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Chapter 1782, Is Barking All You Can Do

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys

“Heh heh heh…” When the three parties were locked into a temporary stalemate, Yang Kai suddenly let out a m.u.f.fled laugh.

Zi Long frowned, turned his gaze, and asked in a disgruntled tone, “Boy, what are you laughing at?”

Yang Kai just shot him a side-long glance without making a sound.

Zi Long narrowed his eyes as a cold light flashed across their depths.

A trivial Origin Realm Junior dared ignore him, it was the epitome of not knowing how high the sky was and how thick the earth was.

Although he was annoyed in his heart, Zi Long was still able to endure it, but Zi Dong who was next to him immediately called out in response to Yang Kai’s disrespectful conduct, “Brat, did you not hear my father ask you a question? Are you deaf?”

Yang Kai s.h.i.+fted his eyes, pretended to clean his ear, then scoffed towards Zi Long and Zi Dong, “If he asks something, I have to answer? What thing is he? What thing are you?”

Yang Kai had neither grievance nor grudge with Zi Long and Zi Dong, but Zi Long had still launched a sneak attack against him just now. If it were not for his strength being out of the ordinary, Yang Kai would already be dead.

The other party was a Second-Order Origin King but still disregarded his status and launched a sneak attack against him!

This annoyed Yang Kai greatly, and seeing Zi Dong’s domineering and arrogant att.i.tude did nothing to improve his mood.

As such, Yang Kai did not bother being polite with this father and son duo.

Hearing his rude words, Zi Long’s murderous intent flared up momentarily while Zi Dong angrily sneered, “You’re finished! This Young Master hasn’t met anyone as crazy as you in a long time, just you wait, in half an hour, this Young Master will personally take your life!”

“Your name is Zi Dong, right?” Yang Kai squinted at him with an expression of disdain, “I wonder if you’ve heard a certain saying.”

“And what’s that?” Zi Dong came to look at Yang Kai with a sneer.

“Dogs that can bite… don’t bark. Dogs like you who can only yell can’t bite!” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully.

“You dare curse me?” Zi Dong Lai’s face suddenly became cold as his tone dropped noticeably.

“So what if I cursed you!?” Yang Kai laughed as a look of madness filled his face and he continued to taunt, “Hit me then! Come on, hit me! If you’re not a lame dog come over here and kill me!”

Zi Dong’s lungs almost exploded when he heard this.

He was the Young Master of Purple Star, a n.o.ble existence with incredible cultivation for his age. No matter where he went, he would receive lavish praise and anyone whom he found unpleasant to the eye would be dead before the next sunrise.

When had he ever been forced to endure such humiliation?

Under any other circ.u.mstance, he would have rushed out to teach Yang Kai a harsh lesson long ago, but in this d.a.m.ned place, this medicine valley covered in Seven Coloured Radiant Light. No matter how much he wanted to torture and kill Yang Kai, he could not.

He did not have the ability to rush through the Seven Coloured Radiant Light to where Yang Kai stood.

He had never encountered such a suffocating situation before and was extremely angered by it, wis.h.i.+ng he could rush out and beat Yang Kai to a pulp immediately.

Zi Dong glared towards Yang Kai viciously, his eyes practically spraying hatred and anger.

“Idiot!” Yang Kai snorted coldly as he snorted towards Zi Dong and Zi Long with a look of disdain.

“Just you wait, in half an hour, I’ll let you know the consequences of provoking this Young Master!” Zi Dong shouted viciously.

“Did you just bark again?” Yang Kai looked at him mockingly.

Zi Dong fumed and was about to say something more, but Zi Long glared at him and said flatly, “Why waste time arguing with him? In half an hour, he’ll be dead. Is there any reason to speak so much with a dead person?”

Zi Dong’s heart clenched as he realized his father was a little dissatisfied with his performance. Humbling accepting his lesson, Zi Dong nodded and although he no longer spoke to Yang Kai, his expression only became more sullen. Obviously, he was concocting how to shame Yang Kai after half an hour was up.

“Hahahaha!” On the other side, Xu Wei laughed loudly and clapped, “Interesting, interesting, really interesting. Kid, you’re too amusing, this old master has suddenly become interested in you.”

He had been standing nearby, watching silently as Yang Kai unscrupulously offended both Zi Long and Zi Dong. Seeing such a display of recklessness, Xu Wei could not help feeling Yang Kai wasn’t quite right in the head.

Didn’t this boy know he would definitely die after the Seven Coloured Radiant Light retreated? And judging from how this kid had provoked Zi Long, the latter would definitely not make his death quick.

This brat was simply looking for trouble at this point. If he could choke down his anger and then flee the instant the Seven Coloured Radiant Light retreated, he might still have been able to survive, but now…

Xu Wei looked at Yang Kai as if he was looking at a dead person.

“How about it boy, are you interested in joining hands with this old master?” Xu Wei smiled and suggested.

“Cooperate with you?” Yang Kai looked at Xu Wei and curled his lips into a grin, “Not interested, this Young Master hasn’t forgotten what happened between us before.”

