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Chapter 3512 Madam Ling

He paused, looked at Feng Jiu, and then said in an earnest tone. "As long as you can cure my father, whatever the two of you request, Yu Chengde will not dare to disobey!"

Feng Jiu smiled. "Alright, let your people rest and then get ready for the journey."

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So, after everyone's spirits had improved, they continued their journey despite their injuries. Since one of the carriages was broken, the children could only stay with their parents, and two horses were provided for Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Feng Jiu.

They travelled continuously until nightfall when it became inadvisable to continue. Yu Everyone in Yu Chengde's family was tired, and many of them were injured. So, Yu Chengde stepped out of the carriage and went to Feng Jiu and Xuanyuan Mo Ze.

"Master Ling, Madam Ling, let's rest here for tonight and continue on our journey tomorrow. Everyone is tired, and I am afraid they won't be able to keep going."

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze heard this, he looked at the people and nodded. "Alright, let's rest here." Then he dismounted and went over to help Feng Jiu down from her horse.

"Do you feel tired? Let's go there and sit down." He took her hand and led her to a mountain slope where they could rest.

The guards tied their horses to trees and helped the people in the carriages get off. Some gathered firewood, some searched for water, and some looked for food.

Feng Jiu and Xuanyuan Mo Ze sat on the slope, talking quietly while enjoying the view. Suddenly, they heard Madam Yu's anxious voice.

"Master, what should we do? The fifth child's body is feverish, and his face is flushed. We're still a long way from the city; what should we do if the fever persists?"

Yu Chengde glanced worriedly at his youngest son, who was cradled in his wife's arms. Children's fevers can be mild or severe, but if they continue for a long time, they will likely damage the brain.

"First, let's bring his temperature down. Check the medicine bag to see if we have something useful. I have some wine; we can use it to wipe him down to dissipate the heat," he said while instructing someone to look for medicine and directing the other children, "Stay put, don't run around."

When Feng Jiu heard this, she turned to look and told Xuanyuan Mo Ze, "I'll go check on them; the fever was probably caused by the child's fright."

Xuanyuan Mo Ze nodded, "Mm, go ahead. I'll hunt some game for you to roast."

"All right," Feng Jiu said with a smile. She stood up and unexpectedly hugged him, kissing him on the forehead before leaving.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze was stunned for a moment, watching her briskly walking away. A soft and indulgent look appeared in his eyes. He touched the spot on his forehead where she had kissed him, feeling uplifted, and left to hunt game for his wife.

Feng Jiu approached the carriage and asked, "What happened? Is a child unwell?"

"Madam Ling." When Yu Chengde noticed her, he quickly said, "It's the youngest son. After sleeping the entire trip, he has a fever and is babbling incoherently."

Feng Jiu smiled and raised an eyebrow, "Master Yu, have you forgotten? Didn't I say earlier that I know some medicine?"

Yu Chengde was stunned for a moment, then he smiled awkwardly. "Ah, that…I forgot about that." He quickly told his wife, "Bring the fifth child down from the carriage so that Madam Ling can examine him."

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