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Chapter 6009: The Future

Every Great Territory Yang Kai pa.s.sed though had its once-dead Universe Worlds now radiating with new vitality. By the time Yang Kai was finished restoring all the Great Territories in the 3,000 Worlds, 1,000 years had already pa.s.sed.

Yang Kai then spent another 1,000 years doing the same thing to the Universe Worlds in the Black Ink Battlefield.

After 2,000 years, the entire 3,000 Worlds and even the Black Ink Battlefield were no longer desolate and barren as they had been in the past. They were once again br.i.m.m.i.n.g with endless vitality. In time, these Universe Worlds would definitely be able to produce new cultivation resources, and the increasing number of Humans would slowly become the masters of these Universe Worlds.

Void World was originally Yang Kai’s Small Universe, the crystallization of his life’s cultivation, his very foundation, but now, he had stripped away his Small Universe from himself and turned it into a real Universe World, placing it in High Heaven Territory, next to the Star Boundary. He did this after he broke through the shackles of the Open Heaven Realm and advanced to the World Creation Realm.

It was quite an incredible feat. Upon learning of this, all the Ninth-Order Masters were totally shocked, but considering that it was Yang Kai’s handiwork, they were able to accept it; after all, he was the only World Creation Realm Master in the history of the Human Race, so any kind of absurd and impossible feat suddenly became perfectly normal for him.

At this moment, somewhere on Void World, Yang Kai looked at a child in front of him and exhorted in a serious manner, “I’ll leave Little Eleven in your care. If there are any abnormalities, seal him immediately, I will deal with him when I return.”

Although the child did not look very old, he spoke in a steady voice like an elder, “Understood, Big Brother.”

This child’s appearance bore some resemblance to Fang Tian Ci.

As a matter of fact, he was none other than Fang Tian Ci. After Yang Kai used the Three Selves Source Reconst.i.tution Art to advance to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow lost their physical bodies, but their consciousnesses remained in Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, accompanying him for many years.

Because of the uniqueness of the Three Selves Source Reconst.i.tution Art, while they were Yang Kai’s Soul Clones, they were also independent ent.i.ties.

Over the years, while Yang Kai was repairing the Universe Worlds, he had also been thinking about how to bring Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow back to the world of the living. He couldn’t possibly allow them to remain in his Knowledge Sea forever without a flesh body.

Reincarnation was certainly a good choice, but in that case, they would most likely lose their original memories and become another unfamiliar Soul. After all, it was not the same as when he had cast his Secret Technique, and left many seals on his Soul Clones, ensuring that his Soul Clones would grow aware of their mission and memories at the right time.

Finally, when Yang Kai decided to strip off his Small Universe, he was struck with an indigenous idea.

That was to integrate Void World’s Source into Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow, allowing them to reincarnate along with the World itself. This way, not only would they be able to retain their original memories, but they would also become the Masters of Void World. From then on, they would share the same fate as Void World; if one suffered, all suffered, and if one prospered, all prospered. So long as Void World was not destroyed, they would be immortal.

Yang Kai’s Small Universe’s foundation was extremely strong, and now that they had become this Universe World’s Masters, it would be easier for them to progress in the future. It was easy to foresee that the 3,000 Worlds would have two more top Masters in the near future.

Yang Kai had also left Little Eleven here to be watched over by Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow as it would be grossly inconvenient for him to bring Little Eleven along for the rest of his journey.

After the child Fang Tian Ci responded, a black kitten sitting on his shoulder also nodded and spoke like a Human, “Meow… Big Brother, don’t worry, if there’s anything wrong with this brat, Second Brother and I will beat him to death!”

A look of anguish and frustration appeared on Little Eleven’s face as he rebuked, “Don’t make me sound like some wicked demon, at least show some basic respect to a Senior like me!”

The kitten immediately let out a snort.

“Then, I’ll take my leave,” Yang Kai nodded before soaring into the sky.

The trio’s gazes followed after him until Yang Kai finally disappeared from their sight.

