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Chapter 1767: Taking Action

“Purgatory Flame, has this… has this old man lost his mind? He is only on the Nascent Soul Stage. Using Purgatory Flame is tantamount to courting death!”

Qing Yuanzhi sneered, with a cold murderous intention in his eyes.

So what? Even if it was the Purgatory Flames, he wasn’t afraid of this attack given his cultivation at Soul Splitting Stage.

However, Anling Yan’s face was full of despair. She collapsed to the ground because she saw Uncle An’s dantian was burning crazily. No matter whether the Purgatory Flames could hurt Qing Yuanzhi, Uncle An would die.

Uncle An was her most important relative. He had been with her since she was her child. Unfortunately, he would eventually give his life for her.

Just when Anling Yan was in the depths of despair, a purple whip struck from above, and it hit Uncle An who was fanatically charging forward.

In an instant, he was tied up tightly.

The purgatory flame was supposed to burn everything to a crisp. However, when it came into contact with the purple whip shadow, it seemed to be swallowed up and disappeared without a trace.

Everyone was startled by this turn of events. They looked up and saw two figures leaping down from the tall branches of a dense tree.

Judging from their appearance, both of them were teenagers. One of them wore a mask, while the other had a face that was more delicate and handsome than a gorgeous girl.

Qing Yuanzhi’s eyes immediately lit up when he saw the beautiful young man. In terms of appearance alone, this young man was even more outstanding than Anling Yan. His skin was smooth like it was made of jade. It was such a pity that he was a man with such a beautiful and charming face.

As soon as Xi Yue landed, the silver needles in her hands flew toward Uncle An in a swish.

As soon as the silver needle entered his body, Uncle An’s originally burning dantian slowly calmed down. His originally red and ferocious eyes became clear. His breathing gradually became steady.

Qing Yuanzhi sized Xi Yue and Weizhi up. One had a Nascent Soul Stage cultivation level, while the other seemed to have no spiritual power around him.

Logically speaking, the cultivation level of these two people should not be high. However, when they approached, Qing Yuanzhi was completely unaware of them. He didn’t know how long they had been hiding here.

Qing Yuanzhi couldn’t figure out the two people, so he resorted to beaming a friendly smile. He waved the folding fan in his hand and said with a suave look, “May I ask for your name? How did you two end up here…?”

Before Qing Yuanzhi finished speaking, Xi Yue frowned impatiently and said calmly, “Weizhi, do it!”

Qing Yuanzhi’s eyes widened suddenly. A hint of recklessness flashed in his eyes, “Your Excellency, are you a foe instead of a friend? Are you trying to go against me? Do you know that we are from the Qinglei Family? Behold, I’m the young master from the Qinglei Family.”

This time, before Qing Yuanzhi could finish speaking, the Li Shui Sword in Xi Yue’s hand rose into the sky and flew straight toward him.

The whistling sword light flashed with two rays of light, one red and one blue. Ice and fire surrounded Qing Yuanzhi.

“You… aren’t you only at Nascent Soul Stage?!”

Qing Yuanzhi was shocked. How could such an attack and spiritual power be unleashed by a martial artist from the Nascent Soul Stage?

What responded to him was Xi Yue’s sneer. Purple vines soared into the sky.

Purple Abyss Vine, who had just swallowed the magic core and successfully advanced, was now very excited and eager to find something to devour and show off its new power.

As a result, Qing Yuanzhi was in a tough spot.

He took out his life-saving magic weapons. He barely blocked Li Shui Sword’s dual attack of water and fire.

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