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Chapter 3132 Two Venerables


They shouted and strode out of the boundary barrier. Sure enough, the moment they stepped outside, the air fluttered and the boundary barrier vanished.

When they saw this strange boundary barrier, the two Venerables looked at each other in amazement. They took a step forward, looking at the disciples. Seeing the disciples' bodies covered in blood, they asked with concern, "Why did you get badly wounded? Why are there only a few of you? What about the brothers who joined your team?"

"Master, we have twelve people in our team, but the others all died here. Thanks to the help from Senior Brother Mu Ling, Senior Brother Pei Zixuan, and Senior Brother Lin Chengjin. There was another person there that none of us knew." They had no idea who the young man who had set up the boundary barrier was.

When the two Venerables heard this, they asked, "So you met them? Did they set up this boundary barrier? Where did they go?" They peppered the disciples with questions because those three people were not ordinary. Why did they leave after arriving in this place?

"The boundary barrier was set up by another person. We have never met him before."

One of the disciples answered, "We only met four of them, and they didn't stay. They left and went that way after the boundary barrier was put up to keep us safe." That disciple pointed in the direction of the four people who had left.

"Since you all got badly hurt, why don't you leave using the teleportation jade token?" As he spoke, the Venerable frowned when he looked at their waists. "Where are your teleportation jade tokens?"

"We lost the teleportation jade tokens while fleeing from ferocious beasts." They answered with their heads bowed. It was the reason why they could not leave this place.

The other Venerable smiled. "It doesn't matter; I've got them ready." He took out several white jade tokens and told them, "Come on, put a drop of your blood, then crush the jade token and leave this place. Hurry back to the Immortal Sect to recover!"

Several disciples followed the Venerable's instructions. They crushed the tokens and left after resetting the teleportation jade token. The two Venerables exchanged glances after the disciples had left. "Whoever established this boundary barrier is truly remarkable!"

"Indeed. No disciple possesses this ability."

"Let's go! Let's catch up to them and get them out of here as soon as possible." One of the Venerables said with a shake of his head, "Really, these disciples! How can they stay when the situation is becoming increasingly dangerous? They are really reckless."

As he spoke, the two quickly followed the direction indicated by the disciples.

Feng Jiu led Pei Zixuan and the other two through the dense forest at a high speed. Naturally, they were unaware that two Venerables were searching for them…


In the dense forest, Feng Jiu found some spirit herbs and stopped to collect them. Lin Chengjin's voice was heard at this time.

"That's the place, the cliff on that side of the mountain. The Millennium Wuling Tendon is there." Lin Chengjin pointed excitedly towards the cliff visible from a distance. That is the place! It can't possibly go wrong."

Feng Jiu looked in the direction he had pointed and saw the faraway cliff. The cliff could be seen at a glance because the trees were not in the way.

So, the Millennium Wuling Tendon was right there?

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