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Chapter 1749: The overturned vinegar jar

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Hearing this, Feng Jiu’s lips twitched slightly. Alright! This vinegar jar was overturned, so everything was repulsive in his eyes.

As they chatted, they arrived at the medicine storehouse. Once inside. Xuanyuan Mo Ze sat and told Feng Jiu, “The medicinal materials you want should be here. Take whatever you need. There is a label on every box.”

“Mm, I know.” Feng Jiu answered. Her gaze swept rows upon rows of boxes and the herbs’ names.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked at her choosing herbs there and spoke out, “Those aged over 500-years-old are on the left, and the ones over ten-thousand-years-old are on the top row.”

Feng Jiu opened the boxes and took out the spirit herbs to have a look. When she saw suitable ones, she took two packets of herbs and handed them to Xuanyuan Mo Ze. “Before I made the elixir, boil this for your father first. Boil two bowls of water into half a bowl, then it’s ready.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at it and asked, “Are you done?”

“Mm, we can go.”

“Let’s go, then! I had someone cook your favourite dish for you. It’s getting late, so the food should be all ready.” He took her by the hand and left with her.

The guard locked the storehouse and stood by the door.

When they went out, Xuanyuan Mo Ze handed the two packets of herbs to Shadow One, gave him an order, and then went to the palace with Feng Jiu. When they reached the palace, the meal Xuanyuan Mo Ze ordered was already served.

“Let’s invite Mo Chen to eat together with us!” Feng Jiu was wreathed in smiles as she looked at him. “He’s a guest. You can’t be lacking in manners!”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who originally wanted to say something, saw her eyes were smiling at him, so he didn’t say anything and just sat upright.

Leng Hua, standing behind Feng Jiu, saw it and told them with a smile, “I’ll go and invite him” With this, he turned around and withdrew.

Looking at a table full of her favourite dishes, Feng Jiu couldn’t help but get greedy. These days, if not cultivating, she was always travelling and seldom ate her favourite cuisine. Now when she saw a full table full of the dishes she liked, she felt gratified.

“This is the spirit wine. Drink a small cup first.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze poured her a small cup of wine, motioning her to taste it.

Feng Jiu saw the half-filled tiny wine cup and retracted her lips. “It’s so tiny. How can I get a taste? Why don’t you change it to a big cup?”

He glanced at her. “Are you not afraid of getting drunk? This wine has a strong effect.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Strong wine? I’ll try it.” She picked up the wine cup with both hands and took a whiff. The strong aroma of wine a.s.sailed her nostrils. The wine carried a dense spirit energy breath. She knew it was excellent wine just by smelling it.

She took a small sip. The mellow aroma of the wine in her mouth spread from the tip of her tongue. With the wine, the spirit energy breath slid down her throat and spread inside her body. With just a small sip, her whole abdomen warmed up.

“How was it?” Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s dark eyes looked at her deeply. A smile flashed in the depth of his eyes. When he saw her facial expression, he knew that she was very satisfied with this wine.

“It’s amazing. There is no burning sensation, but it’s different once it enters the stomach.” Feng Jiu took another small sip and put the wine cup down.

No wonder he said that the wine had a strong effect. With just two small sips, her whole body warmed up. Was its effect stronger than the wine in her s.p.a.ce?

“What’s amazing?” The white-robed Mo Chen walked in slowly, asking Feng Jiu with a smile.

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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 1749 - The overturned vinegar jar summary

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