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Chapter 590 The Devil“s Morals!

It was obviously not the first time that Ling Yue of the Fox Zen School Sect had dealt with this man. She said angrily, "I've told you, our leader is meditating in seclusion. Can't you lower your voice?"

Saionji Tsunekatsu opened his eyes wide and said, "Seclusion? In such a place? Do you think we are all fools?"

Ling Yue said angrily, "It's none of your business where our leader goes to meditate. Even if he is in seclusion here, what does it have to do with you?"

There was a flash of anger in Xiyuan Temple's eyes, but he suppressed his anger and said, "If I don't see Li Yundong, I will never leave!"

A man next to him also said in a high voice, "We want to meet the leader, Li Yundong. Please introduce us to him!"

The little foxes behind Ling Yue sauntered over one after another and said, "You two are so annoying. We've said that the head is in seclusion. What are you talking about? What's so urgent? Can't it wait for a few days?"

Saionji Tsunekatsu said, "Masako Tachibana sent me with a letter challenging him to a fight, but Li Yundong still hasn't given us a reply!"

Ling Yue was shocked and looked Saionji Tsunekatsu up and down. She asked in surprise, "Did you give it to me?"

At this time, Cao Yi and Liu Yuehong of the Fox Zen School heard the noise and came out one after another. Seeing the two j.a.panese men blocking the door, Cao Yi couldn't help frowning and saying, "I can bring our leader to reply to you. He has received the letter. I'm not sure whether he will come or not."

Saionji Tsunekatsu couldn't help but say angrily, "How can we do that? Leader Li Yundong must go!"

Cao Yi frowned and said with slight anger, "Why? Are you going to kidnap our leader if he doesn't want to go?"

Saionji Tsunekatsu said in a high voice, "A true cultivator shouldn't retreat in the face of a challenge. He is nothing but a coward!"

Hearing this, Ao Wushuang, who was in the room, couldn't help but come out and say coldly, "Since you are a cultivator of Zhenyan Tantrism, are you a warrior or a monk? Why are you so murderous? What I know about Zhenyan Tantrism is that they do not normally rule with such murderous intent."

Saionji Tsunekatsu could see that Ao Wushuang was as beautiful as a peach blossom and as cold as a frost. Although she was extremely beautiful, she was exuding a strong aura that could not be violated. He suddenly froze and said politely, "The way we believe is different from the way you believe! You Han people believe in harmony, and we believe in martial arts! Therefore, in our opinion, martial arts are our Taoism! It is shameful to avoid fighting like Leader Li Yundong does. He should be ashamed of himself!"

Ao Wushuang sneered and said, "When I went to Kongobu-ji Temple more than ten years ago, you were not like this. Why are you like this now? Humph, before Li Yundong left, he asked me to temporarily hold the position of leader. I can make the decision for him. Let me tell you, although our leader is also a cultivator who is valued for his harmonious nature and broad mind, he is not someone who lets just anyone take him for a ride. Go back and tell your Masako Tachibana that when he comes out of seclusion, he will definitely come to visit her and let her know what real strength is!"

However, Saionji Tsunekatsu looked directly at Ao Wushuang and said stubbornly, "No, I must wait for him here. Logically speaking, he should have left as soon as he received the letter! He has been delayed by two days. This is greatly disrespectful to Lord Masako Tachibana, and it also brings shame on us!"

Ao Wushuang looked at him coldly and shook her head. "You j.a.panese copy everything from others, but you don't truly learn anything from them. When our civilization was at its peak, your master Kobo Dais.h.i.+ traveled to China to learn Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. But unfortunately, even after more than a thousand years, you still haven't learned the essence of our civilization. Don't you know what it means to not do what you don't want to do? Are you happy to accept someone forcing you to do this?"

Saionji Tsunekatsu sneered and said, "Us Yamato only know that a winner is a winner! If Leader Li Yundong won't dare to come, just tell us. Why talk so much nonsense? Don't you feel ashamed to have to cover for him with the excuse of him being in isolation?"

