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Chapter 200: The Person in His Heart (1)

"No!" Gong Yi Mo was especially insistent on this matter as she shook her head. "I want you to show me, I need to see it! Right now!"

The girl had just recovered from her serious injury. How can Gong Jue possibly refuse? So although he was reluctant, he slowly rolled up his pants.

Deep scars were exposed on his thighs. Although Gong Yi Mo mentally prepared herself, she couldn't help but gasp upon seeing. She bent over for a closer look and remained unspeaking for a long time.

His wound had begun to scab, but the bleeding gave it a terrifying appearance!

Since Gong Yi Mo leaned forward, Gong Jue who sat in bed s.h.i.+fted uncomfortably and shrank back. His cheeks were dyed an obvious red. This position was simply too embarra.s.sing, so couldn't help but feel conscious of it.

But Gong Yi Mo failed to notice this. She sat at the edge of the bed, bending down as she carefully examined the wound. Such a terrifying scar made her feel as if her soul flew out of her body for a time.

He cut the flesh out himself so that someone could cook it and feed it to her. Somehow, she didn't feel any hint of nausea. Instead, there was an uncomfortable feeling boiling in her heart; she wanted to leave at this moment and cut someone to death.

"How can you be so foolish…He wants you to bleed to death, so he had you cut out your flesh. Isn't it obvious that he wants to kill you? Are you going to die too?"

Gong Yi Mo couldn't help but shout at angrily at Gong Jue, but she didn't know who exactly she was angry with. She simply couldn't restrain her feelings at this moment.

Seeing her like this, Gong Jue maintained a good-tempered smile, but his voice was calm and resolute.

"As long as he says he can save you…I'll give it, even if it's this life of mine."

His look became even more gentle. "And–"

Just the thought that his flesh and blood was eaten by Gong Yi Mo gave him a surprisingly satisfying feeling…His flesh and blood melded into his dear Sister…it was a sickening thought, but what can he do? He couldn't control his thoughts.

Gong Yi Mo bit her lip and glared at him fiercely. She bent down once again and applied the best Yu Rong medicine she had in store. Unfortunately her Yu Rong ointment had little ability to regenerate muscle since it can mostly removes the appearance of scars. If the flesh wound is too deep, the effect of healing muscle was very limited.

Gong Yi Mo's fingers trembled as she spread the cool ointment on the terrifying wound, immediately numbing the pain. Gong Jue looked up at her. The girl's head has bowed low as she focused on his wound, but although he couldn't see her expression, he knew she was very sad.

Gong Jue couldn't help but reach out…and touch her hair.

"It doesn't matter. It doesn't hurt anymore…really."

But as he spoke, warm droplets of water fell on his leg, one drops, two…it fell silently.

Surprised, Gong Jue hurriedly straightened up his position. Who knew when it started, but his sister's face was already full of tears.

"How can it not hurt! This injury was because of me!"

She looked up at him with hate and grievance in her eyes, but teardrops kept falling like pearls from a broken necklace.

"Even it doesn't hurt to you…it hurts to me!"

Gong Jue sat up on the couch with much difficulty. He leaned over and embraced her, taking her to the couch with great strength.

"Don't cry."

He was panicked, afraid that if he saw Gong Yi Mo's tears, his heart would break. But he didn't dare to stop her. He can only speak louder, allowing her tears to fall drop by drop on his shoulders. Gong Jue clumsily and helplessly comforted her over and over again.

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