, of course, the place where the fifth-rated force Greenwave Han Mansion ruled its surrounding district, or to be more precise, the Greenwave Han Mansion stronghold where many powerhouses gathered together.
As a fifth-rated force, the Greenwave Han Mansion stronghold was somewhere just anybody could find and lay foot on.
For this reason, under such circ.u.mstances, Duan Ling Tian first went to Greenwave City which was the most bustling city in the Greenwave Han Mansion district. It was also the city that was the nearest to the Greenwave Han Mansion stronghold. Besides that, it was completely controlled by the Greenwave Han Mansion. To top it off, the Greenwave Han Mansion had even set up a sub-mansion there as well.
This sub-mansion controlled Greenwave City.
The Greenwave City Governor was also the ruler of this sub-branch, and on top of that, he was also the lineal disciple of the Greenwave Han Mansion.
To some extent, the Greenwave Han Mansion could be considered a fifth-rated clan, but in this clan, their management approach was more like a sect.
In the Greenwave Han Mansion, even if you did carry the Han surname, you would be equally regarded as important as well if you were powerful.
It was also possible for one to become the Mansion Master of the Greenwave Han Mansion.
In the current Greenwave Han Mansion, among the foreign disciples, the most outstanding one was the Beast Tamer who was like a biological brother to the current Mansion Master. This Beast Tamer was also someone who was very well-known in the entire Greenwave Han Mansion.
All in all, as long as one was talented enough, one would not have to worry about having one's talents buried after one entered the Greenwave Han Mansion.
After Duan Ling Tian went to Greenwave City and looked for an inn to stay, he proceeded to hang around the restaurants all day long.
The restaurant that he picked was also the busiest one in Greenwave City. Even though this restaurant was huge, it was basically full during meal times as it would be swarmed with visitors.
Duan Ling Tian sat by a place near the window alone, sipping his wine and eating his meal.
Right now, even if his acquaintance were to sit in front of him, he might not be able to recognize Duan Ling Tian at all since he now had a completely new look on his face.
This was a very cold and aloof face that oozed with an invisible sense of icy aura that was unapproachable. This was none other than Duan Ling Tian's disguise. Of course, his disguise was not done artificially. Instead, it was purely done by a secret tactic that he performed.
He obtained this secret tactic by asking Elder Huo.
The concept of this secret tactic was to change the muscles on his face to some extent using his True Energy so that his face could be greatly altered.
Compared to an ordinary disguise, this Disguising Secret Tactic would not be easily detected by others.
An ordinary disguise would not be able to deceive an ordinary Martial or Dao Cultivator's Spiritual Energy, let alone a Saint Stage powerhouse Divine Consciousness.
However, the Disguising Secret Tactic that Duan Ling Tian used could easily deceive a Saint Stage powerhouse. Even if the Saint Stage powerhouse's Divine Consciousness was shrouding his face, they would not notice any abnormalities on his face at all.
Sitting by the window in the restaurant, Duan Ling Tian listened to all sorts of conversations among the customers from all over the place.
In these few days, he did not obtain any useful news at all.
At that moment, a waiter just so happened to serve the dishes and as he walked over and Duan Ling Tian raised a brow. With his hand lifted up, he took out a fifth-grade Saint Stone and put in front of the waiter.
"Sir, this is…?" Upon seeing the fifth-grade Saint Stone, the waiter's eyes lit up right away. In fact, this single piece of fifth-grade Saint Stone was already equal to three months of his salary.
"Waiter, I have something to ask you," Duan Ling Tian said in Voice Transmission.
"Please do." In the face of Duan Ling Tian's query, the waiter nodded his head. At once, he replied in Voice Transmission too, but his gaze never left the fifth-grade Saint Stone on the table.
"Have you heard of Han Xue Nai?" Duan Ling Tian asked.
"Young Miss Xue Nai?" Upon hearing Duan Ling Tian's query, the waiter was stunned. "Sir, is this your first time coming to the Greenwave Han Mansion?"
"How do you know?" This time, it was Duan Ling Tian's turn to be taken aback.
"Customer, almost everybody inside Greenwave City and those who come here often knows about Young Miss Xue Nai. Young Miss Xue Nai is the Eldest Miss of the Greenwave Han Mansion and is also the only daughter of the Greenwave Han Mansion Master. She's well-known in our entire Greenwave Han Mansion! Not many people in the Greenwave Han Mansion central district don't know her," replied the waiter.
When Duan Ling Tian heard this, he smiled wryly right away. He suddenly felt that he had wasted the span of a few days.
If he had just asked somebody a long time ago, he would have already found out about this then and it would have saved him the anxiety he felt just now. He was worried about whether Xue Nai came from the Greenwave Han Mansion or not.
'Looks like my suspicion is correct. Xue Nai is indeed from the Greenwave Han Mansion. However, I can't believe that she's actually the only daughter of the Greenwave Han Mansion's Mansion Master, the Eldest Miss of the Greenwave Han Mansion!' Upon recalling the young lady last time, Duan Ling Tian's gaze turned warmer.
"This Saint Stone is yours now." After finding out that Xue Nai was indeed from the Greenwave Han Mansion, Duan Ling Tian already knew what he should do next.
Since Xue Nai had such a special ident.i.ty in the Greenwave Han Mansion, he could pay her a visit as a friend. "Wait a minute. I can go to the Greenwave Han Mansion's sub-mansion in Greenwave City. It doesn't matter whether I go to the stronghold or not as long as Xue Nai finds out that I've come to the Greenwave City now."
The moment Duan Ling Tian thought about this, he breathed a sigh of relief. His nerves that had been tight for a long time now gradually eased as well at this moment.
At first, though he suspected that Han Xue Nai might come from the Greenwave Han Mansion, he was still uncertain, so he had suffered quite an amount of stress throughout this journey. After all, if his a.s.sumption had gone wrong, all of the efforts in this period of time would have been in vain already.
However, now that the waiter had told him this, he knew that his a.s.sumptions were correct after all.
"Thank you, Sir." The waiter thanked him while putting away the Saint Stone.
After the waiter left, Duan Ling Tian continued to drink the alcohol and eat the dishes before proceeding to leave.
Right at this moment, three voices by the table beside him reached his ears in a timely manner. They mentioned Han Xue Nai.
If this had taken place before his interactions with the waiter just now, Duan Ling Tian would not have paid any attention if he heard them because he would have still been clueless about Han Xue Nai's ident.i.ty in the Greenwave Han Mansion.
"I heard that not long after that, that Young Mansion Master of the Rising Sky Mansion will come to our Greenwave Han Mansion to marry the precious daughter of Lord Mansion Master. Hmm, it looks like our Greenwave Han Mansion's Eldest Miss will no longer be able to inherit her father's Mansion Master's position now," said one of them.
"I heard that Eldest Miss will only be a concubine even after she gets married," another person chimed in.
"Hmph! I've long heard that that the Rising Sky Mansion's Young Mansion Master is a playboy by nature and already has a wife plus five concubines at home. Still, I can't believe that this time, he actually has his eyes set on our Greenwave Han Mansion's Eldest Miss," the last person piped in furiously.
"I heard that some time ago, the Rising Sky Mansion's Young Mansion Master suddenly acted out of the blue and came to the Greenwave Han Mansion as a visitor. Then, he instantly took a fancy to that Eldest Miss."
"That Eldest Miss is really unlucky too. Originally, she could be said to be the precious daughter in the Greenwave Han Mansion, but in front of that Rising Sky Mansion's Young Mansion Master, she's nothing at all. She can only allow him to commit the outrage acts as he likes."

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