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Chapter 1190: Trouble Nearby

The day after the report about Raydoss’s current situation. Fran and Urus.h.i.+ were playing with the children once again.

Urus.h.i.+ was especially playful ever since he came here. Be it puppy mode or dog mode, the children showered him with tons of attention.

He always slept with his belly up in puppy mode, as if all his wild instincts had vanished. Well, I’m sure he’d wake up immediately once he sensed danger, but the villagers considered him a pet through and through.

Even now, Fran and Mimi were lying down with their heads resting on Urus.h.i.+’s back.

「That cloud looks like curry.」

「Huh? Which one?」

「Over there. Curry with a spoon sticking out.」

「I think it looks like meat on a bone.」

「I see.」

「Woof woof!」

Though the village’s food situation improved thanks to the supplies Fran provided, the children still retained their memories of hunger. Almost all of them looked at everything like food, including Mimi.

A boy who was playing Reversi a bit further away drooled as he exclaimed, “Looks like a kebab to me!” Many other kids began declaring what kinds of food they saw in the clouds.

「That’s definitely meat!」

「Looks like soup too.」

「Soup? No way!」

「That one’s like a spoon and plate!」

Before we realized it, the children had gathered around Urus.h.i.+, lying around on the gra.s.s and watching the clouds with Fran.

「Look, pancakes!」

「I see it!」

「Those pancakes Fran gave us were delicious.」


「I like curry more.」

「Me too.」

Yeah, Fran had already provided the village with curry and pancakes.

We gave a bunch to the members of the transport squad, so we’re running pretty low now. Well, it would be plenty for anyone other than Fran and Urus.h.i.+.

But considering their appet.i.tes, our curry reserves are practically in the red zone. Nevertheless, they shared it without hesitation, indicating how much they liked the village.

We also provided supplies other than food. However, we refrained from providing handouts to the other villages. Fran simply wanted to help those in immediate need, but giving aid to the people of an enemy country is complicated in wartime.

Esmeralda had warned us through the sand rat that we should avoid doing anything that might be considered aiding the enemy. After all, we’re currently operating under the pretext of infiltrating the enemy country at Kranzel’s request.

Furthermore, transporting supplies is difficult since monsters are blocking off all the roads.

Fran and the kids continued cloud-watching, before getting interrupted by a sudden commotion at the village entrance. I saw a few soldiers and other adults running in that direction.

I first thought it might be some traveling merchants, but the atmosphere didn’t seem right. Didn’t look like monsters or bandits either…

Fran told the children to continue playing without her and headed to the entrance.

「P-Please save us!」

「O-Our village…!」

There were about five unfamiliar women, all quite exhausted, with ragged clothing. I believe we’ve already met almost everyone in the village, so they must have come from the outside.

We listened closely to the exchange between the women and the soldiers, hiding ourselves in the crowd because we didn’t know if they could be trusted with Fran’s ident.i.ty.

The women delivered grim news.

They apparently had escaped from the neighboring village, which got wiped out by a mysterious army.

Yeah, they were attacked not by monsters, but by an army equipped with military-grade weapons and armor. Fran initially thought it might be Kranzel’s army, but no.

Though described as an army, they couldn’t say for sure if they were really human. The soldiers looked like humans equipped with swords and armor, but none appeared to be sane, and some even roared like wild beasts.

The woman barely managed to escape the village with their lives, and ran all the way here to a neighboring village, trembling from the threat of monsters all the while.

The men of the village went into an uproar at the news.

Fran handed a healing potion to Quint before returning to the children to calm them down.

As expected, the children who were told to go back to their homes had worried expressions.

「Fran-oneechan, what’s happening?」

「I don’t know the details yet.」

「Are the monsters coming again?」

「Maybe, but don’t worry.」


「Because I will protect you, no matter what.」

Fran said so with an awkward smile to rea.s.sure the children.

I found it hard to tell if her pitiful expression could really be considered a smile, but the scene brought tears to my eyes.

Fran had just tried to smile in an attempt to comfort a child. She was now capable of that much consideration.

「Woof woof!」

「Urus.h.i.+ is here too. Everything’s fine.」

「Y-Yeah. We all know how strong Fran-oneechan is.」

「That’s right. Adventurers are as strong as the Red Knights, right?」

「Oh yeah, then we’ll be completely safe!」

Fran has built so much trust in a short period of time.

Thanks to her, the gloom disappeared from the children’s faces. They truly believed that Fran was just as strong as the invincible Red Knights.

Maybe they just wanted to believe in something, but the trust they placed in Fran was the real deal.

With their hopes on her back, Fran gave a genuine smile this time.

「Make sure you stay inside.」


「Onee-chan, do your best!」

「Be safe, okay? You too, Urus.h.i.+-chan!」



Fran and Urus.h.i.+ headed over to Quint with the best cheers we could ask for.

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