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Chapter 5951: Ancient Grounds

Yang Kai then recalled the conversation between the people under the banyan tree. It seemed that the kid was Little Eleventh, whom Mu had brought back from somewhere.

He took a look at the young boy behind Mu and shook his head with a smile before turning to leave.

Suddenly, Mu said from behind, “Junior, you have to succeed no matter what. The Human Race’s future hinges on you.”

Without turning his head, Yang Kai waved his hand and replied, “I’ll bring back some good news, Senior.”

The darkness gradually engulfed his figure like an invisible beast.

“Who is he, Sixth Sister?” Asked the young boy.

Mu ruffled his hair and replied gently, “He’s a friend from a faraway place.”

“For some reason, I hate him,” the young boy frowned, “Whenever I see him, I have the urge to beat him up.”

Mu chided him by saying, “It’s wrong to attack others!”

The young boy pouted, “I know… When he drops by next time, I’ll go out and play so that I won’t see him.”

Mu put on a faint smile.

After playing with the other kids for a long time, the young boy was already sleepy, so he yawned and said, “I’d like to go to bed, Sixth Sister.”

Mu lowered her figure and pulled him into her embrace before saying softly, “En, just sleep.”

After rounding a corner, Yang Kai suddenly turned around and looked at the darkness.

Wu Kuang’s voice sounded in his mind, “What’s wrong?”

Without responding to him, Yang Kai fell into his thoughts. A moment later, he said, “Nothing. Perhaps I’m mistaken.”

Hearing that, Wu Kuang couldn’t help but mutter, “You’ve been acting strangely today.”


The Spirit Religion’s Restricted Area, Ancient Grounds, was where the first Saintess left behind the test. Only the Holy Son that matched the prophecy could pa.s.s the test safely.

The prophecy had been around for many years, and some wicked people had naturally tried pretending to be the Holy Son to gain power; however, none of those people could pa.s.s the test in the Ancient Grounds. Around 10 years ago though, the young man brought back by the Wind Order Lord managed to leave this place safely after entering.

Therefore, the authoritative figures of the Spirit Religion believed that he was the Holy Son, and they had been secretly nurturing him ever since.

Presently, the Saintess and the Order Lords were waiting with solemn expressions because someone had entered the Ancient Grounds that day.

While waiting, the Order Lords exchanged glances and secretly got ready for a fight.

There came a moment when the Ancient Grounds’ heavy door opened and a figure appeared and stepped into a Grand Array.

As a buzz was heard as the Grand Array was activated. With a stiff face, Yang Kai looked around and questioned grimly, “What are you trying to do?”

The Grand Array was more powerful than the one he and Zuo Wu You had to deal with back in the village, and the people in charge of it were all Immortal Ascension Boundary Masters.

It could be said that if anyone in this independent World fell into this trap, there was no way they could escape by relying on their own power.

The Saintess said softly, “Don’t worry. Since you’ve stepped out of the Ancient Grounds, you’re now faced with the final test. If you can pa.s.s this test, you’ll be acknowledged as the Spirit Religion’s Holy Son.”

Yang Kai’s gaze turned gloomy as he stared coldly at the woman, “You didn’t tell me about this before.”

With a hunched back, the Wind Order Lord, Si Kong Nan, chuckled, “Well, it’s not too late to tell you about it now.”

“Are you messing with me!?” Yang Kai growled.

Si Kong Nan persuaded him by saying, “Don’t be so impetuous, Little Friend.”

Ma Cheng Ze placed his hands on his bulging belly and put on a grin, questioning casually, “Why would you be afraid if you’re not guilty of anything?”

Yang Kai swept a gaze over the Immortal Ascension Boundary Masters. As though having no choice but to give in, he asked in a milder tone, “What’s the last test about?”

Thunder Order Lord Yu Dao Chi replied, “You don’t have to do anything. Just stand right there.”

Saying so, he turned to look at the Saintess, “Let us begin, Holy Saintess.”

The Saintess nodded and performed a hand seal. As she muttered under her breath, she pointed at Yang Kai all of a sudden.

In an instant, the entire World hummed. An invisible power seemed to be drawn from the deepest part of Heaven and Earth as it struck Yang Kai, who grunted upon the impact.

At that moment, he realised that it was the Purifying Heart Secret Technique, which drew energy from the World itself to dispel Black Ink Strength. Only the Saintesses nurtured by Mu were able to do such a thing.

Engulfed in the Purifying Heart Technique, Yang Kai clenched his teeth and held on. The veins on his forehead suggested that he was going through immense pain.

Soon enough though, he was no longer able to persevere as he growled in pain.

Although the authoritative figures of the Spirit Religion had already expected the outcome, they were still shocked by the sight before their eyes.

As Yang Kai howled, a dark fog billowed from his figure.

The Heaven Order Lord snorted and looked at Yang Kai with contempt, “How dare a thug like you try to seize control of the Spirit Religion!”

Si Kong Nan shook his head and sighed, “There are always some overly confident people who are blinded by greed.”

The Purifying Heart Secret Technique continued drawing the dark fog out of Yang Kai’s figure until there was none left. At that moment, all his clothes were soaked in sweat as he was kneeling on one knee, panting heavily.

