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Chapter 3 : Arc 1 – Rural Love 3


Li Gen took a while to understand and his sharp facial features went black to the point of dropping slack.


He took a glance at the young man and sneered, "What is your generation name?"


Huang Dan said, "Its very obvious, I am 'Xiao'."


Li Gen choked. He had never seen such a honest one before.


Huang Dan dropped his eyes only to see himself wetting his pants and legs. His forehead pulled slightly together.


Someone called Li Gen, saying that the movie is starting.


Li Gen stepped on the cigarette b.u.t.t in the gra.s.s before turning and left. He did not call Huang Dan nor did he had the effort to mock him. He was not an important person.


Huang Dan rubbed vigourosly at his trousers. Just now he supported himself. His hand smelled.


The nearest pond was still quite a distance away. He could not wash his hands.


Huang Dan tried diverting his attention. An intovert is different from being reclusive. The former is slow to get started but that does not necessay means he has no friends. The latter rejects interaction with the outside world, its a sure that he has no friends.


Having both of these two types, the original owner must be a monster in the eyes of the villagers.


Regardless of whether the original owner speak lesser or more, whatever he speaks is annoying. Even if he stood at the side, not making any sound, he will still be discriminated and get eye rolls.


Over time, the situation of the original owner worsen. He was not expected to be seen by others and so was he.


Huang Dan went towards to the direction of the field. As a monster, his actions could not only be unusual but it can change too.


This situation was in his favour.


As to why the movie had such a great appeal was not only bacause it was fun and lively but also for blind dates.


Usually, those young adult were busy working in their respective fields. They could only use this community outing as an opportunity to take in experience.


Close your eyes and say a few words, if you heart was moved, you like that person, you will consult with your family and find a matchmaker to propose a marriage.


The projectionist had to run around for more than a dozen times in every village in a month time so he knew everything.


So the second movie was a love story. It was a tale about a poor scholar and a rich young lady.


It was just a little sad and beautiful.


The starting part was still good. The young lady and the poor scholar met at a lantern festival and fell in love at fight sight.


In the middle of the movie, the parents of the young lady objected and ordered a servant to make things difficult for the poor scholar, forcing him to leave the town.


The poor scholar's old mother also advised him to give up as their family could not afford to claim ties of kins.h.i.+p with someone of a higher social position.


The latter half was so abusing that it made one's intestines and liver felt broken.


Under the repeated coercion from the rich young lady's family, the poor scholar left with his mother.


A few years later, the poor scholar returned as the top scholar in the imperial examination. He learned that the young lady actually chased after him on the day he left the town. Halfway through the jounrney, she met a robbery.


When the family member came, the young lady had already been stained and she hung herself under the tree she had love-promised with the poor scholar.


The poor scholar spit out a mouthful of blood at once and fell onto the ground without gaining consious.


The field rang with the sound of wailings. The girls had already cried into tears, saying that it was too cruel, why is it so cruel, why must it be like this, heaven is too heartless. There were even boys wiping their eyes.


Zhang Ying Xiong had burst into tears and his nose was sniveling, "Don't you think they are very pitiful?"


Huang Dan said, "It's pitiful."


Zhang Ying Xiong shook his mucus and took his shoes to rub, "Then why did you not have any reactions at all?"


Huang Dan said, "My tears flew into my heart."


Zhang Ying Xiong was at a loss, "…What does that mean?"


Huang Dan said, "It means I am so upset that I can't handle it."


He sighed softly, "You are still young, you will understand when you grow up."


Zhang Ying Xiong, "…"


The movie started playing a sorrowful music. The poor scholar who had gone mad start talking and laughing at the air and many people cried more firecely.


In the night, lets not count about how they wasn't sleeping at their house but climbing mountains and crossing rivers, feeding those mosquitoes but even their eyes had to suffer.


Some were dissatisfied with this movie. They looked foward with impatient expectancy to the movies but it was so tragic.


The atmosphere was not right, there was no mood to date.


Huang Dan looked around and the orange firelight on Li Gen's mouth's side suddenly flickered and disappeared.


