The Anarchic Consort Chapter 1366 - The Cooperation Between Tuntian and Ajiu

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Chapter 1366: The Cooperation Between Tuntian and Ajiu


Ajiu, who was sitting on the tuntian’s back, sneezed heavily. As there was too much fog around her, her reaction slowed down as well. She touched her nose and lowered her head to ask, “Where are you taking me?”

The tuntian bobbed its huge head to the east in a mighty manner. Then, it took a step forward, and the entire river trembled along with it.

After the clouds dispersed, Ajiu could clearly see where the sky-devouring tiger had brought her.

It was the entrance to a cave. There were a few people standing at the entrance. Those people were unfamiliar faces and did not belong to China. Moreover, each of them had something drawn on their faces and tattoos on their arms. The most extravagant thing was that each of them had white powder on their hands.

They were a group of drug addicts.

To be more precise, they were a group of drug dealers.

This should be the ultimate goal of their mission.

Not only were they drug dealers, but they had also kidnapped the archaeologists and wanted to dig out the treasure from China.

When Ajiu thought of this, her small face swelled up like a bun. She looked like an angry little monk, but her skin was fair and tender.

Did they think that they could just come and go as they pleased in China?

Ajiu had also read the news. This group of desperadoes even called them Chinese dogs.

Although she never discriminated against dogs, it was clear that she looked down on people by saying such words internationally.

The little brother had once said that the reason why he put on that military uniform and carried out all kinds of foreign missions was very simple.

Even if we Chinese went out of China, we should be respected at the very least.

Perhaps some of the public opinions were right. China was still a developing country, and some things were indeed backward.

However, these things had nothing to do with the ordinary citizens. Since they had not done anything wrong, they should not be harmed.

This was the responsibility of a soldier.

The drug dealers would not admit to the things that they had done.

Their innocence would be given to them, and their dignity would be left to them. They absolutely could not tolerate anyone. Within the borders of China, they could kill whoever they wanted and kidnap whoever they wanted!

Ajiu could not kill anyone before she became an adult. She could only kill demons and ghosts.

Otherwise, she would raise her gun and give them a round of shooting.

It was precisely because of this concern that Ajiu became smart. She motioned for tuntian to lower its body with her and let it create a layer of fog. She then took out her Buddhist beads and planned to summon a group of evil ghosts, she wanted them to draw away the people from the outer area first before she dealt with the people inside.

If it were not for the fact that the tuntian beast was too big, she would have used it to solve the problem. Ajiu had not forgotten that there were a few archaeology professors and university students not far away. If the tuntian stomped down, the entire cave might collapse.

The beast did not understand why the little human that it brought over wanted it to squat down. It originally wanted to shake the mountain and invite the little human to eat something that she could eat.

It knew very well that the things here could be eaten by humans.

Since the humans could eat the things here, then Ajiu could definitely eat it too.

Unfortunately, she did not seem to want it to make a move.

The tuntian had a regretful expression on its face. It used its claws and stuffed two fish into its mouth. Then it wait for a while, hoping to shake the mountain again when she wanted to eat something.

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The Anarchic Consort Chapter 1366 - The Cooperation Between Tuntian and Ajiu summary

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