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Chapter 5982: Nine Palaces Formation

The Divine Spirits harnessed the power of their Sacred Treasures to aid the Human Race Army in the fight to slaughter their common enemy. There were also two Giant Spirit G.o.ds and eight Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters thundering across the battlefield. Meanwhile, the Small Stone Race Army which numbered hundreds of millions staunchly held the front lines. As a result, compared to the Small Stone Race and the Humans, the Black Ink Clan suffered far greater casualties on the battlefield.

At some point, the Human Race Masters began to see glimmers of hope for a victorious outcome.

Alas, their hopes were soon dashed.

The eight Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters who had been busy exterminating the enemy seemed to have been summoned by someone. With their aura connected, they charged through the Black Ink Clan Army and headed deep within the darkness. Soon, they disappeared from sight.

No one knew where they went exactly; however, Zhang Ruo Xi had gone off in that direction earlier, and terrifying shockwaves were now rippling out from that area.

Atop the tattered Pure Yang Pa.s.s, Mi Jing Lun’s heart sank as he realised that Zhang Ruo Xi must have encountered some kind of trouble.

Based on the strength Zhang Ruo Xi exhibited earlier, the only threat against her had to be Mo!

The Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction had been destroyed and Mo had awakened; thus, the battle reached its final, most critical climax.

The departure of the eight Ninth-Order Small Stone Races greatly eased the pressure on the Black Ink Clan.

The eight of them had focused on killing off Territory Lords and Royal Lords, with many of the latter suffering or even dying to the targeted attacks.

Now that the Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters left the battlefield, there were only the two Giant Spirit G.o.ds remaining, and Ah Da and Ah Er could not kill off the Royal Lords as swiftly as the eight Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters.

In the end, size was the deciding factor.

Naturally, the Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters were weaker than the Giant Spirit G.o.ds, but they were the same size as Humans and could move around deftly. Any Royal Lord they had their eyes on could not escape from them.

The same could not be said for the Giant Spirit G.o.ds; they were too ma.s.sive, and though their strength was unparalleled, they were not nearly as nimble or flexible.

Each time they attacked, large swaths of the Black Ink Clansmen would die, but those who reacted in time could still escape.

Thus, now that the eight Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters left the battlefield, the Royal Lords were a lot less hindered and could do much more, such as grouping up to besiege the Human Race Army!

The Black Ink Clan realised that even though the Small Stone Race Army made up the majority on the battlefield, the Humans were the true driving force behind the battle. Furthermore, compared to the hundreds of millions of Small Stone Race Soldiers, it was easier to wipe out the Humans, who only numbered in the tens of millions.

As long as they killed off all the Humans, they would emerge victorious, regardless of the casualties they suffered.

All at once, the Human Race Army was under great pressure as they became the primary targets of the Black Ink Clan.


Deep inside the void, the intense battle between Zhang Ruo Xi and Mo continued. It was the first time that the Primordial Light and Darkness were together again since the dawn of creation, and as they clashed, the Universe seemed to shatter and break.

Mo seemed to have lost all reason as the fury that built up throughout all the aeons poured out at once, leaving Zhang Ruo Xi with barely any room to fight back.

From a distance, the light and darkness could be seen clas.h.i.+ng, with the ocean of darkness keeping the light completely surrounded. Only a feeble flicker of light could be seen coming from the centre of the conflict.

Darkness was constantly clawing at the light, and it looked as if the latter would be extinguished at any moment.

Despite having over 30% of his Source suppressed and sealed, Mo’s might was still immeasurable and impossible to imagine. At the very least, he was more than what Zhang Ruo Xi could handle.

Earlier on, she estimated that she could hold out for half an hour, but now that they were well and truly engaged, she realised she had underestimated her opponent.

The power of the Primordial Light had been dispersed, much of it disappearing with the death of the Divine Spirits. All that was left were the Heaven’s Order Bloodline and the power of the Yin and Yang. Therefore, the Primordial Light had lost even more of its strength than Mo.

As the fight went on, Mo grew fiercer. Black Ink Strength surged and it looked as if he was on the verge of completely devouring Zhang Ruo Xi.

Zhang Ruo Xi was at a great disadvantage, and her situation only eased once she summoned the eight Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters over.

They left the main battlefield and swiftly headed straight over to Zhang Ruo Xi. From a distance, their connected auras linked up with Zhang Ruo Xi’s, and a Battle Formation was instantly formed!

Previously, the Eight Trigrams Formation formed by the eight Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters had stunned the Human Race Masters, but if they saw what was happening now, they would have no words to describe their shock and awe.

Zhang Ruo Xi and the eight Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters formed a Nine Palaces Formation, the most powerful of all Battle Formations!

Zhang Ruo Xi acted as the Core while the eight Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters formed the base.

All at once, Ruo Xi’s power soared and she was no longer cornered without any means of fighting back.

The flash of light expanded amid the darkness and broke free of its restraints. It now had the power to fight back and cover a greater area in brightness.

Mo sensed this change and grew even more furious, unleas.h.i.+ng even more concentrated Black Ink Strength from his body.

The two continued to clash, and each time light and darkness collided, darkness would spread out behind Mo, while light and the eight Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters followed closely behind Zhang Ruo Xi.

