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Chapter 3037: The Death of a t.i.tled Celestial Emperor

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“It’s Master Meng Luo!”

“Hmph! Even Master Meng Luo is shocked by that person’s audacity to call the Heavenly Emperor by name! Even if he doesn’t die, he’d be crippled, at least!”

“Not necessary. Since that person is so bold as to use the Heavenly Emperor’s name, he might be really strong.”

When the people from the Heavenly Emperor Palace of the Solitary Destructive Heaven heard the bearded man’s voice, they recognized his voice immediately.

The bearded man was Meng Luo, a Nine Palaces Celestial Emperor. He was a t.i.tled Celestial Emperor, and his t.i.tle was Heavenly Savage Celestial Emperor.

The Heavenly Savage Celestial Emperor, Meng Luo, entered the Heavenly Emperor Palace in the Solitary Destructive Heaven a long time ago. His strength was only second to the Heavenly Emperor of the Solitary Destructive Heaven! He was the former right-hand man of Feng Qing Yang, the Heavenly Emperor of the Solitary Destructive Heaven.

After Feng Qing Yang was forced to flee to the Asura h.e.l.l by his attacker, someone else became the Heavenly Emperor of the Solitary Destructive Heaven. However. Meng Luo chose to stay.

Many people flew up into the sky to watch the excitement…

At this moment, Meng Luo’s thunderous voice resounded in the Heavenly Emperor Palace again. “Chen Qiu Bo, His Majesty has returned. Hurry up and relinquish the throne!”

Upon hearing Meng Luo’s words, the eyes of many elders in the Heavenly Emperor Palace lit up.

“The Heavenly Emperor has returned?”

Someone laughed heartily. “I knew His Majesty would survive the Asura h.e.l.l!”

“However, Chen Qiu Bo is not a pushover. I heard that he had a breakthrough recently. He’s not any weaker than His Majesty…”

“Hmph! Do you really think His Majesty’s strength will remain the same after returning from Asura h.e.l.l?”

“Let’s go! Let’s go and greet His Majesty!”

A group of elders from the Heavenly Emperor Palace rose into the air and made their way toward the two figures standing in the distance.

Upon seeing the white figure, the group of elders bowed and greeted him in unison. “Your Majesty!”

The white-clad young man standing in front of the group of elders was none other than the former master of the Heavenly Emperor Palace in the Solitary Destructive Heaven, Feng Qing Yang!

“En.” Feng Qing Yang nodded slightly in response before he s.h.i.+fted his gaze eastward.

A tall figure could be seen in the distance. He was a middle-aged man dressed in a silver robe. His complexion was jade-like, and he had a majestic air about him.

The silver-clad middle-aged man advanced toward Feng Qing Yang from the distance. Every time he took a step, the void would ripple violently in his wake. “How surprising! Feng Qing Yang, I didn’t expect you to survive the Asura h.e.l.l….”

“Chen Qiu Bo.” Feng Qing Yang looked at the silver-clad middle-aged man indifferently.

Based on Feng Qing Yang’s words, it was obvious the silver-clad middle-aged man was none other than Chen Qiu Bo, the new Heavenly Emperor of the Solitary Destructive Heaven.

“Over the past few years, you’ve taken good care of the Solitary Destructive Heaven on my behalf. You’ve worked hard. Now that I’ve returned, you can relinquish your t.i.tle as the Heavenly Emperor of the Solitary Destructive Heaven…” Despite Feng Qing Yang’s indifferent tone, everyone could sense the threat in it.

“Feng Qing Yang, you intend to resume the position of Heavenly Emperor of the Solitary Destructive Heaven? We’ll have to see if you’re strong enough to do so!” Chen Qiu Bo did not expect Feng Qing Yang to be so blunt about his intention. He narrowed his eyes, and a cold expression appeared on his face immediately.

Feng Qing Yang replied calmly, “If I’m not mistaken, I’ve bested you before…”

“That’s in the past!” Chen Qiu Bo said with a scoff, “I’m not what I used to be… I wonder if your strength has improved…” As soon as he finished speaking, a crescent three-foot-long blade emitting a fierce aura appeared in his hand.

“You’re currently the Heavenly Emperor of the Solitary Destructive Heaven, and yet, you don’t even have a Devata Artifact?” Feng Qing Yang looked at the three-foot-long blade in Chen Qiu Bo’s hand nonchalantly with a faint smile on his face. It was obvious he was mocking Chen Qiu Bo’s shabby weapon.

Chen Qiu Bo sneered as he said, “Feng Qing Yang, don’t try to intimidate me! Don’t think I’m unaware that the soul of your Devata Artifact, Solitary Destructive Flaming Heavenly Sword, was destroyed during that attack. Currently, the strength of your Solitary Destructive Flaming Heavenly Sword is, at most, equal to the Celestial Weapon in my hand!”

