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Chapter 79.2

Alice takes out the suit’s knife. Good thinking! The suit has a program to switch into combat mode while automatically holding up the knife. Normally this program is turned off due to the suit being overloaded already. I could hear a very loud sound hitting us.

(Kouki) d.a.m.n it, what was that about? Alice, Kon, any injuries?

(Alice) I’m fine.

(Kon) Kyu.

They both seem to be doing fine. Actually, when we slipped I hit my head. I have to make sure everything is working.

(Kouki) Head, body, arms, legs, everything ok. All the weapons are working, except the knife I guess.

(Kon) Kyuu, Kon Kon, Kyuu.

(Alice) Oh, you liked that knife, didn’t you Kon?

(Kouki) The dragons gave Kon this knife. It was so beautiful too. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought it.

(Kon) Kon! Konkon. Kyukyuu.

(Alice) “It was meant to work as a good luck charm, and it did. Don’t worry”?

What is going on? Somehow Alice is communicating with Kon. Well, like Kon said, the knife did work as a charm. Actually, what even is this thing made of!? I asked an expert and they said it was made from an unknown material.

(Yurya) Commander, everything is fine?

(Kouki) Captain! Yes, I’m safe. Did you not get attacked?

(Yurya) I’m glad. I was scared when I looked back to see you. The frontline received an impact from a missile launcher. By the way, that knife was shot by a railgun. I can’t believe you managed to dodge something like that.

(Kouki) Uhh, well, you see…

She’s misunderstanding something, but if I give a proper explanation, I have to mention the part of Alice wanting to use the toilet. I’ll just let it go for now. Ah, actually, I just remembered Alice can read my thoughts. She probably read that too.

(Yurya) What a vague answer. Whatever. We just confirmed the enemy’s defence line is retreating. It’s time to rush in.

(Kouki) Roger.

I can see the Chern.o.bog leading squad at the base gate. I’ll walk there while holding my rifle, but in the meantime, I make sure communications are cut off while I ask Alice something.

(Kouki) Alice, you’re reading my thoughts, right? I’m not mad or anything.

(Alice) Uhhhh… I didn’t know I could. I don’t think it’s from the power suit. It’s probably Kon’s magical power. And even then, it’s not like I can control it.

(Kouki) That’s not good…

(Alice) It might have something to do with the device Miki-san found at the moon. Apparently the Adam race could communicate like this.

(Kouki) Ahh, I remember Eve saying something like that.

(Alice) So, I was happy to be able to read your thoughts… but then…

(Kouki) But then?

(Alice) You started thinking some weird stuff while looking at me! Like wanting to see me using the toilet!

(Kon) Kyu!? Kon!?

(Kouki) Okay, I understood that, Kon. I’m pretty sure you said “ARE YOU SERIOUS!?”. But you’re misunderstanding something, Alice. I was just worried about your physical condition!

They’ll never let me forget this. I have to make sure no one ever finds out about this, or my social life will be in shambles. Is there not a convenient device that erases someone’s memory? Maybe mom brought something like that from the moon too.

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I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius? Chapter 79.2 summary

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