Time and time again, the two smashed against each other, neither side showing any signs of backing down!

With each clash, the Void crumbled and shattered. A battle of such immense power had never occurred before, and it would never occur again. This was a battle between the primordial forces of existence.

The intense fight went on for hours, with no side able to overwhelm the other.

With the help of the Battle Formation with her Small Stone Race Personal Guard, Zhang Ruo Xi could finally oppose Mo on even footing.

Nevertheless, this was merely a Battle Formation and not her own strength.

The prolonged fight not only continued to add to the pressure that Zhang Ruo Xi faced, but even the Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters were struggling.

The Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters had tough bodies, weaker than Yang Kai’s Divine Dragon physique, but not by much. Under normal circ.u.mstances, they would not be facing any issues.

However, the long and intense fight proved to be a burden that was slowly exceeding their ability to bear.

Cracks began to appear on the bodies of the Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters, and as Zhang Ruo Xi and Mo continued to clash, these cracks grew. Soon, the cracks weaved across their bodies like spider-webs.

It could be seen that once the cracks reached a certain point, even the Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters would crumble into a pile of rocks.

These Small Stone Races were Ruo Xi’s Personal Guard. They had been groomed with great difficulty and were intrinsically connected to her, so she could sense the state of every single one of them. Therefore, when she picked up on their injuries, she realised that things were looking bad for them.

She was only able to fight Mo because she had formed a Battle Formation with her Small Stone Race Personal Guard, but if something happened to the latter, the Battle Formation would collapse, even if only one of them died. Once that happened, it would be impossible for her to hold her own against Mo.

Once this thought occurred to her, Zhang Ruo Xi changed her strategy. Instead of confronting Mo head-on, she took a defensive stance to drag the fight out.

She did not know what her Sir was doing now, but all along, she knew that he was capable of doing things no one else could and she held strongly to this belief. [Sir can always make a miracle happen even in a hopeless situation!]

Therefore, regardless of what he was doing now, she had to try and buy him enough time.

Her new strategy worked. When two opponents were evenly matched, one could not accomplish much if the other was determined to prolong the fight.

The intense fight turned into a chase instead. Ruo Xi and her eight Small Stone Race Personal Guard kept flitting about, and even though Mo wielded his immense power wildly, he could not pin down and suppress her.

Mo, who had already lost his senses, became even more incensed, releasing b.e.s.t.i.a.l snarls and roars in an unending cacophony.

When Mo first emerged from the s.p.a.ce-Time River, he looked no different from a regular Human, apart from his Black Ink Strength. However, when Zhang Ruo Xi showed up, the Black Ink Strength surged and overtook his mind.

At this point, Mo no longer looked Human. Ruo Xi’s appearance and subsequent actions seemed to have driven him mad.

All of a sudden, Mo stopped chasing Zhang Ruo Xi.

As Zhang Ruo Xi puzzled over this, Mo abruptly turned around and charged towards the s.p.a.ce-Time River.

Ruo Xi’s expression stiffened!

Although Mo had been so agitated that he lost his senses, his battle instincts remained. Since Zhang Ruo Xi was equal in strength to him, he could not get rid of her, so he changed his target to Yang Kai who was still within the s.p.a.ce-Time River.

Even in his blurry state, he was still determined to protect the s.p.a.ce-Time River. He was not going to let anyone touch the final trace of Mu!

Upon seeing that Mo was turning back, Zhang Ruo Xi swiftly chased after him. Light flashed as she stopped him and engaged in a frontal battle again.

After a brief skirmish, Ruo Xi repeated her old tactic and quickly retreated. This led to a furious Mo pursuing her in the opposite direction of the s.p.a.ce-Time River.

Mo kept up the chase for a while, but when his efforts proved fruitless, he turned around again.

Once again, Ruo Xi caught up to him…

By doing this over and over again, she managed to occupy Mo’s attention.

Nonetheless, Zhang Ruo Xi knew this was only a temporary measure. She could tell that Mo was not in the right state of mind at the moment, which was why he did not notice what she was doing with her fairly crude strategy.

However, with each clash, the power of the light would wipe out some of the darkness, and similarly, the darkness would devour the light. In other words, both light and darkness were weakening each other each time they collided.

Zhang Ruo Xi could clearly sense that she was greatly weakened by the many hours of fighting, and the same was true of Mo.

Once the Black Ink Strength was weakened to a certain extent, Mo would most likely regain his senses, and when that time came, she would no longer be able to use this strategy to keep him occupied.

Furthermore, Ruo Xi was even more worried by the fact that the eight Ninth-Order Small Stone Race Masters would not be able to hold out much longer. Their bodies were covered in cracks now and it looked as if they would crumble at the slightest touch.

She was doing her best to keep the head-on confrontations with Mo to a minimum, but if she wanted to stop Mo from heading to the s.p.a.ce-Time River, she had to resort to things that she knew she should not!

Now that things had come to this, Zhang Ruo Xi had no other choice. She could only do her best to keep Mo occupied as she fervently hoped that Yang Kai sped up whatever he was doing; otherwise, once her Personal Guards could no longer hold out anymore, she would not be able to stop Mo alone.

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