The Saintess stopped using the technique and looked at Yang Kai, who was in the centre of the Grand Array. She sighed and questioned, “Why are you pretending to be the Holy Son?”

Yang Kai lifted his head, “I’m the Holy Son, so why do I need to pretend to be one?”

The Saintess said, “The real Holy Son will never be corrupted by Black Ink Strength when pa.s.sing through the Ancient Grounds. Since you’ve been corrupted by Black Ink Strength, it shows that you’re not the Holy Son. By the way, the real Holy Son was found 10 years ago!”

Yang Kai’s pupils dilated when he heard that and after a long pause, he muttered bitterly, “So, you’ve been aware that I’m not the Holy Son since the beginning.”


An enraged Yang Kai roared, “Why did you make me pa.s.s through the Ancient Grounds, then!?”

Si Kong Nan said, “You made a big fuss when entering the city, so we need to give the public an explanation. This test is the best explanation.”

Upon hearing his explanation, Yang Kai sneered, “I see!”

The Saintess demanded, “Please surrender.”

“In your dreams!” Yang Kai bellowed as he leapt up into the sky in an attempt to escape; however, the Grand Array’s power relentlessly held him down.

The Immortal Ascension Boundary Masters exerted more force at the same time, causing the Grand Array’s power to increase. An unsuspecting Yang Kai fell to the ground, as though he was being pressured by a mountain.

After getting up with difficulty, Yang Kai charged towards one of the Immortal Ascension Boundary Masters who was controlling the Spirit Array.

“You court death!” Bellowed the Thunder Order Lord Yu Dao Chi as he dashed towards the Grand Array.

At the same time, Li Fei Yu unsheathed her sword and charged towards Yang Kai while warning, “This man can use some strange methods and he seems to have a powerful Soul artifact, so don’t use your Soul Avatars to deal with him!”

Yu Dao Chi snorted, “Do I even need to use Soul Avatar to fight him?”

Saying so, he reached Yang Kai and threw out a fist.

He didn’t hold back any of his power as a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary Master. Obviously, he wanted to kill Yang Kai with one move.

Upon seeing that, the Saintess, who was outside the Grand Array, secretly sighed.

Over the years, she had speculated as to who the mastermind was, but she never had any evidence.

Given the current situation, even if Yang Kai had some malicious intentions, Yu Dao Chi should’ve captured the culprit and interrogated him instead of trying to kill him right away.

His aggressiveness had exposed him.

Although the Saintess had found out many of Yang Kai’s capabilities when having a discussion with him the night before, she still couldn’t help feeling worried; however, all of them were shocked the next moment. Faced with Yu Dao Chi’s attack, Yang Kai threw out a fist instead of dodging. Following a boom, both of them were sent flying away.

Li Fei Yu’s weapon turned into a sword rain that engulfed Yang Kai, making sure that he was unable to flee. Only then did she have some time to speak, “By the way, I forgot to tell you that this guy is extremely strong. He defeated the Black Ink Cult’s Earth Chapter Master in a one-on-one fight, forcing the latter to escape.”

Si Kong Nan exclaimed, “What!? He’s only a True Element Boundary brat, so how was he able to defeat that monster?”

Li Fei Yu obtained the information from Zuo Wu You, who had been held by the Fire Order since entering the city. The others didn’t have a chance to approach him; therefore, other than Li Fei Yu and the Saintess, the other Order Lords had no idea what happened on Yang Kai’s journey to the Holy City.

On the other hand, they were all familiar with the Black Ink Cult’s Earth Chapter Master; after all, the two sides had been enemies for years, so they knew that the Earth Chapter Master had immense physical strength.

In truth, no one in the World had a stronger physique than the Earth Chapter Master; as such, it was inconceivable that the young man before their eyes was able to defeat such a powerful opponent in a one-on-one fight.

If Li Fei Yu were not the one who said it, the others wouldn’t have believed it, for the very notion was ridiculous.

On the other hand, Yu Dao Chi was evidently furious after exchanging moves with Yang Kai. He pushed his power and charged forward in an attempt to deal with Yang Kai alongside Li Fei Yu.

“This guy is dangerous. I don’t want to oppress a young man like him, but since he has some malicious intentions towards the Spirit Religion, we don’t have to be righteous,” Si Kong Nan sighed and stepped forward. The next moment, he appeared in the Grand Array and pushed out a palm towards Yang Kai’s head.

At that instant, Yang Kai was besieged by three Order Lords. Although the fight didn’t last long, it was more intense and perilous than anyone’s expectations.

Since three Order Lords had joined forces, and coupled with the Grand Array they had set up, no one in the World was able to escape unscathed. The fight ended less than an incense stick later.

However, none of the Order Lords was elated as they sported conflicted expressions.

“Why did you kill him?” Si Kong Nan turned to look at Li Fei Yu, his hunched back seeming to have been worsened by the situation. In that direction, Li Fei Yu had run Yang Kai through with her sword. Presently, the man no longer had any aura left.

With a pale face, Li Fei Yu shook her head, “I had no choice, holding back wasn’t possible.”

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