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Hu Feng nodded: “I know. Is he seriously injured?”

The young soldier nodded his head: “His injury is very serious, but he’s okay now. The new dafu treated him and he is now awake.”

Hu Feng was relieved and then asked another question: “How about the new dafu?”

The young soldier was a bit hesitant. Could it be that he also knew the new doctor?

“The young dafu pa.s.sed out after saving Team Leader Mu. But Shen Dafu said he’ll be alright. He only needs to drink supplements.” The young soldier said.

Hu Feng tightly grasped his clothes. The blue tendons on the back of his hands were bulging. He put a lot of effort to suppress his urge to rush to the medical camp. He asked: “Is he really okay?”

At this time, Zhu Si brought rice soup. In fear of being scalded, he put it inside the food container and then handed it over to the young soldier.

The young soldier busily took it and smiled at Hu Feng: “He’s okay. If you still don’t believe me, you go there and have a look.”

Go and have a look? Of course, he wanted to go, but he can't go. Doctor Shen knows him, and General Hu, who lives next to the medical camp, knows him. He will only put Bai Zhi and Mu Yang in danger.

He can’t go!


Mu Yang fell asleep after drinking the rice soup. When he woke up, the new doctor was sliding a strange thing around his chest.

Seeing him waking up, Bai Zhi quickly put away her stethoscope and asked with a smile: “How do you feel?”

Mu Yang raised an eyebrow and asked: “You are the dafu who saved me?”

Bai Zhi nodded her head but said: “It’s not just me, Shen Dafu was also there. My name is Bai Zhi. I’m glad to meet you, Mu Yang.”

Mu Yang looked very surprised: “Do you know me?”

Bai Zhi sat down next to him, took a glance at the curtain door, and when she saw no one was around. She said with a low voice: “I don’t know you, but I know Hu Feng.”

Mu Yang immediately became agitated: “You, you know him—” He wanted to say something, but he didn’t know if he should say it. He doesn’t know what this young boy’s relations.h.i.+p to Prince Jin. He doesn’t know how much he knew about Prince Jin. He doesn’t know if he knew that Hu Feng was Prince Jin.

Bai Zhi knew what he was thinking, so she softly said: “I’m telling you this so that you can recuperate peacefully. There is no other meaning. Before Hu Feng came here, we’re always together. Now that he needs my help, I naturally came here to help.”

Mu Yang understood that the young boy in front of him was his highness people!

So he nodded his head heavily and said: “Thank you, thank you Bai Dafu!”

Bai Zhi got up and said to Mu Yang: “Someone will come to take you away later. You must not let your wound get wet with water. Come over here once a day. I want to check the healing progress of your wound. And don’t forget to take your medicine on time.”

There was nothing wrong with the words he said, so Mu Yang kept every word in his heart. And he respected the young boy in front of him.


When the night fell, some corpses were sent out from the military camp. Such as soldiers who were seriously injured, captives who couldn’t withstand the severe torture, and the generals who had been imprisoned for three years, but still didn’t confess their sins.

All the corpses were thrown into the corpse pit, letting them rot by themselves. Some of them even became a meal for the wolves in the mountain.

Late at night, a dark shadow swept out from the direction of the military camp, and after avoiding the patrol guards several times, he quietly went to the corpse pit five miles away from the military camp.

The smell coming out from the corpse pit was so bad, so he took out the cloth towel he prepared in advance and covered his mouth and nose. Then, he jumped without any hesitation.

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