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Chapter 14

"You are… the G.o.ddess… Silica?"

I ask the woman in front of us whose appearance is similar to the one who appear in the dreamlike s.p.a.ce earlier when I fought the loli elf.

“Silica? Who’s that?”

Henko asked me while tilting her head. That’s right, they did not see what I see but there is no doubt that the woman in front of me is the same person.

“No, I am not… however, at the same time, I am Silica”

However, her answer is vague. I don’t get it.

“What do you mean?”

“I am Yggdrasil, I am not Silica however I have the same consciousness as Silica. That means, this is our first meeting but at the same time this is not our first meeting”

“I think you are just making things complicated”

“What are you guys talking about? I am lost?”

“Huh? The hero already met Yggdrasil-sama before?”

The lady in front of me made a charming smile while putting her hands on her cheeks. Henko was asking what we are talking about while having this cute expression similar to a child who saw something unknown in the mall and Vine-san was holding her head and murmuring by herself. Jotaro is just quietly standing in the corner and the loli elf is still sleeping near my feet.

“Fufu, that is true. Let us do this again, allow me to introduce myself. I am Yggdrasil, administrator of Tree of Knowledge but I am more known as the deity of the Holy Tree here in this city”

“Administrator… Administrator again. What is an Administrator?”

In my job, administrator is someone who have an absolute authority in the whole system. For example, every time we develop a new software. Us developers will always have an administrator account which has more authority than the owner who will buy the system. This way, if anything bad happens we will have access on everything and we will be able to fix and meet the needs of our customers. In the same way, if anything happens in the system without anyone doing anything, we are the first to be blame.

I am not sure if this world’s administrator, and our world administrator is the same. Maybe the concept is the same but I need to make sure what it is first before I make any conclusion.

“Let me think… An administrator are ent.i.ties who govern this world. You can say that they are the G.o.d and G.o.ddesses of this world however the concept of G.o.d does not exist to most of the people in this world and there are only a few of them who knows of our existence. Of course, even the elves didn’t know about this. Isn’t that right? Vine-san?”

“Eh? Huh? Uhm.. Yes? I don’t know… I think I understand what you are saying, a little bit… uhm, but..What is a G.o.d or G.o.ddesses?”


Yggdrasil look at me as if being proud that she expect the reaction of Vine-san.

“I see.. Looks like they know what a G.o.d or G.o.ddesses are but the word ‘G.o.d’ and ‘G.o.ddesses’ does not exist in this world. Why? Is there a reason for that? Does it affect anything?”

“Everything has a reason in this world, including the reason on why you are summoned into this world”

“G.o.ddess Silica said that we should find the altar of creation. If we do that, we have the chance of returning to our world. Do you know where we can find it?”



Henko and Jotaro was surprised. They were looking at me with hopeful eyes, I nod to them and look back to Yggdrasil.

“You are administrator level 2, I am administrator level 3. You have the authority to order me around, you can even make me your slave. I can even do this… and that. You don’t need to look for the altar, you can stay in this city peacefully”

Yggdrasil said all that while making a provocative smile, she twist her body and her body line is can be clearly seen. Her hourgla.s.s figure is like an exquisite design for the big tree on her back. Vine-san had her mouth wide open while Henko, Jotaro and me are looking at her in surprise.

“I do not need that, just tell me where I can find this Altar so that we can leave this world. There are so many crazy people in here”

“That’s too bad”

Yggdrasil sounds disappointed.. why? Looks like this lady is perverted. I will call her Ero-Yggdrasil in my mind from now on.

“Before that, can you bring Meliseum closer. I’d like to remove her curse”

“Oh.. right, I tried to remove her curse earlier using my administrator authority but it seems not to work”

I carry the loli elf and bring her close to Ero-Yggdrasil. She began touching her on different parts of her body until she began to take off the loli elf’s bracelet

“Hm.. That’s because you just try overwrite her status. The curse is on her bracelet, we just need to destroy it.”

While saying that, she crashed the bracelet using her bare hand.

“Oh.. I did not notice that.”

“What are they talking about?”

“I don’t know”

“I have no clue either”

Henko and the others are asking each other but I ignore them for now. Yggdrasil look at me for a while and sigh. After that, she made a serious look and opened her mouth.

“Looks like you don’t know the consequences of your power”


“You shouldn’t use your codex power too much”


“Did you really think having such power where you can control or do almost everything doesn’t have any consequences?”

She is right… This power is too G.o.dly, however… I treat this power as if similar to those novels that I read. Since I was transported into this world, I thought that it is just normal for me to have this kind of power but looks like that is not the case.

“Listen, every time you use codex. Your humanity and life is being reduced”

“Eh? What does that mean?”

“Every time you use codex, a part of your memory is removed as compensation. A part of your life is cut off and a part of your existence is erased”

“Eehh? Doesn’t that sound really bad?”

“Yes, and since your memory and existence are removed. You will not even notice it. Your life will shorten but since anyone can die at anytime, you will not notice that as well”

What the heck?! Just when I thought I have G.o.dly power, it came with this kind of compensation. Doesn’t that mean, I am back to square one? I am back to being weak because I cannot use this power as freely as I want. What’s up with this world, even after meeting the G.o.ddess looks like I will stay the same as I am. Wait a minute?! How many times did I use codex against the loli elf? I cannot remember. Ehhhhhh!!

While my face became pale and Yggdrasil making a gentle smile. My mind was filled with regret and worry. Henko and the other are just watching us quietly since they are unable to follow our discussion.

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