Shouldering the rumour of cursing the wife, mostly likely he will have be a bachelor throughout his life. His mood must be very complicated.


Li Gen caught Huang Dan's eyes. He frowned and blew the smoke towards there.


A cloud of smake came rus.h.i.+ng and Huang Dan coughed several times.


Li Gen had yet to open his mouth and someone had already given up his small stool.


He crossed his legs and the smaoke trembled as he spoke, "What is there to cry? The movies are all false. It was acted according to the script."


Several girls had a face of 'you don't understand love'.


Li Gen really did not understand. He was a rough man. He only knows how to do love from picture-story books but never understand how to talk about love.


Time is un unfaithful lover that ruthlessly abandons his wife and son. Whethere you rolled around the ground while screaming or you first cry second make trouble and third hang yourself, he won't stay.


After the end of the movies broadcast, the bigs group of each villages went back after another.

Huang Dan searched for He Wei's silhoustte. His eyes were fixed on Wu Cui Ling and his greed and desire was exposed in this dead night.


Wu Cui Ling was talking to Li Gen and she did not noticed anything. Instead, it was Li Gen who was aware and his eyes turned cold.


He Wei flurry turned back and stopped looking.


This happened under the gaze of Huang Dan. He scatched at the mosquito on his face, absored in thoughts.


The moon sat on the top of the tree, the night wind blew and the dry heat faded unknowingly. It was rather cool.


Everyone was conversing about the movie while they walked. It was unknown when the next movie will be played at.


Huang Dan clapped at his arm. He was still bitten even though he was moving. The mosqutioews here must have wanted to accompany him home and make good friends with those at his home.


When pa.s.sing the ma.s.s graveyard, the sails on the graveyard made a whistling sound as they were blew by the wind. Many people accelearted their pace at the same time.


Here was laced with heavy yin, They were afraid the yin will stick to them if they walked slow.

   不知道哪个狗 日的突然大叫,"有鬼啊——"

It was unknown which dog suddenly yelled, "There's a ghost-"


The girls were screaming ah,ah,ah.


Huang Dan looked at the young man who jumped into his arms. He verified that he was Ying Xiong, not a little black bear.


Zhang Ying Xiong could catch snakes with his bare hands and each catch was as accurate. He was not afaird of any rat, bat or centipete but ah piao.


When he was afraid, he would even cast himself aside.


After leaving the ma.s.s graveyard, Zhang Ying Xiong was once again a good man, "Do you think there ah piao in the world?"


Huang Dan said, "Believe and there is, there is none if you dont believe."


Zhang Ying Xiong was unhappy, "”I at least went to junior high school. You haven’t finished your first grade. How do you know so much?”


"Did you learned from outside?"


There was a firmness in his eyes, enveloped in longing and yearning, “Next year I must go out!”


Huang Dan did not say anything.


Everyone will be curious about the unknown world, walk around and have a look, then they will know what is going on.


In the evening, Zhang Ying Xiong struck to Huang Dan, life or death he wants to sleep with him.


Huang Dan had no other choice, so he divided the bed in half and shared with him. He ended up listening to a night of electric drill grunting sound.


Within two days, Zhang Ying Xiong came to ask for shelter again. Huang Dan firmly unconsent.


Father Zhang chased Zhang Ying Xiong from the east of the village to the west of the village, because Zhang Ying Xiong was secretly smoking in the bedding and lit up the new quilt.


Chen Jin Hua advised two sentences before she turned back and asked, “Dong Tian, do you work outside the city without smoking?” Mom hasn’t seen you smoke."


Huang Dan inwardly said, Auntie, your son has no money to buy cigarettes. The money has been used to buy things for a girl. He dares not give them to her personally when he bought them.”


The girl thought it was someone else’s gift and fell in love with that person.


Huang Dan’s thoughts were disturbed by Zhang Ying Xiong’s scream, and he did not go to tidy up any more.


There was no alarm clock in the village. Huang Dan will be woken up by the big c.o.c.k in the yard in the morning.


His task had not been completed, the unhulled rice had not been cut, nor had he picked them. Each of three things got more troublesome.