A moment later, the child, Fang Tian Ci, and the kitten, Thunder Shadow, stared at Little Eleven together, causing him to frown, “What do you want…”

The kitten shouted, “Let’s beat him up, meow!”

Having said so, his figure left afterimages as he pounced at Little Eleven’s face, while his pair of cat claws swiped furiously, leaving multiple afterimages.

Little Eleven cried in surprise, and just as he was about to dodge, the child, Fang Tian Ci, threw him on the ground.

A moment later, two Humans and a kitten were lying on the ground with their faces black and blue.

Thunder Shadow gasped for breath as he stated, “I’ve wanted to beat you up for a long time now! Satisfying!”

The child Fang Tian Ci did not fare any better. His nose was bleeding, but there was a content smile on his face.

Little Eleven’s face was covered in claw marks. He was undoubtedly much stronger than these two, but this was Void World, and the child Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow were the Masters of this place. Little Eleven was just asking for trouble by being hostile to them while within the bounds of this Universe World; thus, their fight ultimately ended in both sides being defeated and wounded.

Nonetheless, Little Eleven stubbornly declared, “Once I recover, I’ll deal with you two!”


Outside Void World, when Yang Kai arrived in the void, what he saw next took him aback, because there were many familiar faces waiting.

Putting aside the group of women led by Su Yan, Yu Ru Meng, and the others, many of the Ninth-Order Masters were also here.

[How did my whereabouts get leaked…]

Yang Kai secretly reflected for a moment, wondering how he gave himself away. All he could say was that his Wives understood him too well.

“Are you planning on going on a long journey?” Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao looked at him and asked.

“En,” Yang Kai nodded his affirmation, “I made a promise to someone. I have to at least try to save him.”

Inside the Taboo Realm, Chong Jiu was not lying when he said to the many Supreme Masters that Yang Kai vowed to save him. Yang Kai had indeed sent him a Divine Sense transmission just before he left declaring as much.

Chong Jiu had helped Yang Kai quite a bit during his 8,000 years in the Taboo Realm; furthermore, the two of them shared the same ideals. If possible, Yang Kai wanted to rescue him from the Taboo Realm, despite the fact that he had no idea where Chong Jiu’s Universe was.

This would probably take a lot of time and effort to find, and there was no guarantee his trip would bear any results.

Having fallen into the Taboo Realm, Chong Jiu’s world had forgotten about him a long time ago. Even if Yang Kai found his home, he might not be able to discover any traces of Chong Jiu’s existence.

However, as the saying goes, put forward your best, and leave the rest to the Heavens!

“I also want to find a way to overcome the shackles of the Open Heaven Realm Method.”

The Open Heaven Realm Method that the Human Race was currently cultivating was comprehended by the 10 Martial Ancestors from the World Tree and pa.s.sed down through the ages. The Open Heaven Realm Method allowed the Human Race to gain a foothold in this world and gave them a chance to become the overlords of this Universe, but in the end, this cultivation method was flawed.

All cultivators who ascended to the Open Heaven Realm had innate limits imposed on them.

Such a cultivation system was obviously imperfect.

In the Taboo Realm, Yang Kai had come into contact with many Supreme Masters from different Universes, each of them had a different cultivation method, but very few of their methods had such obvious shackles as the Open Heaven Realm.

As the popular adage goes, stones from other hills may be used to polish one’s own jade. So, Yang Kai’s purpose of venturing out to explore was firstly to find traces of Chong Jiu, and secondly, to study the cultivation systems of other places to see if he could make use of them to improve the Open Heaven Realm Method.

Since the Human Race was now thriving, and countless Universe Worlds had been restored, even the originally desolate and dilapidated Black Ink Battlefield had regained its vitality, the Humans no longer needed to worry about living s.p.a.ce and cultivation resources. Yang Kai felt that it was time to s.h.i.+ft his attention to future issues.

