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Chapter 2671: Iron Ink Spear Brush


Mo Fan knew why Mu Ningxue had not shown any mercy to the Father and Son of Sulfur Island.

If she went easy on their enemies, would they be merciful toward the members of Fanxue Mountain?

They had come to take out Fanxue Mountain, not have a tea party. Being merciful to the enemy was being cruel to themselves. Mu Ningxue had always been decisive when it came to dealing with her enemies!

Mu Ningxue’s plan worked like a charm. The Mages in Lin Kang’s army felt like a bucket of cold water had been poured on them after witnessing the two Super Mages’ deaths.

The excuse they were using to justify their crusade against Fanxue Mountain was very far-fetched. If they did not have a clear advantage in strength, their alliance would crumble at the slightest blow!

Zhao Jing and Lin Kang had also noticed the Mages’ hesitance and indecision. If they continued to send out unreliable people like the Father and Son of Sulfur Island to represent them, it would only make it more difficult to take down Fanxue Mountain!

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“Let’s attack together. Dragging it out won’t do us any good,” Zhao Jing recommended.

Zhao Jing was a madman, but he was not stupid enough to send out his men one by one. It was not a tournament or a tag-team duel. Their only goal was to destroy Fanxue Mountain!

Zhao Jing and Lin Kang flew out of the alliance.

Lin Kang was wielding a black brush. He drew a huge stroke across Mu Ningxue’s Yin-Yang Chaos Ice Diagram with it. Black ink poured out from the brush and sprayed through the air.

The black ink solidified in the air and took the shape of a sharp black blade!

The black blade slashed at the Yin-Yang Chaos Ice Diagram and destroyed Mu Ningxue’s Domain.

Lin Kang had been in North City for some time, and was well aware of Mu Ningxue’s strength. He was not as careless as Cao Xiaohan had been. Every spell he used was deadly. However, it was difficult to tell what Element he was using, as if he had perfectly merged his Super Powers with the brush in his hand!

Every move of his wrist stirred up huge black waves, like landslides rus.h.i.+ng down a huge mountain and destroying the woods and buildings in their path.

Mu Ningxue moved backward, but the waves were shockingly fast. She was struggling to shake them off with Wind Trails.

As the black waves were about to swallow Mu Ningxue like an enormous monster, Mu Ningxue spun in the air and fired a silver arc-shaped slash at the waves.

The slash was covered in frost. It sliced through the air and built a huge wall along its path!

The wall was made of transparent ice crystals. A tower had emerged at its center, turning it into a fortress. Mu Ningxue stood behind the Ice Crescent Wall as it was s.h.i.+elding her from the black landslide.

Lin Kang was riding the black waves. He grinned when he saw the wall.

“Iron Brush Flying Spear, Thousand Spears Puncturing the Heart!”

Lin Kang threw the black brush at the wall. It trembled in the air and split rapidly into countless spears. Thousands of spears appeared right before it reached the wall!

It looked like an ancient battlefield, where thousands of catapults had fired their heavy bolts at the wall of a fortress. The bolts pouring down densely from the sky were a spectacular sight!

The wall was soon left with countless holes like a white beehive. Some of the spears punched through the holes and flew at Mu Ningxue.

Mu Ningxue quickly dodged the spears with her Wind Trails, but she was forced to keep backing away from the a.s.sault of the deadly spears.

Lin Kang was riding one of the spears. He flew over the wall and looked down at Mu Ningxue with a grin.

He clenched his right fist. An eerie brush covered in blood appeared in his hand. He threw the brush down like a javelin as a sneak attack.

The brush looked the same as the rest of the bolts, but it had a spiraling gust of wind at its tip. Ghastly faces with vicious eyes were floating in the wind about it as if it was cursed!

Mu Ningxue was dodging the rain of bolts. She instantly noticed the unusual gust of wind that was approaching her with a chilling Aura.

However, Mu Ningxue did not know where it was coming from or how to defend herself from it.

Her Elemental Magic would not be able to weaken the Curse Magic by much!

As Mu Ningxue was overwhelmed, a white brush landed less than ten meters in front of her. The tail of the brush waved back and forth like a flexible sword.

A calming breeze swept past like a lake breeze, and a ripple of energy spread in all directions, forcing the ink of the spears to break down in mid-air and spray everywhere.

The brush imbued with Curse Magic was the only one left after all the others were taken care of. It was very close to Mu Ningxue.

Mu Ningxue reacted quickly. She leaned backward and slid back along her trail of ice.

“d.a.m.n it!”

Lin Kang’s expression sank when he saw someone had shattered his spell. He glared at the other side, eager to see who had ruined his plan.

The Cursed Brush had been hidden among the spears. Mu Ningxue had had no chance of dodging it, despite her outstanding cultivation. It might not have killed her with a single blow, but it could have inflicted serious injuries on her with its Curse Magic!

“I have always heard the mayor of North City was called the Iron Ink Magistrate, and his Brush of Judgment is unbeatable. I, Mu Bai of Fanxue Mountain, am honored to fight you!” Mu Bai appeared in front of Mu Ningxue out of nowhere.

He stepped forward and picked up the white brush that was stuck in the ground and put it behind his back.

He looked like a scholar in a white robe as he stood there with his hands behind him and a calm expression. He could draw a spectacular world with his brus.h.!.+

“Chief of the South Wing Platoon. It’s amusing how you have given up a bright future just to be buried together with Fanxue Mountain!” Lin Kang naturally recognized Mu Bai at first glance. He had also heard of Mu Bai’s name.

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