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Chapter 1764: Two Children

Then, the camera moved slowly into the courtyard.

That was where the woman’s gaze fell. Two children were running around and playing happily in the courtyard, giggling happily from time to time.

As soon as Rabbit saw the two children, she exclaimed, “Their eyes, Saint Venerable!”

The appearance of the two children in the image wasn’t clear, but Rabbit noticed their eyes at a glance.

They had the same eyes as Saint Venerable Tianyi. Those eyes shone with purple light too.

It was a characteristic that only the direct bloodline of the Yun Family would have. It was unique in all aspects, whether in the G.o.d Domain or the lower realm.

Could it be that those two children were connected by blood to Saint Venerable?!

Rabbit looked at Yun Tianyi excitedly, and Yun Tianyi also stared blankly at the scene. Those two children were so beautiful, and he seemed to be stunned.

Soon, the projection of the recording stone went out, and nothing left could be seen.

Yun Tianyi suddenly came back to his senses and said seriously, “Have you found out where this place is?”

The rare urgency and nervousness in his voice startled Rabbit. She quickly said, “As soon as I got the recording stone, I rushed over to report to Saint Venerable. Rat and Tiger have already gone to check on it, and I believe their investigation will offer some results soon.”

Yun Tianyi took a deep breath and said slowly, “Let Snake rest well. You shall be dismissed!”

“Yes, Saint Venerable.”

Three days later, the anxious Yun Tianyi finally received the report from his subordinates.

“Saint Venerable, we finally found out that this place does not belong to the G.o.d Domain, nor does it belong to the plane world governed by the five Divine Venerables.”

Yun Tianyi frowned and said in a deep voice, “Where is it?”

“It’s a place called Miluo Continent. It’s an affiliated plane of the Siam Continent. It’s just a low-level plane that has no cultivators.”

Yun Tianyi’s pupils suddenly shrank, “Miluo, a low-level plane… No wonder… I searched the G.o.d Domain and all the continents but couldn’t find any trace of her. It turns out that she went to such a place.”

“Heed my order. I’m heading to Miluo Continent. Rat and Rabbit will accompany me, and the others will be stationed at the Divine Emperor Palace.”

“Yes, Saint Venerable!”

Hearing the name Anling Yan, Xi Yue sc.r.a.pped her original plan to ask around about where she was.

She signaled Weizhi, and the two of them concealed their spiritual energy. They hid their presence and flew away toward the source of the sound.

Soon, Xi Yue saw several people confronting each other.

A middle-aged man and a young teenage girl were running for their lives. They were in rough shape.

Both of them were battered and bruised, their clothes in shreds. The middle-aged man, pale-faced with blood at the corners of his mouth, was badly hurt.

Both were at the Nascent Soul Stage of cultivation. It appeared they had been sword-flying for an extended period and finally reached their limit. Exhausted, they had no choice but to land in the jungle, desperately gasping for breath.

Soon, another big group landed as well.

The leader was an ashen-faced scholar wearing a cyan s.h.i.+rt. His cultivation was already at the early Soul Splitting Stage. When he landed, he did it gracefully, not even out of breath.

Behind this person were a dozen men wearing uniforms. Each of them had cultivation at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage. Plus, they had a high-grade magic weapon each under their feet.

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