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Chapter 1683: Horrifying Chill

Suddenly, a white light flashed in front of his eyes, and then he lost consciousness.

When he woke up, Wei Chengyuan only felt an inexplicable chill.

When he looked at the man who had just been menacing and threatening, saying that if they didn’t return, he would slaughter everyone, he found that the man was no longer in front of him.

“What… what is this?” Zhang Yi screamed, frightened. He hid behind his brother, Zhang Chong.

Everyone looked toward the source of the sound and saw that on the ground where the Soul Splitting Stage martial artist had been standing, there was now a pool of blood and bones broken into segments.

“Was this person killed?” A master at the Soul Splitting Stage, just like that, easily killed? Who did this? And what exactly happened just now?

All the people in the banquet hall rushed out. Along the way, they saw several pools of blood, with segments of bones scattered on the ground just as well.

Moreover, the most terrifying thing was that every bone was exuding a biting cold air.

Butler Nan’s face was full of panic as he hurriedly led everyone into the bridal chamber of Nangong Yu and Xi Yue.

However, the room was already empty, with only the grotesque corpse of Yun Jingxue still lying there. Her neck twisted, and her eyes wide open in terror, staring at the people who entered.

“Where is Xi Yue?!” Qian Dazhuang couldn’t help but shout in panic, “Why is Xi Yue not in the bridal chamber?”

“Where is Nangong Yu? Why is he missing too?”

“There are also Gu Liufeng, Ouyang Haoxuan, Qing Long, and Bai Hu. Why are all these people missing?”

Surprised voices echoed in the room, but no one could answer them.

Shen Sen looked at Shen Qingchuo, whose eyes were reddened with anxiety, suddenly spoke in a deep voice, “Just now, a violent tremor came from the direction of Cang Mountain. Something must have happened there. Perhaps the King of h.e.l.l and Xi Yue might be there!”

Shen Sen’s words jolted Zeng Shouyue and the people of the Huang Medical Branch, who were originally anxious, back to their senses.

They remembered the tremor from Cang Mountain that preceded the wave of freezing air. It was so violent that it felt as though the whole world was shaking, which prompted their decision to go out and investigate what was happening.

However, they were stopped by a group of individuals. Each of whom had cultivation levels above the Nascent Soul Stage. Among them, there were even two at the Soul Splitting Stage.

The people from the Huang Medical Branch tried to leave, but they were met with ruthless attacks. If it hadn’t been for Zeng Shouyue’s quick reflexes, someone might have already been killed.

At this moment, both Shen Sen and Wei Chengyuan realized that something had gone wrong at the King of h.e.l.l Mansion and that Xi Yue was in trouble.

As they were preparing to confront their opponents with force, suddenly a flash of white light appeared. They lost consciousness, finding themselves frozen.

Jin Zeyu spoke in a deep voice, “Hong An, you take a group of people and stay here. If you see Xi Yue, send us a message immediately. The rest will come with me to Cang Mountain to investigate.”

Everyone responded in unison. As they were about to leave, they saw Butler Nan squatting at the entrance of the bridal chamber, touching the coldness on one of the skeletons lying there.

As soon as the cold air touched Butler Nan’s fingertips, a layer of frost immediately appeared on his skin.

The crowd was horrified by the chilling coldness, but then they saw Butler Nan’s face change dramatically as he suddenly shouted, “Young Master—!”

Following his shout, Butler Nan, as if driven by madness, leaped into the air and flew toward the direction of Cang Mountain.

Butler Nan recognized it. It was the cold poison, the unknown cold poison in Nangong Yu’s body that had entangled Nangong Yu for more than 20 years!

The cold poison had haunted Nangong Yu since birth, flaring up annually. Each outbreak could only be suppressed with the intense flames of extreme yang. Otherwise, he would experience unbearable pain.

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