What’s more, there was not just his Universe in the vast and endless void. Although he had now reached the World Creation Realm, no one could say with absolute certainty that there were not any existences stronger than him out there.

If one day a Master from another Universe came to invade, their side must have enough strength to protect themselves.

This was also a form of preparation for the rainy days.

“If you can find such a thing, could we break through to the World Creation Realm?” Xiang Shan asked.

“Probably not,” Yang Kai shook his head. He had experienced breaking through to the World Creation Realm first hand, so he knew the method to do so and understood it was not something that could be achieved by solving the shackles of the Open Heaven Method Realm. Rather, this breakthrough was more about opportunities, luck, and several other conditions. “The ideal situation is to allow the current Human Race to advance through the Open Heaven Realm without being affected by their innate shackles first.”

Originally, a cultivator who directly ascended to the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm would have an upper limit of the Fifth-Order, but if Yang Kai found a solution to this flaw, then a Third-Order Master would not only be able to reach the Sixth-Order in the future, but he would also be able to cultivate to the limit of what he could achieve, perhaps even reaching the Ninth-Order one day.

In that case, the Human Race, with the help of two Open Heaven Realm Cradles, would be able to give birth to even more Eighth-Order, and Ninth-Order Masters…

If a Ninth-Order Master wanted to break through to the World Creation Realm, they would first need to study the 10,000 Grand Daos. When his or her mastery of the Grand Daos had reached a certain level, they would finally be able to touch the Taboo of this world. Finally, if that person could break the restriction of the Taboo Realm, they would then advance to the World Creation Realm.

Yang Kai had already traversed this path, so if the Ninth-Order Masters took this path again in the future, it would be a bit easier and more relaxed than when he had first ventured onto it.

“That’s not a bad idea,” Mi Jing Lun nodded his acknowledgement, “Then I wish you all the best, but we won’t be able to provide much help in this matter. You can only count on yourself.”

With Yang Kai confirming the existence of the World Creation Realm, the Ninth-Order Masters were all diligently cultivating and studying the mysteries of various Grand Daos. Furthermore, with Yang Kai’s current cultivation, they would not be able to provide any support to him even if they accompanied him.

Yang Kai nodded before turning to his Wives.

Yu Ru Meng stated with a snort, “You can forget about leaving us behind this time.”

Although the other women didn’t say anything, their determined expressions were speaking for themselves.

Yang Kai smiled, “Then, let’s go together.”

The group of women immediately broke into cheers. They were obviously overjoyed as they had not expected Yang Kai to agree so easily. Immediately, the group of women gathered around Yang Kai, chatting and laughing.

“Old Tree!” Yang Kai suddenly called out to the void, “Let’s go.”

In response to his call, the World Tree’s illusory phantom appeared in everyone’s field of vision. The towering giant tree was no longer lifeless as it used to be; rather, it was lush and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with vitality. Not only that, but countless World Fruits were also hanging from its branches.

In the past, Yang Kai had borrowed the World Tree’s power to travel to the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary from the edge of the Universe. This made the Old Tree consume too much energy and it fell into deep slumber.

Only when Yang Kai returned after reaching the World Creation Realm and began using his s.p.a.ce-Time River to repair the Universe Worlds in the various Great Territories did the Old Tree slowly wake from his slumber.

The World Tree was closely connected to the Universe Worlds in the 3,000 Worlds; everyone’s rise and fall was connected with each other. When the Black Ink Clan occupied the 3,000 Worlds, the World Tree was shrouded in a miasma of gray energy for many years, which left it in a desolate state. As the Universe Worlds died one after another, the fruits hanging on its branches also began to wither and fall. This caused the Old Tree to shrivel and grow older.

It had to be brought to notice that these World Fruits were the embodiments of the vitality of the various Universe Worlds. If the Universe Worlds were alive, their corresponding fruits were fresh and alive, if the Universe Worlds died, their corresponding fruits withered and fell.

