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When the two young men saw that Mrs. Liu was about to burst in anger, they didn't dare to utter another word, they quickly carried their farm tools and walked away.

Mrs. Liu, who's body was trembling in anger, turned her head and asked: “Niang, what should we do now?”

Old Lady Bai gritted her teeth and said: “They must be doing this intentionally. They know that we will come, so they deliberately run away.”

Mrs. Liu also thought the same: “It must be intentional. They are a group of bad people. We don't know when they will return. We can't let Dazhu wait for too long like this.”

Before she could finish her words, Old Lady Bai swept her eyes towards her: “Why not?”

When Mrs. Liu saw the old lady's cold eyes, she hesitated: “It's nothing.”

She wanted to persuade the old lady to take out the money first and ask the doctor to treat Dazhu. Hu Changlin and Bai Zhi will come back sooner or later, they can get the money by then. But this old lady was very reluctant to pull out money, pulling out money was harder than going to heaven for her.

Last time, when Bai Dazhu broke his legs, she tried to endure for a long time, but she can't because he was a son, so she looked for a doctor. But now, Bai Dazhu broke his arms again, they want her to take out her money again, she's afraid that she couldn't do it.

At this moment, the sky suddenly darkened, and the wind was blowing, the sand in the wind penetrated their eyes. People couldn't completely open their eyes.

Old Lady Bai suddenly remembered the wheat that Bai Dazhu and Bai Dabao pulled out was still on the road: “This is bad, let's hurry and get the wheat. If the wheat got wet, everything is over.”

However, before they could even take two steps, the raindrops started pouring. Old Lady Bai was so anxious that she fell on the ground twice. Fortunately, she didn't break her bones. She ran all the way to look for the oxcart.

By the time they found the oxcart, the wheat had been drenched. Old Lady Bai almost fainted.

The two pulled the oxcart together back at home. When they get back, they saw Dai Dabao sitting in the living room in a daze. Bai Dazhu was leaning on the chair with a pale face. Bai Erzhu and Bai Fugui were nowhere to be found. Old Lady Bai, who was standing in the living room cursed in anger: “You bunch of useless people. All you know is eat and sleep. You didn't even think about the wheat you left outside. Now the wheat is drenched by the rain.”

Bai Dabao looked at the old lady in confusion: “Grandmother, didn't you pulled the cart back? Why are you still shouting in anger?”

Mrs. Liu winked at Bai Dabao, signaling him to shut up. However, Bai Dabao didn't see her winking. He went close to the door and pointed his finger to the soaked wheat: “I counted them, we didn't lose anything.”

Old Lady Bai really wanted to beat people. Her body kept shaking, but she doesn't know why if it was because of anger or cold.

Old Lady Bai pointed her finger on the soaked wheat and said: “This wheat all soaked, do you think you can still sell them? Within 2 days, they will rot. Do you know what does that means? Our family is over. It's over!”

Bai Dazhu hurt his arms, they haven't got the money for treatment. And now, their rations for winter was gone. How can they live in the future? What will they spend in winter? How will they survive until next spring?

At this time, Bai Erzhu and Bai Fugui came back from the field. Mrs. Zhang and Bai Zhenzhu also came back from the kitchen.

Seeing the old lady all soaked, Bai Erzhu asked immediately: “What happened to you?”

Old Lady Bai fiercely stared at Bai Erzhu: “You still have a face to ask what happened to me? The family is facing a big problem, but your just busy cooking fish, are you even still a human?”

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