‘Kuang Ling…’ Upon hearing Chen Qiu Bo’s words, Feng Qing Yang recalled the scenes when the soul artifact of his Solitary Destructive Flaming Heavenly Sword had sacrificed himself to save him. His hands were tightly fisted as he recalled his promise to Kuang Ling, the soul artifact of his sword. ‘Kuang Ling… I promise I’ll kill that person to avenge you when the Divine Offering Land reopens!’

When Feng Qing Yang regained his senses, he said to Chen Qiu Bo, “Should we have a deathmatch?”

“Of course. It’s meaningless if we don’t put our lives on the line!” Chen Qiu Bo replied without any hesitation.

“Alright!” Feng Qing Yang nodded. As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly transformed into a beige energy. Then, the beige energy divided into countless energy swords before they swept out.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

In just a blink of an eye, the energy swords formed a cage that seemed like it could contain heaven and earth above the Heavenly Emperor Palace in the Solitary Destructive Heaven.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of thunderous explosions rang in the air as heaven and earth shook. All of a sudden, the cage shrank rapidly, imprisoning Chen Qiu Bo.

“This is…” Chen Qiu Bo’s expression had changed as soon as he saw Feng Qing Yang transforming into the beige energy. As the cage shrank, he could keenly feel a domineering force pressing down on him to the point where he could not even mobilize his Celestial Origin Energy! His voice was laden with despair and fear as he said, “Feng Qing Yang, you…you’ve actually broken through and become a G.o.d?!”

Most Ten Directions Heavenly Emperors struggled to become a G.o.d. It was an insanely difficult process.

“A G.o.d?”

“His Majesty has become a G.o.d? T-this…”

“It seems like the calamity that befell His Majesty not only did not kill him but presented him with a fortuitous opportunity instead!”

The group of elders from the Heavenly Emperor Palace in the Solitary Destructive Heaven was clearly delighted and in awe of this discovery.

“I was wondering how His Majesty suddenly transformed into an energy similar to that from the law of earth… As it turned out, it’s just his doppelganger.”

“I’ve long heard that after one becomes a G.o.d, if one has completely mastered all the profundities from a law, one would be able to create a doppelganger.”

“As it turns out, His Majesty only sent his doppelganger back…”

“Just a doppelganger is enough to crush a t.i.tled Celestial Emperor like Chen Qiu Bo… The strength of a G.o.d is truly terrifying!”

Meanwhile, despair tightened its clutches on Chen Qiu Bo when he felt his Celestial Origin Energy had been completely suppressed. Apart from that, he could not cast the profundities he had mastered as well. As the cage grew smaller and smaller, he knew his death was imminent. He hastily cried out, “Feng Qing Yang! I’ll… I’ll relinquish the position of Heavenly Emperor to you! I don’t want to be a Heavenly Emperor anymore! Since you’ve become a G.o.d, there’s no need for you to fight a mere Celestial Emperor like me, right?”

Chen Qiu Bo was drowning in fear at this moment. Although Feng Qing Yang was strong in the past, he could still hold his own against Feng Qing Yang with his current strength. However, now that Feng Qing Yang had broken through and become a G.o.d, they were in completely different leagues! Although his strength had improved greatly, how could he be a match for a G.o.d? He did not even have the strength to defend himself at this moment!

“Weren’t you very enthusiastic about having a deathmatch?” Feng Qing Yang’s voice seemed to come from all directions when he spoke.

At the same time, the cage shrank at an even faster speed.

Chen Qiu Bo widened his eyes in horror. At this moment, not only was his Celestial Origin Energy suppressed, but even his body had been immobilized! The most terrifying thing was the pillars of the cage that emitted the auras of the profundities from the law of earth. Just the auras alone made him as though he was suffocating.

Chen Qiu Bo hastily said, “Feng Qing Yang, as long as you spare my life, I swear to serve you for a thousand… No, for 10,000 years!” As the cage continued to shrink, he could acutely feel a strange energy coursing through his body. At the same time, he could feel his vitality draining away. He panicked and began to beg for mercy.

“No, thanks!” Feng Qing Yang curtly replied.

“No!” Chen Qiu Bo’s eyes widened in fear as he let out a miserable wail. This was his last word in this world.


A soft sound rang in the air as Chen Qiu Bo exploded into a cloud of blood mist when the cage closed on him.

With this, Chen Qiu Bo, a Celestial Emperor, had died!

After Cheng Qiu Bo died, the cage melted back into the beige energy before the energy transformed into Feng Qing Yang.

Feng Qing swept his gaze across everyone present on the scene as he said, “Before I fought with him, I had sealed the sound in the place… I don’t want anyone else knowing about my breakthrough. If I find out that someone leaks this information…” He trailed off.

Although Feng Qing Yang did not finish his sentence, the others knew what he meant when they saw the killing intent flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

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