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Zhao Lan likes Ru’er deep inside her heart, she was very cute and well-behaved. She was like Bai Zhi when she was still a child, but at least, she was much luckier than her.

At least from now on, she doesn’t have to suffer like Bai Zhi before, she can grow happily.

Zhao Lan rubbed Ru’er’s black hair and smiled: “I heard that the dim sum in Baiweizhai’s snack shop is very good. I’ll take Ru’er to buy a few. It will be the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2 days. We should also buy moon cakes before we go back. ”

Speaking of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Bai Zhi immediately thought of the full moon. She wondered what will she encounter this time if she returned to that ward on this full moon.

After drinking tea, Bai Zhi took her family to the restaurant, and there she met Boss Chen, who was currently checking the account book.

“Zhi’er, you’re here! You are a very rare customer. You never visit again since Meng Gongzi left.” Boss Chen threw the account book on the shopkeeper and hurriedly went to Bai Zhi’s side.

Bai Zhi swept her eyes around the restaurant. The shop was full of customers. The smell of cuisine could make people feel drunk.

“Boss Chen’s business is very lively.” She said with a smile.

Boss Chen hurriedly cupped his fist and said: “It’s all thanks to Miss Bai. If it weren’t for the dishes you taught us and the melon we received from you, my business will not be this good. Our monthly income is flowing like water in the falls. It became several times bigger than before.”

Bai Zhi waved her hand: “It’s good that your business becomes like this, I can sell much more melon to you. But I must say, there are not many melons now in our field. After we harvest, there will be no more. We can only sell again by next year.”

Boss Chen immediately showed a bitter look in the face: “What should we do? Now our restaurant is popular because of the four melon dishes. Without those dishes, it will be difficult to continue this business.”

Bai Zhi became high spirited when she suddenly thought of a brilliant idea.

“I originally brought my family here to have dinner. I didn’t expect to meet you here. But since Boss Chen had mentioned this, I suddenly thought of an idea. Want to hear them?”

Boss Chen was in desperate need, so he hurriedly called the shopkeeper and said: “Hurry, take these VIP people upstairs, bring them all the signature dishes in our restaurants and entertain them. Today, I will be their host.”

Bai Zhi then said to Hu Changlin and Zhao Lan: “Go ahead first. I’ll talk to Boss Chen and come back to you later.”

Awu and Boss Chen have also met before, he knows that he was a good person, so he nodded his head peacefully: “That’s ok, I’ll take care of them, you can rest a.s.sured.”

Bai Zhi then went to the management room on the second-floor with Boss Chen. Boss Chen took the initiative to asked: “Zhi’er did you read Meng Gongzi’s letter last time?”

When she heard those words, Bai Zhi suddenly remembered the letter. After receiving the letter, she put it under the pillow. Later on, something happened in the house, Hu Feng wanted to join the army, and she became so busy. In the end, she forgot about the letter.

Seeing the look in Bai Zhi’s face, Boss Chen sighed: “It seems you haven’t seen it yet, no wonder you haven’t given a reply.”

Bai Zhi slightly raised her eyebrow: “How did you know I haven’t given a reply to him?”

Boss Chen laughed, and then he got up and walked towards the desk. He took a few envelopes from the drawer and put them in front of Bai Zhi: “You take a look.”

Bai Zhi took the letter, the envelope was opened. She pulled out the white paper inside. There were not many words on the paper. The meaning was very clear. There were three letters in total, but the meanings in the three letters were all the same.

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