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He could only use the Demon Element once, and he had no idea if it would last until he found the Day and Dusk Compa.s.s. What if he spent too much time here in the chambers and ran out of time later?

There were two more chambers after this. If Mo Fan had to use the Demon Element now, he would have to end the fights as soon as possible!

The Scorpion Lord Medusa sensed the presence of the Demon Element growing on Mo Fan. The burns left by the demonic flames began to hurt all of a sudden.

It was him for sure!

The Scorpion Lord Medusa was even more enraged. How dare he come to her nest? He was clearly crossing the line!

“I didn't have enough time to kill you before, but this time, you're clearly going to die and rot in your own chamber!” Blood-red runes spread across Mo Fan's body, followed by a shadow with an overwhelming aura emerging from his back!

The Scorpion Lord Medusa tensed. Its aura began to fluctuate wildly!

Mo Fan's breathing intensified. He could feel the blood boiling inside him. He knew the other him was going to take over his body once the demon blood spread throughout his body.

However, the feeling was not that strong. Somehow, the demon blood did not boil as quickly as he had imagined. It was flowing a lot slower, too…

It felt strange, but Mo Fan was not bothered by it. He continued to activate the power of the Demon Element…

His heart pounded heavily all of a sudden, followed by a sharp pain. His forehead was covered in sweat now…

The boiling blood in him began to cool down. The shadow on his back shuddered. He froze for half a second, too!

What just happened?

Why is the power of the Demon Element fading away?

Mo Fan was utterly shocked. Normally, the power of the Demon Element would be awakened by now. He was activating it the same way as before. It never faded away halfway like it was doing now!

Does this mean Old Bao was right? My cultivation is nowhere strong enough to support frequent usage of the Demon Element. I can only use it when the Essence Orb is filled! Mo Fan was a little lost now.

The first time he used the Demon Element was in the abandoned Jinlin City. He had a long rest after then, until he had a breakthrough during the Calamity of the Ancient Capital, which awakened the Demon Element on its own…

The third time he had used it was at the Parthenon Temple. The Essence Orb was filled, so he did not experience any side effects from using the Demon Element apart from being worn out by it. The fourth time was at the Northguard Fortress. It had been more than half a year since then, but he had used the Demon Element when the Essence Orb was not filled.

In other words, even after half a year, his Demon Element was still on cooldown!

Holy c.r.a.p, even a Forbidden Spell doesn't have such a long cooldown!

F**k, I'm done for! Mo Fan was about to lose his mind.

He had only dared to intrude on the Pyramid because he was counting on his Demon Element. He could escape from the place with the Demon Element if the plan went south. He would have no trouble running away if he was not surrounded by a bunch of Ruler-level creatures, or even caught by Khufu.

Little did he know, his body had yet to fully recover. The Demon Element was still not available. Meanwhile, the Essence Orb was only a third full!

What was he thinking all this time?

Mo Fan broke out in a cold sweat when he recalled how idiotic he had been lately. He was leaning so heavily on the Demon Element while it was still on cooldown!

Why did he even bother provoking the Egyptian army? Why did he kill the young Medusa? Why did he even come to the Great Pyramid of Giza? Couldn't he have just stayed in Shanghai and behaved himself?

The Scorpion Lord Medusa let out a cry once again. The wounds left by the demonic flames were hurting it even more. It recalled how Mo Fan had humiliated it in the past!

Mo Fan glanced at the Scorpion Lord Medusa. To be honest, he already had the thought of committing suicide.

How could he possibly stand a chance against the Scorpion Lord Medusa without the Demon Element? The creature could kill him now more easily than cutting vegetables!

The Scorpion Lord Medusa moved a little closer. It was planning to take the initiative.

The power of the Demon Element was still fading away, yet it was not too obvious.

Mo Fan pointed at the Scorpion Lord Medusa and said coldly, “It looks like the Great Pyramid of Giza will have one less Scorpion Lord Medusa today!”

The Scorpion Lord Medusa immediately froze in its tracks. It would be lying if it argued that it was not afraid of Mo Fan. When their army of undead was advancing like a rolling wave, Mo Fan was able to fend them off for a long time all on his own. He had even injured the Sphinx! Most of the Ruler-level creatures under Khufu's lead had first-handedly experienced how terrifying Demon Mo Fan was!

The mummy chamber was sealed off, meaning that the other Mummies were not allowed to come to the chamber. The Scorpion Lord Medusa was the sole guardian of the second chamber, isolated and without help. When it imagined facing the terrifying human on its own, when it thought about the possibility of dying here, it tried to put on an intimidated look, yet it dared not show it too obviously. The snakes on its head were still screaming angrily!

It was staring at Mo Fan closely. It suddenly sensed his power weakening slightly.

The Scorpion Lord Medusa's eyes glittered. It began to think otherwise!

“If you are like the rest of the low-level creatures that blindly believe what they see, I guess your death won't be far off… I didn't come here to take your life. I'm just pa.s.sing by. To be honest with you, I don't want to waste my energy on you!” Mo Fan forcibly awakened the power of his blood.

His blood began to boil again. The shadow slowly emerged from his back. Mo Fan was doing the best he could!

The Scorpion Lord Medusa tensed up once again.

“I really don't want to waste my time on you. I'm giving you one last chance. Withdraw your magic, and open the door, you stupid, weak Medusa that can't withstand even a single blow from me!” Mo Fan yelled furiously!

The Scorpion Lord Medusa backed away a little. Its arrogance and its urge to reclaim its dignity was just a ruse!

If it had not witnessed Mo Fan's strength, and if its wounds were not still hurting, there was no way it would be intimidated by a human. However, it clearly knew that it was going to die if it dared to fight this human alone!

A Ruler-level creature had made it to the Ruler-level not only because of how strong they were, but because they knew how important it was to stay alive!

The Scorpion Lord Medusa backed away, its upper human body still facing Mo Fan. It was staring at him, but its scorpion body was slowly moving backward. It was retreating back to the hole!

The Scorpion Lord Medusa felt humiliated, but this was necessary for it to stay alive. It knew it was not wise to fight the human to the death!

“Open the door!” Mo Fan harrumphed coldly, a menacing look on his face!

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