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Chapter 2519 A Master Stroke

Projections were aired in every corner of the Coste Galaxy. All the inhabitants would be able to watch it. Everyone in the Coste Galaxy had dropped everything they were doing to watch the projections.A man and a woman appeared before their eyes. The man was dressed in purple robes and his hair was tied with a headband. He had sharp and defined brows and looked extremely handsome. Many women sighed when they saw him.

“My, how handsome!”

“Are there really such handsome men among the cultivators?”

“I’m willing to have my life shortened if I can have such a handsome boyfriend.”

“He’s too handsome!”

Young women and teenage girls alike in the Coste Galaxy were squealing like fangirls.

The young man was none other than Duan Ling Tian. His appearance was outstanding and his strength was apparent, giving him an extraordinary aura. It was only natural that he had drawn the attention of the female population in the Coste Galaxy.

Similarly. Tang Xiao Xiao captured the male population’s interest as well when she appeared in the projections everywhere. Despite being dressed in loose black robes, her pretty figure was not concealed at all. The surroundings seemed to dim in comparison when she appeared.

“What a gorgeous girl!”

“A beauty! Truly a beauty!”

Many inhabitants in the Coste Galaxy could not help but marvel over Duan Ling Tian and Tang Xiao Xiao.

“An ideal couple… A truly ideal couple!”

There were also many women who were jealous of Tang Xiao Xiao. They wished they were the ones standing next to Duan Ling Tian. Similarly, the men were also jealous of Duan Ling Tian for being able to stand next to Tang Xiao Xiao.

“Such a handsome man and such a beautiful woman! It’s a pity that they’re going to die soon…”

“That’s right. Apparently, the Garnier family has launched the Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+p just to kill them!”

“The Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+p? Are they that powerful? To think the Garnier family decided to launch the Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+p because of them.”

The ill.u.s.trious figures in the Garnier family were the only ones who knew the real reason they had decided to launch the Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+p. They did not launch the Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+p because Duan Ling Tian and Tang Xiao Xiao were powerful, it was because they wanted to display their strength for all to see!

The Garnier family had been quiet for far too long. Since they were presented with a rare chance to display their might to the inhabitants of the Coste Galaxy, they definitely would not let this chance slip by.

Many members from the two elite families in the Coste Galaxy were confused by the Garnier family’s decision to launch the Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+p as well.

“I’m slightly confused. Is there a need for the Garnier family to launch the Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+p for these two cultivators?”

“Don’t forget, powerful cultivators are able to retain their youthful appearances. They might look young, but for all you know, they’re thousands of years old.”

“That’s right. After all, we can also maintain our youthful appearances with genetic medicine, let alone cultivators…”

“They must be extremely powerful to push the Garnier family into launching the Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+p!”

Most members from the two elite families felt that there were more than meets the eyes with Duan Ling Tian and Tang Xiao Xiao. Otherwise, the Garnier family would not launch the Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+p.


“Mm?” Duan Ling Tian, who was gliding leisurely in outer s.p.a.ce after leaving Planet Sattel, the home planet of the Coste Galaxy, with Tang Xiao Xiao, suddenly sensed something.

“What is it?” Tang Xiao Xiao asked in confusion, coming to a halt as well.

“I feel as though we’re being watched,” Duan Ling Tian replied. His intuition told him they were being watched, and it made him feel uncomfortable. Initially, he had thought he was thinking too much. However, as time pa.s.sed, he was certain that they were being watched.

“You feel it too?” Tang Xiao Xiao was taken aback. Similarly, she also felt as though they were being watched. However, when she saw Duan Ling Tian did not show any reaction, she had dismissed her thoughts. Who knew he had the same feeling as well?

“Something’s coming!” Duan Ling Tian said, he had clearly sensed something. He narrowed his eyes as he looked in the eastern direction. It did not take long before he swept his gaze in every direction. “It seems like… we’re surrounded.”