Apart from the countless Universe Worlds Yang Kai had repaired over the past few thousand years, he had also placed the 3,000 Universe Worlds that Mu had left behind in her s.p.a.ce-Time River in the various Great Territories. Not only that, Yang Kai had also restored the Universe Worlds on the Black Ink Battlefield.

In light of this, the Old Tree’s vitality had significantly increased, and the number of fruits hanging from it was more than twice of when it was at its prior peak.

In the past, it was impossible for the Old Tree to manifest its figure outside the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, but now, it could easily do so.

Its thick trunk might give off the appearance of an old tree, but it bore no marks to show its age; rather, it seemed much younger than before.

It could be said that ever since Yang Kai began repairing the Universe Worlds, the Old Tree’s days had become more and more comfortable.

Old Tree smiled cheerfully at Yang Kai as it stretched out a branch which wrapped around Yang Kai and the various Women, before it gradually started glowing green.

By the time the glow faded away, Yang Kai and the others had disappeared.

In the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, when Yang Kai and the others reappeared, the Old Tree gently withdrew its branches wrapped around them, and then sent over 10 seedlings, World Tree Clones, to Yang Kai with another branch.

“Be careful on your journey,” Old Tree advised before prompting its strength, sending Yang Kai and the others out of Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.

When they reappeared, they were already standing on the edge of the Black Ink Battlefield.

Yang Kai carefully put away the 10 seedlings as they were necessary for his return journey. This would surely be a long and arduous journey, so without the guidance of Old Tree, even a World Creation Realm Master like him might get lost in the endless void.

Drawing on his experience the last time he returned from distant lands, Yang Kai had Old Tree prepare some seedlings in advance. This way, when he ventured deep into the vast, endless void, he could plant the seedlings on some Universe Worlds he found and use them to contact the Old Tree.

Furthermore, this would also help in strengthening the Old Tree’s foundation, because the Universe Worlds with World Tree clones planted on them would be included into the Old Tree’s teleportation range. All the Universe Worlds within this range would be imprinted onto Old Tree’s body, manifesting in the form of World Fruits.

In all likelihood, the World Tree’s teleportation range would increase with Yang Kai’s exploration. Perhaps after Yang Kai found a new Universe, he would be able to connect it to the 3,000 Worlds and travel freely between them.

Yang Kai summoned a Wars.h.i.+p, whereupon everyone gathered in the cabin.

“Husband, which way should we go?”

“Let’s go this way.”

“Alright then, sit tight.”

“Right, if we’re all traveling outside, what about our children?”

“Their Grandfather and Grandmother are looking after them, there’s no need to worry. Also, it’s not like they are kids anymore.”

“Mhm, Father and Mother must be very happy with so many grandsons and granddaughters. It’s really envious! But they’ve gotten old, will they be able to look after them?”

“Their Uncle and Aunty are also looking after them.”

“That brat Yang Xiao, I’ve only seen him a few times over the years!”


“Hey, if you want to talk, just talk. Why are you closing the door?”

“I don’t care. Big Sister has already given birth to two, but I’ve only given birth to one, I want to have another kid too. Husband, you can’t be unfair!”

“This isn’t something I can decide, eh… ahh, don’t tear my clothes, let’s talk it out!”


Silavin: Not sure why the author said that the children are playing on their grandparent’s lap in ‘Mhmm, Father and Mother must be very happy with so many grandsons and granddaughters.’

It’s been a few thousand years since they got impregnated. So, they should have grown up by now. – Changed!

Also, “I don’t care, Elder Sister had already given birth to two, but I’ve not given birth yet, I want to have a kid too. Husband, you can’t be impartial!” – Technically, they were all pregnant when he went to fix up the Universe Worlds. So, this doesn’t make sense. Changed!

Overall, it was a nice ending. Plot holes here are there but overall, I think this was a satisfactory ending. 

I’ll continue on with the side-stories as planned. I will be live streaming while I write the chapters so that I can get your input. Chapter 6010 is already done. Will detail more at another date.


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