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Chapter 838: Magnet

Seeing this, Imperial Doctor Xu suddenly understood something and said in surprise: “Do you suspect that there is a poisonous needle in the princess’ body?”

Bai Zhi removed the silver from the magnet one by one and then said with a smile: “I don’t know if it is a poisonous needle, nor there is still a needle. I just doubt it. If there is a needle, it will be sucked out. If there is no needle, I need a blood test to check the poison.”

A blood test to check the poison? Another new term of words that he has never heard before. You can check the poison in the blood? How does it work?

Without waiting for Imperial Doctor Xu to ask questions, Bai Zhi turned around and walked to the princess’s bed.

Jin’er said: “Imperial Doctor Xu, you are a man, I am afraid you need to go outside this time.”

Yes, yes, to suck out the needle with the magnet, they must take off the princess’s clothes. It’s naturally inappropriate for him to stay as a man.

It’s a pity that he can’t see it with his own eyes.

Bai Zhi waved her hand: “No, Imperial Doctor Xu doesn’t have to go outside. The princess doesn’t need to undress.”

Jin’er was puzzled: “How do you suck the needle without taking off the clothes? If it can’t fly out, then won’t it pierce the princess again?”

Bai Zhi shook her head: “If the princess really has this needle on her body, it must be on her head. Let check the body later, let’s check out the head first.”

The main acupuncture point that can make a person unconscious immediately and stay awake for many days must be on the head.

The first thing she thought of was Baihui Point. So she took the magnet and placed it on Baihui Point. She immediately felt a suction when she held the magnet, and immediately put the magnet closer to make the suction stronger.

A *ding* sound sounded. Although the sound was very low, the room was very quiet. No one spoke, nor dare to breathe out loud. So this sound was heard by the three of them.

Jin’er looked stupidly at the long needle attached to the magnet, which was the same as the needle she wrapped in the handkerchief.

Bai Zhi didn’t stop and kept moving the magnet in her hand at the back of the princess’s head. Not long after, they heard another *ding* sound. A needle pierced from Qiyang acupoint was also sucked out.

Baihui, Qiyang?

Bai Zhi thought of something: “Then the next place must be Zhuhe Point.”

Thinking of this, she immediately slid the magnet to the princess’s Zhuhe acupuncture point. Again, the familiar suction force and *ding* sound happened, as the long needle pierced in the Zhuhe acupuncture point flew out and got attached to the magnet.

When the long needle in Zhuhe Point flew out, Princess Qianfang moved her fingers.

This scene happened to be seen by Jin’er. She couldn’t help but screamed: “Moved, she moved. The princess moved.”

Bai Zhi ignored her and continued to slide the magnet down to the Biyuan Point, which was another important acupuncture point after Baihui Point. If the Biyuan Point was pierced with a needle, then this person will fall into a coma completely. If it cannot be taken out completely, it will cause great harm to the body over time.

Another *ding* sound sounded. And indeed there was a needle closed to the Biyuan acupuncture point.

This was by no means accidentally injured by a hidden weapon. It must be a work of a master in acupuncture.

It seems that these people’s goal was not only the prince but also the princess. They set up everything in this trap.

She didn’t expect people like Chu Feng to have such a good brain. He can be called talented if he can set up a trap like this.

Bai Zhi collected the needles and said to Jin’er, who was crying in excitement: “Don’t worry, your princess will wake up soon.”

Fortunately, it didn’t take a long time. Otherwise, even if these needles were taken out, there will be a sequela, which was too cruel to look at.

Jin’er asked: “How long will it take before the princess wakes up? Will she wake up today?”

Bai Zhi glanced at Princess Qianfang and smiled: “She’ll wake up in a while, just wait.”

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