“What is it?!” Tang Xiao Xiao was about to use her Divine Consciousness to investigate when she saw gigantic birds flying toward them from all directions. As they drew closer, she discovered they were not birds at all. She exclaimed in shock, “Battles.h.i.+ps?”

Duan Ling Tian regained his senses when he heard Tang Xiao Xiao’s words. As it turned out, the eighteen ‘Big Macs’ floating in the air that had surrounded him and Tang Xiao Xiao were the battles.h.i.+ps that were shown in science fiction movies he had seen in his past life. However, the battles.h.i.+ps in front of him were completely different from the ones he had seen in the movies.

These battles.h.i.+ps looked like gigantic birds. Their size was as big as Rocs, the mythical birds from ancient legends in his past life. Their wings seemed to stretch endlessly, casting a shadow on a vast area.

“It seems like that Nok from the Garnier family isn’t as simple as he had appeared to be. If I’m not mistaken, these battles.h.i.+ps are called Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+ps,” Tang Xiao Xiao said.

“Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+ps?” Duan Ling Tian was taken aback. “Disaster-level? There are different levels of battles.h.i.+ps?”

“Mm,” Tang Xiao Xiao nodded as she patiently explained, “The Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+ps’ attacks are equivalent to a natural disaster. Its destructive force is comparable to a flash flood, a volcanic eruption, a raging storm or an earthquake. It has enough power to kill Bodiless Celestials.”

Duan Ling Tian was shocked by Tang Xiao Xiao’s explanation. These battles.h.i.+ps were capable of killing Bodiless Celestial? The technology of these battles.h.i.+ps was so advanced? After all, even Bodiless Celestials who had not undergone their first Bodiless Celestial Tribulation had power comparable to cultivators at the Eighth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage.

One Tribulation Bodiless Celestials had strength comparable to a cultivator at the Ninth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage while Two Tribulation Bodiless Celestials had strength comparable to an Eminent Celestial. Three Tribulation Bodiless Celestials had powers that surpa.s.sed Eminent Celestials, let alone those Bodiless Celestials who had successfully pa.s.sed more than three tribulations!

It was not difficult for Duan Ling Tian to figure out that these Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+ps were capable of killing Three Tribulation Bodiless Celestials or those who were stronger.

“Eighteen Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+ps…” Duan Ling Tian surveyed his surroundings and counted the battles.h.i.+ps. He raised an eyebrow as he said, “This is not a small scale declaration of war.”

Both of them were surrounded in outer s.p.a.ce by the eighteen Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+ps. They looked like large moving forts.

Let alone Duan Ling Tian, even the inhabitants of the Coste Galaxy were shocked at the sight of the Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+ps! A single Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+p was ten million times bigger than a human.

Duan Ling Tian and Tang Xiao Xiao looked like ants in front of the Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+ps. With eighteen battles.h.i.+ps surrounding them, they were left with no room to escape.

“Heavens! Eighteen disaster-level battles.h.i.+ps! Just who are these cultivators?!” Many people in the Coste Galaxy cried out in alarm. The terrifying scene caused them to gulp.

“These are Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+ps? All of them are Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+ps?”

“Although the Garnier family had announced that they’re going to launch the Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+p to seek revenge, I had a.s.sumed they were only going to launch one Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+p. Who knew they would launch eighteen Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+ps?”

“Previously, I heard that the Garnier family owns thirteen Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+ps. It seems like they had more in secret storage. Based on what we can see, it seems like they have eighteen at least.”

“I’m more curious about the ident.i.ties of these two cultivators. Who on earth are they? Just how powerful are they? The Garnier family actually launched eighteen Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+ps because of them!”

Many inhabitants of the Coste Galaxy felt chills running up their spines when they watched the projection.

The purple-clad young man and the black-clad young woman were completely surrounded in outer s.p.a.ce by the eighteen gargantuan Disaster-level Battles.h.i.+ps. Moreover, all kinds of weapons from the battles.h.i.+ps were silently aimed at them at this moment.

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