These words made all the people in the Fox Zen School furious at the same time. Ling Yue and the little foxes shouted angrily, "What did you say? Say it again if you have the guts! You think our leader would be afraid of you?"

"That's right. Our leader scared your Tachibana Wakako to tears with one slap. How dare you bring this up?"

When Saionji Tsunekatsu heard their words, he ground his teeth in anger. He knew very well that if Masako Tachibana hadn't lost so badly back then, she wouldn't have lost her temper so badly and ordered him to make sure that Li Yundong came to j.a.pan no matter what!

In fact, like Zhenyan Tantrism and the Zhenyi Sect in China, there were many sects below a higher sect, such as the Quanzhen Sect, Quanzhen Dragon Sect, the Quanzhen Yuxian Sect, Quanzhen Nanwu Sect, and different schools below the sect.

Compared with the Chinese cultivation world, which had suffered many disasters, Zhenyan Tantrism was located in Kongobu-ji Temple. For thousands of years, the incense has not stopped burning. It was not like Mount Hiei in j.a.pan, which had been the site of a ma.s.sacre by Oda n.o.bunaga, and had suffered a great calamity and setback.

After more than 1,200 years of development, Zhenyan Tantrism had been divided into the Ono sect and the Hirosawa sect. The Ono sect and the Hirosawa sect had each produced six different schools of thought, which together were called the Nozawa Twelve. As time went by, these twelve schools of thought gradually transformed into 36 and 70 different schools of thought.

Most of these Zhenyan Tantrism sects could be cla.s.sified into schools of ancient meaning and schools of new meaning. They were also the two most intense sects, such as the Neidan Sect and External Alchemy in the Chinese cultivation world.

In the era of Jiangfu in j.a.pan, the ancient meaning school had occupied Mount Kōya, the ancestral court of the Zhenyan Sect. The schools of new meaning had been pushed out of Mount Kōya by the schools of ancient meaning. It occupied Mount Zhi and Mountain Feng. After a long period of both open and secret strife, the schools of ancient meaning and the schools of new meaning had fought with each other until they were scarred. The two groups of cultivators, unable to bear it any longer, reached an agreement under the five-year management of the Celestial Emperor of j.a.pan. They had initially set up Mount Kōya as the general base of the ancient meaning school, and Mount Zhi became the general base of the schools of new meaning. The monks of these sects and the three mountains took turns to serve as the chief directors of the Zhenyan Sect, commanding all temples under the Zhenyan Sect.

However, due to the fact that both factions wanted to hold the position of Head Director of the Zhenyan Sect for a long period of time, the two sides once again began engaging in open and secret struggles. With the awakening of the schools of ancient meaning from Masako Tachibana's family bloodline, the schools of ancient meaning gradually gained the upper hand in the battle between the two factions. In the ten consecutive years of fighting, the schools of ancient meaning also ended up laughing proudly throughout the entire j.a.panese cultivation world.

However, it seemed that the four-year-long contest to become the general manager was about to begin. In order to compete for this position, the two factions were trying hard to build up momentum amongst the ordinary people. At this critical moment, there was a scandal that Tachibana Wakako, the daughter of Masako Tachibana, had been scared to tears because of a slap from a Chinese cultivator!

As such, it could be said that he had thrown a heavy atomic bomb into the j.a.panese cultivation world!

The new sect, which had originally been hostile to them, immediately gloated and spread the news. Some of the other members of the schools of ancient meaning had also angrily made trouble for Masako Tachibana and questioned her.

Saionji Tsunekatsu still remembered clearly that when Masako Tachibana had been in the lobby of Okunoin Academy, she had been besieged and questioned by many masters of the Ancient Yi Sect, and her weak body had almost collapsed under the pressure!

Although these schools belonged to the ways of ancient thought, the fact that she had occupied a high position on her own for so long had caused the other sects to be extremely envious of her. Therefore, the schools of ancient meaning were surging with internal strife and undercurrents.

