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Chapter 3626 - 3626: No Ifs

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Mother.” Hao’er called out as he came to her side.

Feng Jiu reached out to hold his hand and she pulled him into her arms, then she said softly: “Hao’er, can Mother send you back to your Father’s house?”

Upon hearing this, Hao’er’s body stiffened, and his eyes turned red suddenly. He lowered his head and said nothing, but his mouth pursed together in grievance.

“Hao’er.” Feng Jiu turned him around to face her.

“Mother, does Mother not like Hao’er anymore?” He raised his head and asked with tears in his eyes. He felt sad inside, he felt sad and wanted to cry when he thought that his mother didn’t like boys, but he held back his tears.

Feng Jiu was startled when she heard this. She smiled and stretched out her hand to rub his head: “Silly child, what nonsense are you talking about? How can Mother not want Hao’er? What is there not to like about Hao’er? You will forever be Mother’s good son, Mother loves you the most.”

“But, Mother wants to chase Hao’er away.” He pursed his lips and looked at her aggrievedly.

Feng Jiu showed a soft smile: “Mother doesn’t want to chase Hao’er away, but Mother needs to look after your Father and she afraid that she can’t look after you. Moreover, Mother is still looking for a way to cure your Father, so she probably won’t stay here for much longer. Now that Mother’s strength has dropped to that of an Immortal Venerable, she is worried that she cannot protect Hao’er, that’s why she wants Hao’er to go back to live with his Father.

There, you can practise, and your biological parents will take care of you. Mother won’t have to worry about Hao’er.”

Hao’er’s mood improved when he heard this. He was a sensible child, as long as she made things clear to him and explained, he would understand. After hearing her words, he thought for a while, then asked: “Where is Mother going to go to look for a cure for Father? Will Mother take Father with her? If Mother and Father leave, will they come back?”

Feng Jiu hugged him softly and said: “I will go to look wherever I can find a cure. When your Father wakes up, we will come back.”

“But what should Hao’er do if he misses Mother?”

“Didn’t Mother leave a messaging jade token with you? You can use that to talk to Mother.”

The two of them talked for a long time in the courtyard before she told him to go back. Then, she sent a message to the Black Tortoise Monarch and asked him to take Hao’er back with him.

As she sat alone in the courtyard, she moved her palm and a golden lotus seed appeared in her palm. Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed slightly as she looked at the golden lotus seed.

This was the only thing that MO Chen had left behind. His whole body had disappeared between heaven and earth leaving nothing behind but the golden lotus seed that she had given him.

As she thought of him, she felt an indescribable feeling in her heart. After having known him for so long and spending so much time together, she only recognised him just before he died. He had disguised himself very well, he had hidden all his feelings and emotions so deep in his heart. If it hadn’t been for that look before his death, she wouldn’t have known that it was him…

Her heart ached when she thought of the man that had appeared in her previous life, the man that had been hidden deep in her heart before she met Xuanyuan MO Ze. Her heart ached.

It had been two lifetimes, and in both lifetimes, she had watched him die with her own eyes, helpless. It was like this in her last life, and it was the same in this life.

If she had known that it was him, she would never have let him protect her so selflessly, nor would she have let him sacrifice his life for her.. However, many things in this world would never have what ifs…

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