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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

"You're here!" Li Yu'e looked at Mo Fan in surprise after she recovered.

"You're the strongest non-Mage I know, I won't let him escape this time!" Mo Fan said to Li Yu'e confidently.

He had asked Jiang Yu to take care of Li Yu'e, and the people around the hospital. Jiang Yu and the others would evacuate the place in the shortest time possible.

The Nyx Regime did not cover just the building they were in. The whole hospital was covered by Mo Fan's darkness, looming over the place like Nyx's mantle, big enough to cover a vast area.

Philip jumped out of the window and landed on the outdoor car park behind the hospital.

He was quite agitated, not understanding why Mo Fan knew it was a trap. It was obvious that his plan was flawless.

The only possibility was the smart girl had recognized him as soon as he stepped into the room, and was able to alert Mo Fan in time!

-d.a.m.n it!-

How could he allow an ordinary girl to set him up?!

Philip closed his eyes and sensed his surroundings with the Psychic Element.

The Psychic Element was not affected by the Nyx Regime, so he could sense the presence of Sacred Hall Mages within a few kilometers. He still had the symbol of the Sacred Hall Mages on the back of his hand, allowing him to detect the movements of the Sacred Hall Mages with ease!

"Mmm? There's no Sacred Hall Mage nearby?" Philip was confused.

It was impossible that his Psychic Element would be wrong. The pattern on the hand of every Sacred Hall Mage was somehow linked to one another with the Psychic Element, so not a single Sacred Hall Mage could hide from him. As such, he was confident that not a single Sacred Hall Mage was within a few kilometers from him!

In other words, Mo Fan had come on his own!

If that was the case, why was he even running away for? The kid was like a sheep going into a lion's mouth!

Philip slowly turned around and saw Mo Fan turning into a purple-black lightning bolt as he jumped down from the fifth floor. He landed heavily on the ground and constructed a fierce Lightning Disaster.

Philip was not bothered by it. He could easily nullify an attack of that level with a single wave.

He grinned at Mo Fan, "I was almost tricked by you. There isn't a single Sacred Hall Mage nearby. Are you surprised? I know the movements of the Sacred Hall Mages better than anyone else!"

"I've come to take your life!" Mo Fan said.

"HAHAHA, don't you forget, I was chasing you around like a stray dog just a few days ago! You would have been a corpse by now if the Sacred Hall Mages hadn't made it in time!" Philip burst out laughing. He had no reason to leave if it was only Mo Fan here!

"Do you really think you're strong?" Mo Fan said.

"At least I don't think I'll have any trouble killing you. Actually, I'm quite curious; how did you arrive at the hospital without me knowing? And how did you manage to lay down the Nyx Regime without alerting me? You must have some impressive Shadow-type equipment on you… Mmm, Once I kill you, I'll tear it off from your soul. Even if it's damaged, I believe it's still quite precious!" replied Philip savagely.

Mo Fan indeed had a piece of Shadow-type equipment on him. It was the Dark n.o.ble Mantle he had only received not long ago after defeating the Red Ornaments Guild!

The Dark n.o.ble Mantle had a pa.s.sive ability. It was able to conceal its wearer's presence, preventing anyone from detecting Mo Fan's aura even when their cultivation was a lot stronger. Similarly, the Nyx Regime was laid out with the help of the Dark n.o.ble Mantle, too. Otherwise, Philip would have immediately noticed the slightest presence of the Shadow Element as soon as it pervaded the hospital!

The Dark n.o.ble Mantle was truly a treasure, and it was only Mo Fan's first time using it!

"Unfortunately, your little Dark Formation isn't going to make much of a difference; it's time to show you what a real Domain can do!" Philip burst out laughing.

The temperature of the surroundings dropped rapidly. The wind blowing at them was starting to have some icy frost in it, as the Ice Element within ten kilometers started to gather toward him...

He closed his eyes, trying to use his Ice Domain to drive Mo Fan's Nyx Regime away.

However, Philip soon noticed that something was not right.

The Ice Elements in the area had been depleted!

There was not much of the Ice Element nearby, as if someone had drawn them away in advance to prevent his Domain from being established.

Normally, his hailstones could easily smash the hospital into debris in less than five seconds, and the streets would also be covered in thick layers of ice. However, even after ten seconds, apart from the frost floating in the air, nothing happened!

Philip was infuriated. He immediately unleashed his Psychic Element and soon noticed an Ice Mage drawing all the Ice magic to her on a building not far away from the hospital!

Philip was quite familiar with that person's aura. She seemed to be the silver-haired woman that was with Mo Fan during the first attack. However, her cultivation was simply too weak to alter the tide of the battle.

