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Chapter 2117: The Bold Invitation

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Who is he?” Zhao Manyan could not help but ask.

“We aren’t sure. However, three of our Great Priests received him when he first arrived at the Hall of Faith,” the maiden with small feet named Saveth replied.

“I heard he’s from an old and outstanding renowned clan around the Mediterranean Sea. He’s so well-matched with the Saintess. They are meant to be together!” another maiden spoke up.

“Asha’ruiya isn’t as pure as she seems. I don’t think she’s worthy for Master Tuis!” the sixteen-year-old maiden, Sammy, sniffed.

“Sammy, how could you say that?” Saveth protested.

“Did I say anything wrong? We’ve all heard rumors about her in the Parthenon Temple. Master Tuis is from the most ancient and secluded renowned clan around the Mediterranean Sea. He has such a pure Aura, unlike Asha’ruiya, who did all those outrageous acts!” Sammy exclaimed.

“Sammy, there are outsiders here. You should keep those words to yourself. How could you be so reckless? We are very sorry. Sammy is still young. She likes uttering nonsense and believing in rumors,” Saveth said quickly.

“It’s fine, the two of us aren’t related to anyone, so we don’t mind hearing them,” Zhao Manyan answered graciously.

It was obvious that the sixteen-year-old Sammy was Tuis’ loyal fan. She believed only she was worthy of him!

No one knew if the scandals related to Asha’ruiya that she had mentioned were real. Even Mo Fan had heard some of them!

Mo Fan had to admit that Tuis was acting like an exclusive sponsor for the Parthenon Temple, just as Zhao Manyan had mentioned. Almost everyone was fawning upon him during the feast, as if he was the center of focus for the whole ceremony.

“Thank you, everyone, for your warm welcome. I thought people have forgotten about our clan after we decided to keep a low-profile many years ago. To our surprise, many of you still remember us. I believe my grandfather would be proud if he hears about it!” Tuis raised his cup and gave everyone a toast.

The crowd emptied their cups. Tuis obviously had something else to say.

He looked at the two Saintesses on the main seats: Xinxia and Asha’ruiya.

Izisha had not joined the feast. Mo Fan had learned from the maidens that Izisha had a huge conflict with the Tuis Clan, and was against the idea of getting the clan involved.

The reasons were very simple. When Izisha was still the G.o.ddess, the Soul of the Parthenon Temple was not willing to reside in her. The Tuis Clan did not acknowledge her as the G.o.ddess since she did not possess the Art of Resurrection. The clan had gone into seclusion after that time!

“I was honored to have a dance with Asha’ruiya during the ceremony. I wonder if I could have a dance with the other person who was chosen by the Divine Soul?” Tuis placed his cup down. He walked toward Xinxia under the crowd’s eyes.

Xinxia was a little surprised. She stared at the man who came up to her and offered her his hand.

Only the leaders of powerful nations were bold enough to invite a Saintess to a dance!

He remained in the position for some time. The whole crowd had placed their attention on Xinxia.

“d.a.m.n it!” a voice snapped in a corner, followed by the sound of plates falling to the ground. However, the noise he made was ignored as the music was too loud.

The person was none other than Mo Fan!

“Bro, please stay calm!” Zhao Manyan tried to stop Mo Fan.

“Stay calm my a.s.s, I’m going to beat that guy up first!” Mo Fan snapped.

Could he dance with Xinxia?!

Of course not!

European dances involved close contact of less than ten millimeters! The men would be wrapping their arms around the women’s waists. He just needed to slide his hand down a little to touch her bottom. Mo Fan could easily tell that Tuis was not someone who would behave himself. How could he possibly let him dance with Xinxia?

“Mo Fan, don’t do it, it’s a common practice in Europe!” Zhao Manyan dissuaded him.

“I don’t f**king care. I can’t stand it!” Mo Fan said.

He only knew he could never accept it. Women did not even allow their men to give their female colleagues a ride in their cars. Why should he allow his woman to dance intimately with another man?

“My lady, it’s favorable to us that the Tuis Clan is willing to provide the Parthenon Temple with full support after they decided to get involved again. I hope you won’t turn Tuis’ kindness down,” Tata said quietly.

“Yes, it’s also the Snow Festival today!” Tuis smiled. He seemed extremely patient.

He believed the Saintess would not turn down his offer, since he already reached out his hand. Many countries and renowned clans were trying to fawn upon the Saintesses, but the Tuis could easily make the Saintesses bow before them. If anyone in the Parthenon Temple tried to be the G.o.ddess, she would need the Tuis’ help to keep the Tyrant t.i.tans at bay!

The Tuis was one of the few clans in Europe with Forbidden Mages! Even the Parthenon Temple had to pay them some respect!

Therefore, inviting the two Saintesses to dance might be a dream for ordinary people, but it was actually achievable in Tuis’ eyes!

Tuis had all the patience he needed. He was still bowing forward, following the rules of etiquette.

“I’m sorry, Mister Tuis,” There was not much expression in Xinxia’s eyes. She had only a faint smile.

Tuis lifted his face. He retained his polite smile, but his eyes no longer had a gentle look.

“I grew up in the east, so I’m not used to the customs here. Besides, it isn’t part of the etiquette for us Saintesses…” Xinxia continued.

“You are in Europe now, aren’t you? Besides, from what I’ve heard, many women from the east are more than willing to follow our traditions. Why aren’t you accepting my offer? Or perhaps there’s some misunderstanding between us?” Tuis said, although it was more like a demand.

“It’s their freedom to follow the customs they like. I respect their choices, but I’m leaning more toward my own traditions,” Xinxia answered calmly.

“Oh? I was told that you had grown up in a simple family in China that subsisted on labor. Did they really teach you the proper etiquette?” Tuis said, as if he was displeased by Xinxia’s reaction.

The entire hall fell silent!

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