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Tea Party (1)

Su Miaolan gloated in her heart, but she continued to display a worried look. "Brother Shen, did you do anything to the Princess?"

It's more like I'm the one who got played! Shen s.h.i.+ Ye cried tears in his heart, but he continued to speak with a straight face. "Do you think I'm the kind of person who would beat up women?"

He looked up arrogantly. "I obtained this embroidery from her through negotiation. She was driven out of the palace and had no place to stay. I just happened to own an empty house, so I offered my home and made a deal with her."

Displeasure crept into Su Miaolan's heart upon hearing his explanation. However, she comforted herself knowing that the Chaoyang Princess of old had fallen to such a pitiful state.

"It's good that you didn't…" She seemed to relax, her beautiful eyes revealing an expression of sympathy.

She thoughtfully said, "The Princess had suffered so miserably after being cast out of the palace, and I haven't heard about her having any friends. The poor girl must be very lonely…"

Would Gong Yi Mo feel lonely? For some reason, Shen s.h.i.+ Ye remembered when he had offered her a place to stay. She had turned around, revealing a smile that contained a faint loneliness.

Su Miaolan did not notice Shen s.h.i.+ Ye's unusual behavior. She continued to speak in a friendly manner, "Brother Shen, how do feel about this… In a few days, I'll be hosting another tea party. How about inviting her to join us? If she meets more ladies from the capital, don't you think she'll be able to make many friends?"

In spite of her warm words, Su Miaolan smiled coldly in her heart.

When the emperor had taken away the princess t.i.tle, he had also made sure she wouldn't be able to recover her status. This tea party would welcome all the n.o.ble maidens of the capital, meaning the former princess would have no place to hide her lowly status. It would be fortunate if they didn't add insult to injury. So he thought the girl would be able to make friends? Heh…

Unfortunately, Shen s.h.i.+ Ye didn't think too deeply. Out of kindness, he thought the ugly woman Gong Yi Mo should make some female friends. Women, they should be more delicate! How could she be more valiant than a man?

After hearing Su Miaolan's suggestion, he nodded enthusiastically, "Alright, leave the invitation to me!"

Su Maiolan was afraid of Gong Yi Mo turning down the offer. Just to be sure, she asked, "What if the Princess is sad and refuses to come?"

Shen s.h.i.+ Ye turned around and waved. "Rest a.s.sured! If she learns about your good intentions, she won't turn you down. And besides, have you forgotten who this young master is? If she opposes, I'll kidnap her if I have to!" He had already forgotten who had bound him up and pinched him repeatedly just the day before.

Su Miaolan breathed a sigh of relief, then said in an angry voice, "Brother Shen really likes to joke."


Meanwhile, at the Crown Prince's Eastern Palace.

"How is she? Have you received any news?"

When the messenger had entered, Gong Che immediately dragged him in. The Crown Prince appeared anxious and impatient, a stark contrast to his usual calm and gentle demeanor.

The servant could only cry sullenly within the prince's firm grip.

"There is no news that the Princess had visited anyone. We don't know if she visited any shops under her name…"

"She wouldn't…" Gong Che was very much aware. For Gong Jue, Gong Yi Mo was his everything, and the same was true for the princess when it came to Gong Jue. She thought of her younger brother's well being at all times.

This time, Gong Yi Mo had sent Gong Jue to his mother's family with great difficulty and gave him such a good opportunity for meritorious service. She would definitely think of ways to prevent news from reaching his ears and keep him from worrying.

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