"d.a.m.n it, she managed to secure the upper hand!" he cursed.

It was obvious that the woman had drawn all the Ice Elements within ten kilometers to her. The Nyx Regime must have sealed off his senses, too. Otherwise, he would easily have noticed that the Ice magic was being drawn away from the hospital.

"Do you really think you stand a chance with these petty tricks? How naive! Even without my Domain, I can still kill you easily!" Philip snapped coldly.

Despite what Philip said, he did not give up trying to lay down his Domain.

The woman's cultivation was clearly weaker than his, which meant that his Domain was stronger and was able to draw in the Ice Element from further away. He could still establish a dominating Domain of Hailstones, but it might take him a long time.

Mo Fan was well aware of the situation too!

Mu Ningxue told Mo Fan that she could only temporarily disable the Ice Domain, but with Philip's cultivation, he only needed around ten minutes to fill up the place with enough Ice mana.

In other words, he had to defeat Philip within ten minutes. Otherwise, no matter how many people they had, they were no match against Philip once he constructed his Domain!

Mo Fan was not the kind that liked to leave a threat lying around. In order to ensure his journey ahead was smooth, he had to slay Philip within ten minutes, and gave that b.i.t.c.h Salan a great favor in return!

"Icebound Coffin!"

Philip was still a powerful Ice Mage without relying on his Domain. His speed at drawing a complicated Star Constellation was quite shocking. The brilliance of the icy-white Star Constellation set him off, and together with his outstanding Soul-grade Seed, his Advanced Ice Spell was several times stronger than an ordinary Advanced Ice Mage!

A Soul-grade Seed was stronger than a Spirit-grade Seed. What Philip had was a real Soul-grade Ice Seed. Even after losing his Domain, his dominating strength was still there!

An eerie ice coffin fell from the pitch-black sky. An overwhelming freezing energy and an ice coffin as st.u.r.dy as a crystal loomed over Mo Fan. The lightning of his Qianjun was crushed instantly by the overwhelming presence. He was having trouble unleas.h.i.+ng the flames of his Rose Flame, too!

It was simply too fast. Mo Fan did not even finish a third of his Lightning Constellation when the enemy's powerful Ice Spell was already falling above him. It instantly froze Mo Fan inside an Icebound Coffin the size of a hill.

The ice was transparent. Philip could see Mo Fan's face filled with fear inside it.

"That's for being too overconfident!" Philip mocked. He was quite confused about why a stupid kid like him was able to 'win the favor' of Salan. She specifically mentioned that she wanted the kid dead!

Inside the ice, Mo Fan's face stuck closely to the bone-chilling ice. The frost was penetrating into his body at a terrifying pace, and would soon freeze his blood!

Little Flame Belle cried out in a panic inside the Contracted s.p.a.ce.

"I didn't expect I would need your help so soon. I thought I can take him for a while by myself. Come, let's see how strong we are, when we combined into one!" Mo Fan said to Little Flame Belle mentally.

Little Flame Belle cried out excitedly. The little creature inside the Contracted s.p.a.ce flew into Mo Fan's soul.

Mo Fan was pretty much an explosive. He erupted instantly when Little Flame Belle ignited the fuse!

The Calamity Fire that was several times stronger than before instantly filled Mo Fan's body. It immediately got rid of the frost that had penetrated into him.

The Calamity Fire burst out of Mo Fan's skin and set his surroundings aflame impatiently. Even the thick layer of ice as huge as a hill was unable to stop the flames from overrunning the dam!

Calamity Fire!

Mo Fan remembered the first time he saw the dark-brown flames at the North Burning Valley, how the tide of flames was surging at him from the horizon like the Apocalypse, burning everything into ashes.

Currently, Little Flame Belle's Calamity Fire had attained the basic appearance of the natural Fire Calamity. It did not matter if it was up against fire, water, or sand, it was going to devour it all imperiously!

The Icebound Coffin started to melt. The thick body of ice cracked open rapidly, unable to endure the pressure within it.

Only a few tiny sprouts of flames were leaking out from the cracks at the start, followed by fierce tongues of flames surging across the place. A few seconds later, the whole Icebound Coffin was burning fiercely, and Mo Fan, right in the center, was engulfed in unstoppable, brown flames!

Fiery fangs swept around him!

His skin was perfectly refined with lava!

A pair of glowing, crimson-red eyes!

The flames engulfing him were unstoppable even when they were surrounded in ice...

It was like Mo Fan had put on a battle armor refined by the natural fire of the Heavens and Earth. His temperament completely differed from any other Mage, every inch of his body was covered in an intimidating, explosive aura!

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