Under the discussion of the Divine Lady of the temple, Masako Tachibana, along with the 413 monks of the Kongobu-ji Temple, Ge Xiyi, all agreed that since Li Yundong had brought shame and disaster to them, they had to defeat him in front of the entire cultivation world of j.a.pan! Only in this way could they escape the current crisis!

However, as the youngest, most promising monk of Kongobu-ji Temple, Saionji Tsunekatsu, who was sometimes referred to as "Chang Sheng Vajra", had come to Tiannan City with a heavy responsibility entrusted to him by Masako Tachibana. However, the challenge letter he brought by him was like a clay ox sinking into the sea, garnering no response!

However, when he saw that the four-year-long compet.i.tion of the Director of the Secret Sect of j.a.pan was about to begin, he couldn't even see Li Yundong's people. How could he not be anxious?

In the face of the attack from the Linghuchan Gate, Saionji Tsunekatsu was both anxious and angry. The fierce light in his eyes was gradually revealed, and his back was slightly raised, like he was a fierce beast that could devour a person at any time.

He thought to himself, "Li Yundong is such a coward. He didn't even dare to show his face, asking a group of women to be his s.h.i.+eld instead! d.a.m.n it!"

Saionji Tsunekatsu clenched his fists and trembled with anger. He gritted his teeth and said, "Tachibana Wakako is just a child at a little over ten years old. What's there for you to be proud of if you defeat her? If you have the ability to defeat Lord Masako Tachibana, then you'll be the best!"

Seeing that he was so stubborn that they could barely even communicate with one another, she still wanted to speak. Ling Yue, who was beside her, said impatiently, "s.h.i.+shoo, don't tell him. It's useless to talk with a brainless chicken! I have told him many times that Leader is in seclusion, but he won't listen to me! If he wants to kneel, let him kneel!"

At this time, Kris, who had been watching from the side for a long time, finally couldn't stand it anymore. She stepped forward and said to Saionji Tsunekatsu, "Li Yundong is indeed in seclusion. It's useless for you to try and force him out."

Saionji Tsunekatsu turned his head and saw a foreign woman with blond hair and blue eyes speaking to him in fluent Chinese. He was stunned and replied in English, "Who are you?"

Kris replied in English, "I'm Kris."

He then asked, "I mean, how can you be so sure that Li Yundong is in seclusion?"

"I'm his registered disciple," said Kris. "Before I left, I watched him enter seclusion."

Saionji Tsunekatsu was shocked and immediately looked at Kris more seriously. He recognized from her accent that she was an American, but this American had just said that she was Li Yundong's disciple!

Saionji Tsunekatsu asked in surprise, "You are his disciple?"

However, Kris shook her head and said, "Well, not quite. I'm just a t.i.tular disciple, not an official one."

For a moment, Saionji Tsunekatsu stared at her in a daze, unable to say anything for a long time.

In the eyes of many j.a.panese people, the country they were most afraid of and considered most worthy of looking at was the United States, but what they despised the most was the fact that they had nothing to do with them, and that China was the source of their culture!

But in the end, this American had become a Chinese disciple? It seemed that an American had asked to be apprenticed. How could Li Yundong only have given her t.i.tular disciples.h.i.+p?

What was going on?

Seeing that Saionji Tsunekatsu was not speaking, she walked over to Ling Yue and the others and said to him, "If you don't believe me, you can just sit and wait for a long time, but please be quiet!"

Americans had been the hidden emperors of the j.a.panese since World War II. The ethnic inferiority had been deeply engraved in the marrow of j.a.panese people, which made them feel that they were a little less than the American people, even if they were cultivators!

Saionji Tsunekatsu opened his eyes wide and watched as Kris and the others went through the doorway. Then, the door closed coldly and heartlessly. For a moment, he couldn't come back to his senses or even utter a word.

A young man at the side couldn't help but ask anxiously, "Lord Saionji Tsunekatsu, what should we do now?"

Saionji Tsunekatsu calmed down, and he soon came to his senses. He gritted his teeth and said, "Hum, I don't believe that he is not in there! I clearly saw him go in but not come back out again!" As he said this, he quickly pinched a few fingers and snorted, "Looks like I'll have to force him!"

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