“Kid, you’d best speak more politely,” Xu Wei’s expression became cold when he heard Yang Kai refer to himself as ‘Young Master’ in front of him, it was nothing short of an insult.

“Is there a need to be polite with someone like you?” Yang Kai sneered.

Seeing that Yang Kai and Xu Wei also had friction between them, Zi Dong suddenly snickered. At this moment, he also felt that Yang Kai’s head was messed up. Among the three parties present, Yang Kai had the lowest strength, but instead of trying to keep a low profile and concealing his abilities, he openly acted defiantly and extremely arrogantly. After offending one party, he chose to offend the other as well. It was nothing less than courting death.

How had a person with such poor judgement managed to cultivate to the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm?

“Elder Xu, this kid seems to be looking down on you,” Zi Dong sneered and provoked discord.

Xu Wei frowned and ignored Zi Dong’s provocations; after all, Zi Long’s existence put a great deal of pressure on him and he did not want to snap back at Zi Dong lest it cause him further trouble.

Moreover, if he wanted to obtain the Enlightenment Flowers later, his personal strength definitely would not suffice. Although Yang Kai seemed like a fool, it was a fact that he had resolved Zi Long’s attack just now, so there was no question about his strength. Perhaps there was a chance this boy could stall Zi Long, even if just for a moment, which would give Xu Wei an opening to s.n.a.t.c.h the Enlightenment Flowers and immediately escape.

He could not beat Zi Long, but there shouldn’t be any problem with just running away.

“It’s fine, this old master won’t lower himself to deal with you,” Xu Wei waved his hand magnanimously as he continued to look at Yang Kai, “Actually, this old master didn’t have much of a grievance with you, everything before was just a small misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding?” Yang Kai chuckled lightly, “Then the misunderstanding must have been quite big.”

Xu Wei frowned and said sincerely, “Boy, in this place, people die all the time, that’s only normal. This old master was indeed in the wrong though, so if you insist on pursuing the matter, this old master can compensate you.”

Mentioning this in pa.s.sing, Xu Wei didn’t explain how he would compensate Yang Kai before continuing, “But let us not mention this for now. This old master wants to cooperate with you. What do you think?”

“Cooperate how?” Yang Kai asked casually while refining the medicinal efficacies in his body.

“Simple, you and I join forces to exchange moves with this pair from Purple Star. You should know how precious these Enlightenment Flowers are, and if you and I don’t join forces, neither of us will obtain any of them,” Xu Wei said solemnly.

Yang Kai raised his brow but did not answer immediately, as if he was considering this proposal.

On the other side though, Zi Long’s eyes flashed as he stared at Xu Wei faintly and said, “Xu Wei, you’re far too presumptuous! Do you really think you can s.n.a.t.c.h these Enlightenment Flowers from this King’s hand just by joining forces with this boy!?”

Xu Wei laughed, “Whether I can s.n.a.t.c.h them or not, you’ll have to wait and find out. There are five Enlightenment Flowers right in front of us, and this Xu does not want to miss out on them. These are treasures this Xu is willing to risk his life to obtain!”

“In that case, this King will wait and see if you and this little brat can achieve what you want,” Zi Long’s expression remained indifferent, and after speaking, he closed his eyes lightly.

“Kid, have you considered it clearly?” Xu Wei urged Yang Kai, “Take a look around, there are many spirit flowers and here. Besides the Enlightenment Flowers, there are also some stalks of Heavenly Infant Gra.s.s. Do you know how precious Heavenly Infant Gra.s.s is? It is a main ingredient in the Origin King Pill. If you can obtain such a pill, breaking through to the Origin King Realm in the future will be a.s.sured. There are also several Seeking Heart Lotus over there. These are treasures that can discipline one’s state of mind. You being able to have such achievements at such a young age must mean you need to temper your mind. The Seeking Heart Lotus are perfectly suited to you. If we can succeed later, this old master only wants those Enlightenment Flowers, everything else is yours for the taking. Is this old master’s sincerity enough for you?”

“It’s enough!” Yang Kai nodded.

“Then you agree?” Xu Wei smiled.

Yang Kai shook his head.

Xu Wei’s face sank as he shouted angrily, “Brat, are you mocking me?”

Yang Kai snickered, “Old dog, do you think this Young Master is a fool? You offer nothing but a few honeyed words and expect me to work to the death for you? Are you stupid? This Young Master has never met such an idiot before!”

Saying so, Yang Kai simply shook his head and sighed, looking distressed.

After being scolded by Yang Kai, Xu Wei’s face became gloomy to the extreme and his eyes burned with anger. At this moment, he was not any different from Zi Dong, wis.h.i.+ng he could rush out to beat Yang Kai to a pulp to relieve his hatred!

Now it was Zi Dong’s turn to laugh, “Elder Xu, this boy is clearly messed up in the head, you’d be better off not wasting your breath on him.”

“Is barking all you can do?” Yang Kai turned his head to stare at Zi Dong again, flicking his poisonous tongue freely, “A toothless dog that can only run its mouth and can’t even remember when it’s taught a lesson. If I were your father, I’d have choked you to death the moment you were born, but it seems your father must be just as stupid if he sired such an idiot son.”

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