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Chapter 957: Rare Spiritual Power

However, Zhuge Feng suspected that the scene he just saw was just his own illusion because when he came back to his senses, he found that Xi Yue still stood in the original position and had not moved while Zhuge Xiaotian’s whole body was filled with Lu Zhixi’s incense.

But Dr. Chen was different.

He was dragged back by Hexi. If Hexi hadn’t dragged him away just now, then Zhuge Xiaotian would attack him first instead of Ren Xueling.

Later, he saw this young man come appeared beside Zhuge Xiaotian with his own eyes and used some kind of medicine to stop Zhuge Xiaotian’s blood-sucking action. Even his turbid eyes had become clear.

When Dr. Chen thought that Zhuge Xiaotian would soon wake up and regain his sanity.

But soon, Lu Zhixi released the incense to made Zhuge Xiaotian fall asleep.

Dr. Chen looked at Xi Yue. He was just a young man who looked delicate and handsome, but at this moment, he felt a mysterious feeling from him.

Dr. Chen coughed and said softly, “Mr. Xi, thank you for your life-saving grace just now.”

Hexi smiled carelessly, “It’s not a life-saving grace, just a simple help.”

Hexi was telling the truth. Even if he was sucked by Zhuge Xiaotian, as long as his blood wasn’t sucked dry, it would not be fatal. So, it was not a life-saving grace.

Dr. Chen hesitated for a moment and couldn’t help but whisper, “Mr. Xi, just now… the person, who let the young city lord release Dr. Mo, is you right?”

Hexi smiled and did not speak.

Lu Zhixi slightly bowed to Zhuge Feng and said, “City Lord Zhuge, the young city lord is now in critical condition and can no longer be delayed. I will treat him right now.”

Zhuge Feng nodded again and again. His only hope now was that his son’s illness would get better.

As for whether there would be rumors that Young City Lord Zhuge was a vampire monster in the future, he could no longer care about this.

The bed for temporary treatment was prepared quickly.

Lu Zhixi sat in front of the bed with a graceful figure. Her body was radiating a faint light because of the channeling of the spiritual power. She looked like a fairy who would bring salvation to the people.

As the water spiritual power and wind spiritual power went into Zhuge Xiaotian’s body, Zhuge Xiaotian’s complexion actually looked better.

A doctor found out and couldn’t help but exclaimed, “This…what kind of spiritual power is this? Why can it heal by just running in the patient’s meridians?”

Ren Xueling said triumphantly, “You don’t know this? My sister’s water spiritual power and wind spiritual power are extremely pure. When the 2 spiritual powers are used together, they can the human meridians and restore the vitality of martial artists. Even Nascent Soul stage martial artists ask my senior sister to treat their meridians!”

“It’s just that my senior sister has always been low-key and never talks about her skills. Unlike someone who comes out of a small country, he only has a little bit of skill, but he still wants to boost himself. He isn’t afraid of making a fool of himself at all!”

As soon as Ren Xueling said this, all martial artists looked at Lu Zhixi in shock and amazement.

Born with the spiritual power that heals the meridians? This… does this kind of spiritual power really exist in the world?

It’s no wonder that Fairy Zhixi can become a six grade doctor at such a young and has such a reputation.

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