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Xu Furen was stunned. She couldn’t believe that her son in front of her, who was previously so obedient to her, will dare to disobey her. Was he still the same person?

He talked back to her because of that wild girl. If that wild girl entered their house, by then won’t he always talk back to her like this?

Xu Furen was very angry. Wu Mama, who was on her side, kept winking at her. She wanted her to suppress the anger in her heart. It’s not good for her to lose her temper to her son.

This fire, Xu Furen didn’t know how she was able to suppress it, nor how did she get out of that room.


Back in her courtyard, Xu Furen sat in her chair for a long time but didn’t speak.

Wu Mama brought a freshly brewed tea to Xu Furen’s side and waved her hands to let other maidservants leave the hall. Then, she said with a low voice: “Furen, the person who delivered the letter was not from the porter. The concierge did not know it. ”

Xu Furen frowned: “So, you can’t find out the details of that girl?”

Wu Mama replied “Jin s.h.i.+wei is the most knowledgeable about what happened while gongzi stayed in Qingyuan Town. Whatever you want to know, you can just ask him, right?”

Xu Furen nodded her head: “Send someone to call him.”

Wu Mama didn’t go outside immediately, she said: “Furen, gongzi is big now and has his idea. You must not get angry with him because of such a trivial matter.”

Why wouldn’t Xu Furen not know what Wu Mama meant? She has two sons before, but now she only has one. If she lost Meng Nan because of that sly fox and cheap b.i.t.c.h, then won’t she laugh at her? So yes, she must not get angry with his son for such a trivial matter.

Wu Mama smiled when she saw Xu Furen’s expression eased: “Right now, although gongzi is here, we don’t know that wild girl’s whereabout. However, you don’t need to deal with her right away. After a while, we will quietly call Jin s.h.i.+wei and ask him questions. We will make Jin s.h.i.+wei shut his mouth to make gongzi not aware of it. If he doesn’t know about, he will naturally not blame you.”

When Xu Furen heard those words, she nodded her head again and again: “You are right. I just got confused for a moment, let’s do it like that.”


In Huangtou Village.

When dinner was served, Zhou Xiaofeng kept the chopsticks in his hand and tried every dish. All of it was delicious.

Seeing him eating well, Zhou Awu specifically clipped two strips of beef and put it in Zhou Xiaofeng’s bowl: “If you like it, eat more.”

Zhou Xiaofeng smiled and said: “Actually, the best beef I’ve ever had is the beef jerky that Hu Dage gave me when I left. It’s spicy and delicious.”

Bai Zhi said: “That’s what I did, too. If you like it, I’ll do it some other time.”

Zhou Xiaofeng was shocked: “You also made it? Did you made it when he left?”

Bai Zhi nodded her head: “Yes, I thought he will eat it while on the road. I didn’t expect he will keep it for a few more days.”

Zhou Xiaofeng scratched his head and grinned: “No wonder Hu Dage hid them so well, it turned out that you made it.” He remembers that when Zhu Siyi wanted to eat beef jerky, he asked Hu Feng to many times, but Hu Feng refused, it turned out she made it for him.

Zhou Awu then asked: “What are the seeds in your bucket? It doesn’t look like a wheat seed!”

Bai Zhi has been soaking those seeds for days, and they were about to be planted. It’s not a good idea to hide them, so she simply said: “Of course, they are not wheat. Now, in this weather, it is not suitable to grow wheat. If you want to make money, we cannot let our field stay empty.”

Zhao Lan asked: “It will be winter soon, what plant can we grow?”

“These seeds were all brought to me by Boss Chen. They are all herbal seeds. I want to grow herbs and then sell them to the diners for a medicinal diet.”

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