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Chapter 1157: Great happy event

"Father, my heart hurts, it hurts, it hurts!" Dongfang Wan tightly grasped the clothes on her chest, and the smooth material was wrinkled into a ball by her.

"Father knows, father knows, but Wan'er, the dead cannot be brought back to life. If Zhi'er in the underworld learns and sees you like this, she will also be sad."

Dongfang Wan grabbed her father's hand, almost using all her remaining strength, causing his hand to tremble, and the steaming medicine scattered a little bit and fell on her snow-white unders.h.i.+rt.

But she didn't realize it, and still held her father's hand tightly, "Father, if I die, can I meet Zhi'er underworld?" If she could meet, she wished she could die now.

Dongfang Mu's hand trembled again, with a look of panic on his face, he changed hands and pa.s.sed the soup to the maidservant, and then said to Dongfang Wan: "Silly child, death is like a lamp going out. What going to the underworld are you saying? When you die what else is left? The so-called underworld is nothing but consolation, you must never take it seriously!"

Dongfang Wan fell back on the bed in frustration, turned her body around, and turned her back to her father: "I'm tired."

Dongfang Mu still wanted to persuade her to take medicine, but seeing her state, she didn't know what to say, when there were hurried footsteps outside.

The housekeeper strode in, gasping for breath, without any usual demeanor, opened his mouth to Dongfang Mu and shouted: "Master, great happy event, great happy event!"

Dongfang Mu frowned: "What a great happy event, keep your voice down, don't disturb the miss."

Dongfang Mu got up and was about to pull the housekeeper out to speak.

But the housekeeper didn't wait for him to approach, and opened his mouth to shout: "Miss Bai Zhi is back, Miss Bai Zhi is back!" As the housekeeper said, his eyes became hot, and he almost burst into tears.

It has been three years, and the master and the lady were getting more and more haggard every day because of Miss Bai Zhi's matter. He sees it in his eyes, and it hurts in his heart.

Thinking that Miss Bai Zhi would never come back, they put a memorial tablet in the mourning hall for Miss Bai Zhi.

The pair of eyes that had been closed suddenly opened, and the originally weak body, without knowing where the strength came from, sat up quickly. Dongfang Wan stared at the housekeeper with a pair of big bloodshot eyes: "What did you say? What did you just say?"

The housekeeper hurriedly said: "Master, miss, it is Miss Bai Zhi who has returned. The carriage has already entered the gate and is coming this way. It is really her. This old servant saw it with his own eyes." How could he be wrong, he only took one look, and then rushed to report.

Dongfang Mu grabbed the housekeeper by the collar and asked anxiously: "You saw it right? Are you really sure?"

The housekeeper's tears couldn't stop falling: "Master, how could this old servant be mistaken? Miss Bai Zhi's appearance is the same as Miss Bai Zhi's back then! Master, Miss Bai Zhi is back!"

Dongfang Mu loosened the housekeeper's collar, and rushed out, while the two maidservants helped the weak Dongfang Wan to rush out.

Bai Zhi walked quickly, her heart was beating fast, and she was about to see her relatives. After three years, she finally stood in front of them again.

Far away, she saw a familiar figure running towards her, and when she saw that person's appearance clearly, her tears could not stop falling.

How could the grandpa, who looks like a long jade mountain, have aged so much? His hair is full of silver hair, his figure was not as strong as before, and he looked old everywhere. She can be sure she won't recognize him if he was somewhere else.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 1157: Great happy event summary

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