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Chapter 730: Diabetes (1)

Zhao Lan hurriedly said: “Sister, what are you thinking? We are all here, even Hu Feng is here, where will she go?”

With Zhao Lan’s words, Dongfang Wan finally calmed down, and her nervous expression eased a bit.

Dongfang Mu hurriedly raised his wine gla.s.s and said: “Come on, let’s not talk about these unnecessary things. Let’s have a toast together.”

Just halfway through the celebration, a servant entered the dining hall and said to Dongfang Mu: “Master, Meng Gongzi is here, he said that there is an urgent matter to see the young lady.”

Bai Zhi raised an eyebrow: “Today is Chinese New Year, he didn’t celebrate at home, instead, he came to find me?”

The servant shook his head: “Meng Gongzi didn’t say anything. He only said that the matter is very important and life is at stake, so you must see him.”

Bai Zhi immediately put down the chopsticks in her hand and said to the servant: “Okay, please take him to the side hall!”

The servant was about to turn around, but Dongfang Mu said: “Why invite him to the side hall? Just bring him here and talk, if he hasn’t had dinner, he can eat with us first. He won’t go back hungry by then!”

Bai Zhi smiled and secretly thought that Dongfang Mu just wanted to hear what they will talk about. He was simply serving as Hu Feng’s eyes!

Soon, Meng Nan was brought by the servant in the dining room. As soon as he entered the door, Dongfang Mu invited him to have a drink with him.

If it was at ordinary time, Meng Nan will naturally agree, but today, he wasn’t in the mood.

“Master Dongfang, I’m sorry. I came here today to ask Bai Zhi to treat my mother. My mother is lying ill in bed, I am in a hurry. I hope that Master Dongfang will not blame me.”

Bai Zhi hurriedly asked: “What’s wrong with your mother?”

“Imperial Doctor Zhang said that my mother had diabetic syndrome and she will die soon. I don’t believe it. She was fine a while ago.”

When Bai Zhi heard the word diabetic, Bai Zhi’s heart shook a bit. This diabetic syndrome was called Diabetes in modern times. Modern medicine was so advance but still doesn’t develop a drug that can completely treat diabetes. It can only be controlled by long-term medication. Although the patient survived and doesn’t have any abnormality on the surface, only they know how painful it is.

They can’t eat what they wanted to eat. They don’t have the energy to do what they wanted to do. They easily get sick. Taking long-term medication cause damage to other organs in their body. Complications came one after another… …

Seeing her like this, Meng Nan felt cold: “You can’t cure this disease?”

Bai Zhi got up and walked slowly in front of Meng Nan, then said: “This disease is not simple. Although I can’t cure her completely, I can a.s.sure you that I can help her get better, and I can also help her live like before. But from now on, she must take medicine for a long time without interruption to stabilize her condition.”

Meng Nan doesn’t understand this. He only wants his mother to live as long as much as she can.

Bai Zhi said to the housekeeper beside her: “Help me prepare the carriage!”

As soon as the housekeeper went outside, Dongfang Mu sighed: “We finally had a reunion dinner, but you have to leave halfway. Alright, I won’t eat anymore, I’ll take you there!” He was always worried about this little girl, just like how he was worried about Dongfang Wan before. He wanted to stay by her side and watch her all the time.

While Meng Nan and Dongfangmu ran wildly in the cold wind, the snow suddenly fell in the sky. The snow was not too strong, but when they arrived outside the Meng Family Mansion, the surroundings were already covered with snow.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 730 - Diabetes (1) summary

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