Chen Jin Hua saw his son so dawdled, she urged, “Finish up the west field today, dry the unhulled rice, pick all the rice bed tomorrow, can't catch up to the rice machine at night .”


Huang Dan ate a side dish and drank the porridge. “Ok.”


Chen Jin Hua went to the kitchen and swiftly made some cake. He asked his son to take them to the fields and eat them when he hungry.


Huang Dan put the sickles, water bottles and jars inside the bucket and carried it, and also the cakes to keep him alive.


Not far away from home, he saw Li Gen near the bamboo forest and a young woman with twisted braids. She was not from the village.


The young woman was very beautiful in her white flower dress. When she looked at Li Gen, she was a little shy.


Huang Dan only saw Li Gen’s back, and did not know what his expression was.


A few seconds later, the smile on the young woman’s face disappeared, her eyes turned red, and she ran away crying.


Li Gen turned around and Huang Dan quickly flashed to the corner, waiting for the sound of footsteps to disappear before he came out.


He pouted his lips, why did he hide, he was only pa.s.sing by.


After thinking for a moment, Huang Dan took a detour and pa.s.sed by Li Gen’s house. He looked for a corner to hide again.


In front of the door, He Wei was carrying a bag in which several carps were desperately strugglying.


Wu Cui Ling said she couldn’t accept it.


He Wei’s face stiffened and recovered again. “Just a few fish.”


Wu Cui Ling said, “Your sister has just given birth to a child. It’s good to have fish soup in the confinment month.”


He Wei laughed and said, “My sister has a lot of them. She keeps them in a big water tank.”


He stuffed the bag into Wu Cui Ling’s hand. “Just take it. What are you so polite with me over several fishes?”


“If Da Gui is still alive, I don’t need to say anything and he will just grabbed the fish and left.”


Wu Cui Ling’s movement of breaking away became stagnant.


He Wei said remorsefully, “Don’t be angry, Cui Ling. Sometimes I just don’t have a door in my mouth.”


Wu Cui Ling’s face was not very good. As soon as she was about to speak, a voice came from the room. “Cui Ling-“


“My mother-in-law called me. Take back the fish.”


With that, Wu Cui Ling pushed the door into the room and closed it with her eyes down.

   何伟的脸阴沉,骂了句脏话,把鱼往沟里一扔,他又骂,"不就是个破鞋吗,早他 妈被李根玩过了,装什么清高!"

He Wei’s face was gloomy and he sweared a foul word, threw the fish into the ditch, and he scolded again, “Just a loose woman, has f.u.c.king long been played by Li Gen, still pretend to be pure!"

   朝地上啐一口,何伟眯起一双小眼睛,"臭婊 子,等老子把你睡了,看你还怎么神气。"

He Wei spitted at the ground and quinted his pair of small eyes, “Son of a b.i.t.c.h, when Tao Zi sleeps you, see if you dares to be be spirited.”


Huang Dan who was at the corner saw was it called to be bulls.h.i.+ting in the mouth.


Chen Jin Hua was hanging clothes in the yard saw that her sonic back, he was still carrying a bag. “Where did the fish come from?”


Huang Dan said, “I picked it up.”


He hung the bag on the bamboo pole. “Mom, those fishes that didn't drop their scales keep them in the pot, the rest go and and braised them in soy sauce.”


“Well, Dong Tian, you tell your mother what exactly these fishes are…”


Chen Jin Hua chatted to the empty door for a while, then finished hanging the clothes and went to kill the fish.


On the other side, Wu Cui Ling was wiping the urine on the bamboo mat for her mother-in-law.


w.a.n.g Yue Mei was sitting on a wheelchair. Although she was old, you can still see between her eyebrows that she was a extremely beauty when she was young.


Otherwise, her two sons would not be so handsome.


w.a.n.g Yue ei asked, “Were you talking to He Wei outside the door just now?”


Wu Cui Ling said, “He said that hecaught a lot of fish and brought some to our house. I didn’t want them.”


w.a.n.g Yue Mei said, “You’re right to be afraid of gossip.”


