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Chapter 3283 - 3283 Persuade Against Leaving

3283 Persuade Against Leaving

Upon receiving the news, they came over to tell them immediately. When they all heard the news, they were so angry that they couldn’t bear it. They hadn’t expected that because an enemy had appeared that night, people from various sects would actually want to take action against their Masters.

Even though they knew the plans of the various sects, the two of them were helpless. After all, they were only Venerables of one sect. They didn’t even have any decision-making power in their sect, let alone other matters.

After they heard the news, all they could do was notify them as soon as possible so that they would be able to leave as soon as they could in order to survive.

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows: “Leave quickly?”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s expression was the same as usual, but the aura on his body was a little colder than usual. Though, he didn’t seem surprised by what the two of them had said and he just sat quietly and watched.


Si Que and Mu Xin nodded and said: “Master doesn’t know this, but before we went down the mountain, we told our disciples to pay attention to the movement of the sects, that’s how we learnt that the major sects are going to deal with Masters. If the Immortal Sect and the various sects join forces to attack, I’m afraid that it will be too late for Masters to escape here. So it’s best if you leave now before they arrive.”

“Qingcheng has already told us about this matter earlier, it’s just that I didn’t expect the so-called righteous Immortal Sect would make a move against us because of such a matter. It’s really surprising!” With a faint smile on her lips, she said slowly: “We have originally planned to leave for a while, but we didn’t expect this to happen again, hehe.”

Suddenly, she didn’t want to leave so quickly. Instead, she wanted to know which sect she was dealing with. Since the people from the Immortal Sect would actually do such a thing, she wanted to see how they would attack them.

“Master, I’m afraid that the four great sects and the four major sects would send people at this time and none of them will withdraw. If they were to withdraw, they would be isolated by the other sects. Therefore, even if some sects are unwilling, they will besiege you together in the end.”

Mu Xin looked at them and sighed: “Both Masters should get ready to leave here as soon as possible!”

“Did your Sect summon you to return? Or do they want you to be implicated as well?” Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and looked at both of them and asked.

Si Que frowned slightly and replied: “After we received the news from our disciples, the Sect also sent a message and asked us to return, but they didn’t mention anything about dealing with Masters. We think that they have asked us to return to avoid us meddling with the matter!”

“In that case, you go back first!” Feng Jiu said indifferently.

Si Que and Mu Xin were startled to hear this, they looked at each other: “Master wants us to go back?”

“What? You don’t want to go back?” Feng Jiu smiled and looked at the two of them.

The two of them paused, then said: “We have acknowledged you as our Masters, so now that Masters are in trouble, how can we as disciples stand by and watch? At the very least, we can’t go back until Masters have left here safely.”

Since they had become their disciples, Feng Jiu had given them lots of pills and items, and she had also helped them advance and become stronger. Now that they were in trouble, how could they as disciples leave just like that?

“If you don’t go back, won’t it be awkward when you have to face the people from your own Sect?”

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