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Chapter 620: Grandpa Gon Attacked

Eguchi Ren: Sorry for the late upload, but I managed it somehow. It’s a short but fun to write chapter (lol). Thank you to everyone who had watched all the episodes of the anime!

The anime may be over, but the story will still continue, so keep supporting us, please!

Gumihou: Yes, keep supporting us!

“Dinner time!”

Today, at Sui’s request, we’re having Hambaagu stuffed with cheese for breakfast. Otherwise known as Cheese-stuffed Salisbury Steak.

“”Yay~! Hambaaguu~~ cheese~~!!””

“”This is also really delicious!”” said Dora-chan around a sauce-covered mouth.

Umu, it is not bad.”

Although not as popular as the fan favourite Karaage, the Salisbury Steak has always been a good staple. The meaty, juicy mouth feel of delicious meat is made even more luxurious when stuffed with lovely cheese~

Boom boom

“Eh?” I looked towards the door in shock. “Is there someone at the door?”

“”Sure sounds like it,”” said Dora-chan.

Umu, it’s just an unimportant idiot.”

“Unimportant- wait, is that-?”


A low moaning growl, reminiscent of a voice vibrating through a long tunnel echoed through the house.

“Uh, is that who I think it is?” I said, knowing full well who it must have been. Fer could sense other creature’s energy after all. If he was not worried, I had little reason to. Well, actually, that’s not right. If he looks excited, that’s when I should worry…


“Grandpa Gon?”

Umu, it’s him.”

“Well, if he wants food,” I said as I opened the door and just managed to avoid being squished by an Ancient Dragon falling through my door.

[1] “Tch, look what just dragged itself in,” Fer smirked

[1] “”I’m ashamed to be considered a ‘dragon’ now,”” said Dora-chan with a hand over his face.

“”Grandpa Gon~~ Eat~~”” said Sui sweetly.

Ah, as expected, Sui-tan is still the best.

[1] “Hmm, here I thought you would be sleeping for a few more days,” Fer snarked. “Aren’t you famous for sleeping for years on end?”

[1] “”Yeah, you could just sleep in the middle of the garden, be our new sculpture and have birds s.h.i.+t on you.””

“Woah, that’s harsh, Dora-chan,” I said, trying not to laugh as I put together a large plate of Cheese-In Salisbury Steaks for Grandpa Gon. “Here you go, eat up.”

Umu, much thanks, Master.”

“I’m ashamed to have ever thought of you as a rival,”

“”Hah! Try being ashamed just because we’re of the same species-””

“Alright, alright, enough of that!” [3] I clapped my hands and glared at the two creatures. It was one thing to criticise Grandpa Gon for his silly behaviour, but quite another to hound him unnecessarily like that. “Quit it!”

Fumu, you dare order me, human?” Fer snarled.

[3] I was not at all impressed, “Guess we’ll be having veggie ca.s.seroles for lunch.”

[3] “Nuu, you dare!!”

[3] “On second thoughts, maybe we should have bread instead. Yes, a lovely lunch consisting of bread on bread and served on top of more bread. With a refres.h.i.+ng side dish of water.”

[3] “Kuuuhh–

Fer was glaring at me with resentful eyes, but I had developed quite a thick skin over time. Like, what could he do to me? Kill me? Well, go back to eating raw meat. Also, I wonder what happens to all the Leviathan and Dragon meat I have in my [Item Box] if I die? Would it all explode from whatever s.p.a.ce they were hidden and spill into this world? Or would the contents of my [Item Box] disappear forever?

Probably disappear forever, otherwise I’m sure I would have heard about people being killed for the contents of their [Item Box] by now. I’m sure Willem-san would want to warn me at the least.

Pretty darn sure.

d.a.m.nit, who do I ask about things like this?

“G-give me seconds!” Fer barked. Probably for the lack of anything else to say.

For a very serious minute, I considered not giving him the food. Fortunately, good senses prevailed and with a sigh, I prepared the food.

““Me too! Seconds!””

“”Sui too~!!””

Soon, the air was filled with the sounds of chewing. I’m not one to kick people when they’re down, but once the eating had stopped, I decided to address the issue.

“Grandpa Gon.”

“Hic! Ahem, I mean, yes, Master?”

“What did I tell you before?”

“Uh, not to, uh, to drink in moderation?”

“Yes, moderation. Do you not understand what is moderation?” I was feeling rather worked up. “It means not drinking your weight in whisky and beer! It means not drinking until you go belly up! If you can’t regulate your own drinking, I will have to regulate it for you!”


“It means you are now limited to two cases of whatever you decide to drink! The end! Whether it’s beer, whisky or sake!”

“Master, the alcohol content of beer is…”

“As punishment for overdrinking, you are banned from drinking for one month!”


[Gumihou: I think Eguchi-san left the story a little too long, haha]

[1] The ‘cold atmosphere’ from Fer and Dora-chan was a tad too dramatic and unlikely. Sc.r.a.pped it for indifference and a sense of superiority.

[2] Deleted ‘haha, belly up’ remarks because it was already overdone in the previous chapter.

[3] Replaced timid and spineless Mukouda with someone more formidable. Change out Fer and Dora-chan glaring to Mukouda glaring at these two.

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