“Nevertheless, He Wei has a deep friends.h.i.+p with Da Gui. He is also very nice and warm-hearted. Him coming here is for Da Gui, not you.”


The implication was to be self-aware and not take yourself too highly.


Wu Cui Ling’s face was white and she said nothing.


w.a.n.g Yue Mei asked, “Did your eldest brother go to the field?”


Wu Cui Ling said, "En."


w.a.n.g Yue Mei sighed. “He is going to be thirty-two years old after the New Year, and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do.”


Wu Cui Ling whispered softly, “Big Brother know very well in his heart.”


w.a.n.g Yue Mei said knows very well is useless and called Wu Cui Ling to


“This bracelet and gold jewelry were my dowry. You keep them carefully.”


Wu Cui Ling was stunned and could not believe it.


The next moment she heard her mother-in-law said, “Find a time and go to the city to p.a.w.n it away, see how much can you p.a.w.n.”


w.a.n.g Yue Mei looked at her daughter-in-law. “Don’t blame your mother for not leaving these things to you. It’s important for your eldest brother to marry. That’s the most important thing.”


Wu Cui Ling smiled. “I understand.”


She put her shock haircut behind her ear and showed her ordinary, but white and red face. “Mom, I’ll go to the rice field and turn over the rice.”




In the late morning, when the sun was buring, the several pieces of cake Huang Dan brought was eliminated and the several jars of water was drank.


He saw the tall figure of a man in the field next door. His work had been done and was helping other families.

   男人的速度非常快,只看到肌 肉张弛的手臂不停摆动,稻谷在他身后排了一排。

The man speed's was very fast. He could only see the thick arm muscles swinging constantly and the row of unhulled rice behind was cleared.


"Very capable."


Huang Dan murmured, if only he could help him.


Ai, he grabbed at the towel around his neck and wiped his face and went on working.


Nearly noon, there was a radio announcement echoing, "Dong Tian of the west field, your house's pig ran away, your mother wants you to hurry home!"


Huang Dan, "…"


He lifted his face in the misst of the field. He was burned red by the sun and his mind was alittle confused.


There was a laugh in the ridge, "Did you hear the braodcast? Your pig ran away, still not chasing?"


Huang Dan saw that the man was wearing a shabby blue trousers. His shoulder was wide and his sweat had soaked a large portion of the jacket, which clearly showed his strong body.


He said slowly, “It's okay. The pig’s legs are short, it can't run far.”


Li Gen sucked his mouth.


Huangdan came up from the field, tidied up and poked away. “Brother, can you help me cut a rice this afternoon?”


Li Gen turned his head, "What?"


No sure is he really did not heard it or there was another meaning.


Huang Dan repeated again, "My Mother asked me to cut the unhulled rice today and use tomorrow to pick them all up."


Li Gen's voice was clasped in between the sound of the key shaking, "Your field is two acre and you only cut 3 or 4 parts, with your speed, that will be too early.


Huang Dan looked at the back of the man's head and saw the sweat dropping down his neck, "I'll help you the next time."


Li Gen said, "Let me have a look in the afternoon."


The two men crossed the ridge of the field and found a small figure in the woods. That was the pig running in the shade.


Seeing that the pig was running towards here, Huang Dan swiftly went behind Li Gen.


Li Gen squinted his eyes, "Why are you hanging around my b.u.t.t when you are supposed to coax the pig home?"


Huang Dan said, "I am looking for a suitable tree branch."


The pig was already very close and Li Gen directly grabbed at its tail and clamped the front two hooves and carried it up.


Huang Dan was afraid of pigs. "Brother,  you are really amazing. I really admire you to the point of throwing myself at your feet.


Li Gen raised his chin, "Show it to Brother."


Huang Dan asked: "What?"


Li Gen said: "Throwing yourself at my feet."


Huang Dan frowned. "I have not yet finish my first grade in primary school. I don't know any idioms, i heard this from somewhere else. In fact, i don't know what it means. How about Brother teach me this one time? I will learn from you."


Li Gen, "…"


He threw the pig to Huang Dan with a black face.


Pig, "…"

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